daydreamind posting this in the middle of the night cause it's hella important.
Please click the link in my bio or search 'you look disgusting' on se youtubs.

First of all I'd like to say that I kinda regret not being able to post this on my old acc cause it would've reached more people but oh well.
Secondly - THIS. This shows how crappy and pathetic our society is. How people use the Internet in order to hurt people. Hurting people is not okay, like in general, why do you have to do it? No one's perfect so get a life @ haters.
Thirdly I really relate to this because I have bad acne and I put on make-up each time before leaving the house. The difference though is that I don't do it because I care of other people's opinion but because I feel disgusting about myself. I couldn't care less about other people's thoughts on my face. But the second comment you see in the edit still hurt me (it made me cry okay.)
Look, if you're feeling digesting - and you can't absolutely do nothing about it, because it's not that you don't wash your face, it's that the universe hates you and made things grow out of your face in addition with oily/dry OR BOTH skin - and now imagine waking up to the person you love and having them exported to that view. I would honestly throw up. I am 17 and because of my face I'm sorta happy that I don't have a boyfriend because that would be a person I actually would care about. I wouldn't want him to see me like that, not because I think he wouldn't love me because of my disgusting face (otherwise he wouldn't be my boyfriend) but simply because it's extremely uncomfortable for him and ME. Especially me. People always say 'uh it's not that bad' yeah well but I feel like shit and that's sort of bad, don't you think.

I know the message is 'you're beautiful the way you are' but honestly, everyone knows the beauty inside is the one that's important. But if I feel like shit on the outside it'll affect my inside because I'm more insecure and I hate parts about my outer-self. Because I hate my outer, which is an inner attitude, it affects me in & out. And you can't do nothing about this unless you really want to harm your health.

  •   herondalegladers thank you for sharing this video. I'm sorry you feel shit (tbh I feel the same way) but please remember that you are beautiful. even if you don't think so, you're not defined by what you look like. 5h
  •   aoinjeski I have acne to and I'm a fairly confident person with a pretty good self esteem but my acne is the one thing I've ever been self conscious about. But I've learned to get over it and I don't wear makeup that often (personal choice it's too much work in my opinion and I'm not good at it) and I'm happy with how I look. I wash my face all the time. I know that people love me for who I am not how I look and I know my future husband will too. 57min
  •   themarauder the video is so sad :( 11min

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daydreamind I'm trying to capture as many sunsets as possible from my window as possible these days. But I have to use my phone so the quality goes down, in order to change that I edited this pic but I believe it's sad because this picture shouldn't need editing ... Radom rambling oops


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I might mix tumblr with kpop stuff cause
I'm pretty sure kpop idols invented tumblr.
I mean look at that, that's tumblr af
and they don't even try like how

quote: bts - fire

q: place you really want to visit?
a: the UK and Asia


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daydreamind dt: @jamless_teen
it's already late but I really
wanted to post this :o

quote: vixx - error (slightly changed)

q: fav teen wolf season?
a: 3A

[#teenwolf #tw #scottmccall
#kirayukimura #scira #ship]

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ouat requests by @hhardin2020
I really need to start watching that show.

q: fav show(s)?

[#ouat #onceuponatime #belle #rumpelstiltskin]

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two kpop posts in a row sorreeeeeey but I was kinda in the mood + this quote was used in the tmr fandom A LOT. like really

b.a.p - one shot

[#kpop #bap #youngguk #himchan #zelo #youngjae #daehyun #jongup #kpopedit]

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bsivosnucudbsndjdj this edit is really
bad I apologize + my whole body aches

bts - save me

the era is nearly done and everyone is just like: boy meets what??! what could he meet? dead fans??

q: what song do you relate to the most?

[#bts #방탄소년단 #bangtanboys #saveme #btssaveme #jungkook #taehyung #btsv #rapmonster #suga #minyoongi #jin #seokjin #jimin #jhope #tmbm #kpop]

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daydreamind wow this does sound like I'm depressive I'm not lmao, please do this if you're tagged I really like the idea :)

edit about yourself + 20 facts;
got tagged by @herondalegladers
and sort of by @emcrstairs

1. I'm ellie
2. I used to own @tmrtrilogy
for almost 2 years
3. I am from germany
4. I'm currently graduating
5. I suck at maths
6. I love music more than everything
8. Books always have been playing an important and essential role in my life
9. I almost always wear dark clothes because I feel more comfortable that way
11. I love sunsets tho
12. I am a hoe for literature and writing
13. kpop made it clear to me that you don't have to understand the language in order to love the music
14. there's just a bunch
of people I really care about
15. I'm pretty tall
16. I don't know what I'll should do with my life after graduation help
17. I really want to visit the UK and Asia
18. < I'll be that in September
19. people annoy me 90% of the time
20. I prefer to be a weirdo over being a superficial kind of dumb girl living an ordinary, very boring life

[#tumblr #pics #personal
#quote #photography #tag]

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Collab with @wckdfiles go follow her


q: thominho or newtmas friendship?

[#themazerunner #mazerunner #scorchtrials #deathcure #thominho #newtmas #dylanobrien #kihonglee]

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collab with the lovely @herondalegladers

awh Harry Potter will always be
my all time favorite book series :>

q: fav book series?

[#harrypotter #hp #hermionegranger #ronweasley #fredweasley #georgeweasley #voldermort #hogwarts #battleofhogwarts]

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I am proud of the blending of the right side of this ay ... well kinda ... could've been a lot better

MV: Fly - GOT7
quote: Fall Away - TØP (multiple lines)

omgg my friend goes to the B.A.P concert and she's been on the airport earlier and saw them and she was soooooo close to them like awh I'm so happy for her. I might edit One Shot later idk yet

q: fav band/group (just considering music)?
a: mhm BTS, P!ATD, Big Bang, DAY6

[#Got7 #got7fly #got7jr #parkjinyoung #jyp #jacksonwang #marktuan #imjaebum #youngjae #yugyeom #bambam #kpop #kpopedit]

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daydreamind tmi book scene
Sass couple though

q: fav book of the series?

[#themortalinstruments #tmi #claryfray #shadowhunters #cityofbones #malec #jaceherondale #magnusbane #clace]

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daydreamind requested by @diy_vergent
Will the day I'll be able to blend
properly ever come? Probably not.

q: otp in Harry Potter?
a: I don't have one

[#harrypotter #hp #harmione #hermione #hermionegranger #friends]

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daydreamind So this would be the tumblr part of my acc? I know, pretty basic.

Should I take requests?
I think I'll do a Harry Potter edit next

[#tumblr #tumblrpost #quote #photography #friends #jimin #bts]

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there should be hd screencaps of released tv clips 😐 I wish I wouldn't have watched this before actually seeing the movie though. Typical me

q: fav marvel movie(s)?
a: iron man 3, Thor 2, cacw

[#CaptainAmerica #CivilWar #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #Bucky #BuckyBarnes #SpiderMan #Marvel]

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So this is how my kpop
posts might look like idk
I love this song sm though

edit: bts
quote: bts - young forever

[#방탄소년단 #bts #bangtan #bangtanboys #jin #jimin #suga #jungkook #taehyung #rapmonster #jhope #kpop #youngforever]

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Starting off my multifandom theme
with #tfios I think it's the best
blending I ever did omg and I really
need to re-read and re-watch it.

edit: tfios
quote: tfios

[#thefaultinourstars #hazelgrace #augustuswaters #haugustus]

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daydreamind And the last one of my old edits I'm gonna transfer to this account heh. Ah memories

[#themazerunner #scorchtrials #deathcure #kayascodelario #dylanobrien #mazerunner]

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Newt again with Ed Sheehan lyrics 😬 this is so old oml

[#themazerunner #scorchtrials #deathcure #kayascodelario #dylanobrien #mazerunner]

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