danny3056096609 Doctors office calls me this morning and no one is on the line I call back and no one knows who was trying to call they said wait till later MABY they will try to call back... What kind of b.s is that? How does whoever was calling hear someone pick up the line and doesn't even try to call back a 2nd time I'm sorry but that's just common sense don't they understand I live in the MOUNTANS and get bad service !?!?!? I've told them 100 times if I don't pick up or if the call drops please call a 2nd time but NOooo not ONCE have they called a 2nd time it's the worst when you gotta depend on people from this same place that doesn't lisen!!!! I had to vent that out this is a constant problem with them and then when they can't get ahold of me they wanna give me a lecture when they see me on how they need to be able to contact me my life is in their hands.... Yet no one knows who was trying to call smh I'm so done can't wait till the day I never have to see them again
I have so much to get and do if anyone can help me you can donate directly to paypal the paypal email is danny3056096609@me.com anyone without PayPal can always go to gofundme.com/stage2cancer anyone else that would like to help you can share my page really helps get the word out and get testicular cancer awareness out !!!! Hope everyone has a great day today I'm going to try!! (:
  •   iamdemrick 1w
  •   good.health My brother we have a similar situation, I'd like to know more about you, if you have questions don't hesitate to ask me , are you aware of the relation between nutrition and cancer? 1w
  •   kasielove I'm a 2 time cancer survivor. Commenting spam? Please never ever comment on my posts again. I was going to help you but you wrote something so cruel. 1w
  •   danny3056096609 @kasielove yes the comment said lovely or something like that ? It didn't make sense if it was really you then I'm sorry for assuming your page was a bot I get a lot of spam on my pictures and it's upsetting sometimes I saw that you were a survivor and it just threw me off cause the comment seemed like the same as the spam ones I get so once again sorry for the miss understanding didn't mean to be cruel to someone for no reason the spam people deserve to be told something I hope you understand where I'm coming from 1w
  •   nyctopshelfonly Forget chemo,,,marijuana is ur cure 3d
  •   nyctopshelfonly Rick simpson oil 3d
  •   nyctopshelfonly Radiation chemo is very dangerous 3d
  •   nyctopshelfonly Fuk the doctors,,,mmj is all u need no need to go to docs for nothing ,,but a regular check up,,blood here n there thas it,,,the cure has alwayz been with us,,i hope u know that 3d

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