•   sinai_andy Fallow me plis 10mon
  •   tyanna.r Hi 8mon
  •   the.shipper.2.0 Do you ever go on here anymore? I heard about what happened in im5. I'm glad you david and will are out of there. LOST AND FOUND IS AMAZING!!!! 8mon
  •   the.shipper.2.0 ÅGH IM GONNA CRY JUST LOOKING AT THIS 8mon
  •   the.shipper.2.0 You're welcome nobody 7mon
  •   toto_model_official What is makes you sad about this photo? @the.shipper.2.0 6mon
  •   the.shipper.2.0 Well, it's quite a long story but basically this is his im5 account and he's no longer in im5 (as you already know based on your user name I think) and he's nobody (it's from an Emily Dickinson poem) and that's what we wrote on our wrists, nobody 3/3 because that's when he left @5ercollab 6mon

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