cheeserland Junya loves to play hide and seek and his popo was asking him to come out (she's been talking to him in Mandarin) from behind the curtain. 🏻: "要不要出来?"
🏼: "Toni, Toni!!" (gelatoni)
🏻: "我去找Toni哦。出来!"
🏼: "Bu Yao!!!!" #17months #有样学样 #learningMandarin
  •   leap_yeo @maybellineyeo wahaha super multilingual lah junjun! 8h
  •   sharon_sim86 Haha! His不要really cute! Ah he's such a cutie! 8h
  •   janehuiwen post more mandarin speaking by JUNYA pleasee 6h
  •   chiumeiyap So cute! How come he's going Toni Toni behind the curtains? :D 6h
  •   yayayanling Oh my god. This is so cute. He just pops out from the sofa. 4h
  •   xxbalabaxx Wow he is gonna be a Trilingual baby 4h
  •   jieidiaienji I thought popo means grandpa anw, junjun sounds so cute haha 1h
  •   shizuka_ho 不要好可爱 33min

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Fashion shoutout: both peplum top (perfect for hiding the bump) and knit border skirt from @mdsmalaysia, available at their new store at One Utama! If you are not from KL, you can also purchase it online at ♡

Check out their website got new promotions and sales from time to time!
#ootd #15w3d #chambomb #ninshincoordinate

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cheeserland New blog post: Junya's second time in Tokyo Disneysea Read: ♡

#travelwithjunya #tokyolife #cheesieinJapan

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland 🏼🏼🏼🐕♡ Junya finally moved to his Big Brother Bed (which is just a cot mattress next to our bed lolol) and now he doesn't want to sleep with me anymore . #mommysproblem #17months #17ヶ月 #長男 #柴犬 1d
  •   kristalee712 Junya is grown up waaa kawaii 1d
  •   mrslongpants I have ten month old twins and for their safety I've been trying to transition them to a super cot we hacked but they still eventually land up in our bed I think I secretly like it cause those snuggles and cuddles are just Congrats on the new bun in your oven! 1d
  •   proudmom12 Maybe is because you are going to have another boy thats why he didn't want to spend time with you 1d
  •   sharon_sim86 You're such a good mom! Jun Jun is lucky to have you as his mama. I feel that I didn't train my boy well, at 11 months he still refuse to use sips cup and feed himself 😕 feel so fail. Huhu. 8h
  •   cheeserland @kristalee712 thank you :)) 7h
  •   cheeserland @mrslongpants thank youuuu. I know right!!! I'm feeling so lonely now lol sometimes I'll lie on his cot and smell him before going to my own bed 7h
  •   cheeserland @sharon_sim86 no leh!! Completely normal!! Junya still want to drink milk in this bottle -_- 7h
  •   sharon_sim86 Really? Maybe I think too much, lol. But still I admire you very much, all the efforts and time you put on Jun Jun. Sometimes I refer your blog for guide especially travel with baby. Jia you oh! Can't wait to see your second baby! 6h

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cheeserland Black & white coordinate ♡

Soooooo glad my appetite is back!!! I never really appreciated the fact that I am capable of actually enjoying food. Until I met "morning sickness" (which technically is "whole day sickness"). EAT EVERYTHING NOWWWW 🌮🌯 Cheers!!!! Oh wait.

#15w2d #ootd #ninshincoordinate

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cheeserland Soooo in love with the Longchamp SS16 collection at the newly reopened Longchamp The Gardens Store!
This leather white backpack is my favorite ♡ This time around they also feature soft spring colors in romantic prints, light denim fabric that's ever so stylish, in many desirable designs! Go visit and pick your favorite!

#LongchampTheGardens #LongchampMYSS16

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cheeserland #WWWOW2015 Night!! Tonight we celebrate the best of the best internet people who inspire us all!! Lots of great talents and great internet ideas coming together!. 🎟💭📽🎞⌨ Also met tons of unexpected old friends. Such a great catch up session!! Thank you Digi and congrats to all the winners tonight!!!! 2d

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Sporty coordinate for travel and adventures:

Four by Four Hoodie
Four by Four Backpack
Four by Four Travel Kit inflatable neck pillow
You can win these exclusive merchandise from #8TVFOURBYFOUR too!

Watch the 6th episode tonight at 9.30pm on 8TV, #CH708 or #Tonton and answer the below:

What is that place where silk were famous for? And tell why you deserve to win in less than 30 words and hashtag #8TVFOURBYFOUR.

FOUR winners will be randomly hand-picked by 8TV.

Contest duration :23 November – 29 November 2015.

The winners shall provide their details to as follows:

Instagram Account, Name, IC copy, contact number, posting address (Peninsular Malaysia only)

For more info, log on to
  •   abe3715 日本国旗 2d
  •   rawasii The shoes tho! 2d
  •   kami.shokan Where did you get those pants!? 1d
  •   cpmoon The place where silk were famous for as in the 6th episode of #8TVFOURBYFOUR: CAMBODIA :D I deserve to win because I deserve to have a nice travel companion with me; the hoodie, the backpack and the neck pillow :D It's the travel and holiday season afterall :D #8TVFOURBYFOUR 1d
  •   jasmineliew08 The answer for @8tv #8TVFOURBYFOUR is Silk Island, Cambodia😀 l deserve to win because i may not have the chance to explore the adventure like those guys but i do have chance to experience all the possibilities in life if i believe i can 23h
  •   jamiechaw CAMBODIA!!! #8tvfourbyfour ... I wanna win so I can be comfy n prepared for my "virgin" trip to Cambodia 21h

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland My all time favorite!! Love collecting my limited edition bottles from SK-II . The one on the right is the latest festive edition! The red butterflies signifies Boldness, for the adventures and life changes I'm about to go through.
#FacialTreatmentEssence #SKII #WingsOfChange #CheesieWithSKII

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cheeserland I feel like I'm traveling around Japan by just restaurant hopping in KL! Last week there was Gifu gourmet tasting and today we have a taste of Mie Prefecture in one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Sasagawa in Sheraton Imperial Hotel.
On the menu today:

1. Setouchi Bitter tofu with Yuzu Dressing, fried greenling fish and autumn eggplant in sesame cream

2. Mie's Clam Soup with Nodoguro fish (soooo goooood)

3. Sashimi of the day: Kinmedai, Ishidai, Ootoro, Ebi ♡

4. Mie's Clam Kamameshi and Fukusa Miso Soup with Sea Lettuce

5. Ise Ebi and Scorpion Fish ()
6. Japanese Autumn Persimmon, Pear and Melon. Omg the melon
I loooove Sasagawa because they use the finest ingredients from vegetables to decorations which are all imported from Japan.

Do try out the Mie course meal at Sasagawa for RM300. Definitely worth the price.

Did you know? Other than the famous Ise Ebi, Mie is also the home to Ninja Museum, the birth place of traditional martial arts (Ninjutsu), and houses a famous power spot in Japan, Ise Jingu. (Many say that Ise Jingu is the post powerful shrine in Japan!!⛩) I can't wait to visit Mie again!!!
#Sasagawa #TasteOfMie #IseEbi #MiePrefecture

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Beauty Shoutout:
Getting ready for a dinner party tonight!! Soft waves today with hot iron, and Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle for the aftercare!
#Pantene3MM #Miracle

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Coordinate
Haven't worn something so short in a loooong time

#ootd #14w6d #fakebob #CheatOne #ninshincoordinate

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Suddenly super craving for Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan so I try cooking it for the first time today!! Turned out not bad . 初めてルーローファン挑戦!

#pregnancycraving #魯肉飯 #luroufan
  •   cheeserland @apriltanhy say liddis I very paiseh lol I still amateur maximum 4d
  •   cheeserland @aizat1900 yes it's LINE stickers! 4d
  •   angelicfiend I love too! Can share which recipe u used? 4d
  •   mandyngwanting I love it too. Can share recipe with me? 4d
  •   cheeserland @angelicfiend @mandyngwanting actually I'm adapting recipe I found online!! Heheh just google "Lu Rou fan" (I mixed the Chinese recipe with the one written in English). I fried my own shallot though but you can skip this and just buy from market!! My version also has chopped mushroom in it :) but I may want to tone down the black soy sauce because it gives a slightly bitter taste to it. Kikoman will do just fine haha 4d
  •   mandyngwanting Thank you so much 4d
  •   angelicfiend Noted . Thanks for the info n tips! 3d

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Yummy shoutout: Even at McDonald's now you can get a taste of Japan!!
The return of the popular Samurai and new Shogun Burger, complete with powerful sidekicks Seaweed Shaker Fries and Sakura McFizz, will be for a limited time only!

Read my full blog post for more, and also a samurai anime!

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Buy ALLLLLLL the #Gelatoni!!! JunJun calls him "Tony"

#junyasfavorite #disneysea #tokyolife

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Fashion shoutout:
Basic high neck top in black: @thetinselrack
White culottes: @thetinselrack
From now till end of December, there will be free normal shipping within Malaysia!l for purchases of $50 and above! Remember to key in code <FREECHEESE> at cart out!! #madebyttr #ootd #14w5d #ninshincoordinate

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cheeserland Today's Gifu Ayu Special Course at @ten.kl
1. Saury Fish Parfait with sushi rice cracker
2. Sashimi Platter by Chikara Yamada (I was super amazed at the shoyu mousse block!!!)
3. Hokkaido Crab Shinjo with Blue Shell Crab Consommé
4. Chef Hisashi Yamashita Signature Foie Gras Hamburger Steak
5. Gifu Ayu Sweetfish cooked 3 ways
6. Steamed Gifu Ayu Sweetfish Rice by Chikara Yamada

My stomach (and baby) is very happy today 🙂🙃 Did you know? Gifu Prefecture, the Heartland of Japan, is also the hometown of world heritage Shirakawago Village?
Ayu is Japan's most highly prized river fish and can only be found in the purest rivers. What a delight to be able to savor such rare delicacy ♡

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cheeserland Thank you @ten.kl for the amazing special lunch featuring Ayu Fish, from the clear streams of Gifu Prefecture. .

The masters behind are chef Miyake from Ten, chef Yamashita Hisashi who is famous for his Foie Gras Hamburger Steak, and chef Yamada Chikara with his namesake restaurant in Tokyo and who created my very very favorite BEDD menu on JAL flights ♡♡♡ Food video coming up!

#japanesefinedining #gifu #ayufish

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Normal Cheesieチージー
cheeserland Who else collects these!!! Too cute I cannot . And look at all the finest details! Bow-shaped negi on top of the negi toro, bow-shaped mustard on daikon, apple on the menu stand... (*_*) I want allllllllllll

#sanriorement #hellokitty #miniature #ilovejapan

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cheeserland Fashion shoutout: Blue Border Knit Dress from @mdsmalaysia, available at their new store at One Utama! If you are not from KL, you can also purchase it online at ♡
Check out their website for new promotions and sales from time to time!
#ootd #14w3d #4ヶ月 #chambomb #ninshincoordinate

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