•   frozen.milk wow 1mon
  •   tiedyedclouds @lb_2015 completely agree, it was sorta obvious that IM5 music wasn't where his heart was... He's happier now :) 1mon
  •   jennymarie_6314 I love you dalton more than anything and I always will weather you're in im5 or flyaway hero (I love both bands more than anything) ily 2w
  •   isalovespugs @wowx.bands lol i love ur pic 2w
  •   shannondeenie I'm gonna be so honest right now. I'm so happy Dalton is happy, but IM5 isn't the same boy band they started off with. Dalton is the person who made IM5 different to any other boy band, without him, IM5 are just another boy band. I'm not trying to say I don't like David, because I do, trust me. And I don't know if this is true or not but the four original guys don't seem to be as happy as they were with Dalton, like the whole atmosphere with IM5 has changed so much. I know there's nothing I can do about it now, but it would be nice to see the IM5 guys actually with Dalton again, it feels as if they hardly keep contact anymore. 1w
  •   sianrudd99 The one question I'm wondering why did he leave ? 6d
  •   danandwillisbae @sianrudd99 he left to go back to his old band. 2d
  •   _flyawayhayaat @shannondeenie PREACH LIKE OMG UR SO RIGHT 1d

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