cammipham Little house in the wood. 3h

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cammipham The Taste of New Year...quick bite before I go back to work.

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In fashion, once you end up on the rack, there is almost no chance you can come back.
In real life, you can always change. You can always try to become better.
Maybe you was born being "off the rack," but nothing can stop you from trying to be your "couture" version except you.
There is no such thing as destiny. Everything we have in life, we have to earn by the choices we make.
Money can buy you the couture dress but you will have to work hard and earn the respect to be the "couture" version of yourself.

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cammipham Men laugh at my folly in burying fallen flowers,
But who will bury me when dead I lie?
Last night from the courtyard floated a sad song ----
Was it the soul of blossom, the soul of birds?
Hard to detain, the soul of blossom or birds,
For blossoms have no assurance, birds no words.

I long to take wing and fly
With the flowers to earth's uttermost bound;
And yet at earth's uttermost bound
Where can a fragrant burial mound be found?

Better shroud the fair petals in silk
With clean earth for their outer attire;
For pure you came and pure shall go,
Not sinking into some foul ditch or mire.
Now you are dead I come to bury you;

None has divined the day when I shall die;
Men laugh at my folly in burying fallen flowers,
But who will bury me when dead I lie?

See, when spring draws to a close and flowers fall,
This is the season when beauty must ebb and fade;
The day that spring takes wing and beauty fades
Who will care for the fallen blossom or dead maid?

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cammipham My @ThinkRenegade team is working all weekend. We have 2 last minute campaigns. It is scary to have 2-3 days to promote them.

SO PROUD to work with amazing people. I feel bad sending messages at midnight on a weekend asking someone to do something ASAP. But sometime, we have to do it.

The Internet never sleeps.

Will give away almost $3000 in prizes next week. Check for more info.

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Bestie: Just like we expected. Why do you even keep him around? You should not suffer.
Me: I can see the game. And he does no harm.
Bestie: He will hurt you.
Me: It will only work if I care. I don’t. No expectation. No disappointment.
Most people are very black or white. They like something. They hate another. They make decision based on their emotions.
The truth is the best place to be is not black nor white, but the grey area.

Never totally commit. Never totally close a door. That is where all the opportunities lie.

In life, we need 3 things to get what we want: right people at the right place at the right time.

If one of them is missing, no matter how hard you try, it will never work out.
If something doesn’t work out now, it doesn’t mean it will never work out.
A lot of time stupid people are luckier than smart people. Smart people often have big egos. They don’t stick around long enough. They often close doors. If they cannot have something, they destroy it.
Stupid people usually don’t have options. They stick around because that is the only thing can do. And if they are lucky, they will be at the right time, right place and meet the right people.
If it doesn’t hurt, there is no reason to close all the doors. Be there, wait for the right time.

#beautifuldestinations #travelawesome #travelingourplanet

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cammipham I love black and white. I also love crazy colors. But I don't like non-bw neutral colors. They are too safe. I find them boring.

Life is short.
Be pure.
Be bold.
Be crazy.

Never be safe.

That is why almost all my photos like this one is black and white with a pop of color.

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cammipham I have always had a COMPLICATED relationship with shoes.
When I was  4. My father asked for a divorce. We moved out of the house and never came back. Soon after, my mother was dating the wealthy son of the minister of health. One day, Unlce told me that he will buy me a pair of red shoes and I can call him daddy. SOLD

Of course 4 year-old Mimi LOVED the idea...I got too excited. When I was at my father's house, I told him that I was so happy because Uncle will buy me red shoes. It would be nice to have him as my new father. Because of that, my father didn't file the divorce paper and my mother never got the chance to marry her boyfriend. Until today, people still talk about how I destroyed my mother chance to restart a new life because of a pair of shoes. <joke>The worst part is I NEVER GOT MY PAIR OF RED SHOES.

No rich stepfather. No shoes. A girl cannot have anything.
I worked for shoes twice in my life. Both time I ended up with bloody feet.  Sadly the only way for me to get a pair of  free red shoes is by dyeing my shoes red with my blood.  I still have those expensive designer shoes in the corner of my closet.
Nobody has bought me a pair of red shoes. For someone who was sold out for shoes at the age of 4, it looks like shoes and I are never meant to be together.
I guess I will have to fund my shoes closet.
Life is rough. :( <joke/> Until today I still regret. I wish I didn't have a big mouth. Maybe if I didn't talk about the pair of red shoes, my mom would have a happier life.
Crazy thing a girl did for shoes.
#cammidaily #cammilicious
  •   c.a.vulliamy He tried to buy parenthood with a bribe? He reduced it to a transaction? Very sad. Sounds like you're lucky to have revealed how shallow they were. 4d
  •   cammipham @c.a.vulliamy haha he was a great guy...but I am biased. I like shoes lol 4d
  •   c.a.vulliamy @cammipham i can relate. For some, shoes aren't just shoes. 4d
  •   pro2rpm At the age of four, you acted very appropriately. Not your fault at all. Now, you're clearly not four. Your love with shoes can finally blossom fully. 4d
  •   pacinse Beautiful blood red heels with lace top stays up....excellent match 4d
  •   sasanxx Very nice 4d
  •   aviator_10191 cute shoes! (sad story) 23h

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cammipham This is the startup curse. Both Jess and I had vacation plan in February. And none of us could go. The irony part is that half of our current campaigns are about travel.

Dreaming of . #daydreaming #cammilicious

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cammipham Dropped by Thien Le studio earlier for a market research. Cannot wait to work on his new project/business soon. 1w

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