bradfeliciano I wanna say something poetic, but I can't think of any... Special thanks to Melissa for the tutorial of this #butterfly #origamy Ü 1d

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bradfeliciano Another addition to my #YogaStudio equipment.

All these gifts are coming in. I must have done something right.

Thank you #sponsor.

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bradfeliciano He will turn 6 years old in a few weeks. The boober.

Thank you team Brucie for this sweatshirt you gave a few years back!


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bradfeliciano It has begun. (Special thanks to my sponsor)

#yoga #manduka

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bradfeliciano To the ONLY boy I have agreed to be a parent if need be.

Happy 3rd birthday my love Bijoo-Bijoo! Thank you for making me, my family and your family happy and crazy in love with you!

Pic taken while fooling around 11.25.14

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bradfeliciano Did a quick 10min painting straight from my sketch pad.

Pic of one of my fave couple when they got married a few months back.


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bradfeliciano The always cute Tine, showing her regal side.

It was her who called my attention on Valentine's Day 6 years ago and with her 2 other siblings. Our lives have never been the same since then

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bradfeliciano Just last Friday, I received a piece of paper that said I am a certified yoga teacher. What I got was way more than that.

Only days before the in-person part of the course began, my daddy rested deeply, permanently (the perfect #savasana). My whole family was a wreck, I was a wreck, but everyday, we are given a choice weather to live or to succumb to grief, this is definitely a perfect day to practice choosing wisely, and fast.

Immediately, like most of the time I chose strength and clarity thinking I can go be a wreck after a few nights, just to get through the initial blow of the circumstances.

Just when I was running out of energy, my Yoga Teacher Training starts the next day and I had all the excuses to put it on hold and sulk. Thinking my dad wouldn't want me to miss it, I went on even if I was running on fumes. For what little knowledge I had about yoga, my suppressed emotions and my lower back condition, I stood up and continued.

The tides were high and it wasn't a smooth sail given the conditions I was in. Just a week after, someone had broken into our house. Sad part is, robber was one of those who we had helped by giving a job for her to afford sending her kid to school. The worst part is that I was 4 hours late the next day. And you all l know I'm never late. With no pressure from anyone, I chose to keep it to myself thinking I should not take anything away from my classmates and the program as it would be unfair to them if I did.

Breakthroughs happen when you break... At least, when you're about to.

Only when I was empty did it occur to me that I could tap my inner light. So I did. It was the philosophy part of the class that enlightened me on who I really am and what I'm capable of doing. I was and have always been a rock, I knew that a long time ago, but I learned that I was more than a cold stone but rather, a vessel with an endless supply of divinity. That is who I am, my #atman (true self)
  •   bradfeliciano Since then, it was clear. I have more than enough light to shine on others. In our practicum, everyone else's nerves were scattered, courage and confidence was fading, I looked at everyone who needed strength and gave them my silent approval and that they were perfect. In return, gratitude was expressed by one of my classmates for doing what I did. Another expressed her appreciation after our last practicum. Both were not expected and not solicited.

    Coming from a family of teachers, I was taught that my job wasn't just to empower through knowledge, but also to enlighten the soul. But if I had to choose only one, it should be the latter.

    On that day a classmate needed light, so I looked and nodded. It was when I learned that in my own little way, I had #touched, #moved and #inspired an individual and as I was being told that, I too was touched, moved and inspired. I guess it is true that you really get what you give (#karma)

    I hope I could do the same to a lot through yoga, for now, let my story touch move and inspire you when you're going through the daily shit of life and feel like you have the heaviest problem in the world.

    Monday morning traffic, think of me.
    Your phone got stolen, think of me.
    You stepped on a Lego, think of me.

    And maybe, you can get a glimpse of your true self and move on.

    With that, I now powerfully change the meaning of #namaste from "the divine in me, bows to the divine in you"

    to... Me, Brad, bows to you (state your name)

    With its new meaning, I would like to greet you all, #namaste.

    Your. Queen. Has. Spoken.

    I would like to thank my bosses Jojo & Tina, you know why.

    Tanya & Ferds, for letting me.

    My classmates, for holding me.

    Yanti, Joanne, Chris, Shailoe & Chiara for the coaching.

    And James for teaching me.

    Onelife Studio & American Yoga School 3w
  •   wendecena My deepest condoloences to u n ur fam! I may not be there w u physically but u knw im always here for u. I am n will always be proud of the person that u are and have become regardless of ur achievements bcos i knw the real u @bradfeliciano luv n miss u bapz God bless and keep ur head up! This is why ur worth calling #Dyosa hehe 3w
  •   bradfeliciano We've always been there for each other @wendecena thick or thin. Also, daddy remembers you whenever it's my birthday. He said, "hindi ka nakala limot" love u sis 3w
  •   bradfeliciano @grandphage thanks for being there. It means s lot 3w
  •   wendecena @bradfeliciano aw naluha nmn ako. Luv u din i dnt hav to tel u bcos i alrdy knw u are n will always be strong :) 3w
  •   balispiritfest :) 2w

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bradfeliciano With mates at Bahay Ligaya last night. They loved #sinigangnababoy, #crispypata and my beloved #cervesanegra!

#aussie power!


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bradfeliciano My traditional pre-new year selfie with this boy. I love you Kahati! I'm so happy that his allergies are slowly fading off!!! 12.30.14 2mon

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bradfeliciano A hearty dinner at base camp with the bosses. Perfect way to end a great week! #Betterdog


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bradfeliciano The Alab-boober watched his Tito Jojo talk about and demo #Kendo! For the Philippine Martial Arts Festival 2014 at the #Fishermall in Quezon City.

The demo was so intense, we enjoyed every minute of it! We now are an official Su-PAW-ter of the #Manilakendoclub!

Interested to know more about kendo? Visit the Manila Kendo Club website and make your way to "contact us"

For Alab and I, we're happy cheering for everyone from the sidelines!


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bradfeliciano My mates from AUS are here, they also brought their friend Christian.

Haha! @g_lanski @sabadolingo

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bradfeliciano The boss and the brats!

Kumpleto na ang Tito, Vic and Joey!


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bradfeliciano Congratulations to our #BetterDog Wednesday team!

First time to work on grass, outdoors, off leash doing obedience and agility!

All won against the challenges of divers conditions/surroundings!

Here's to the awesome #dogs and their equally awesome humans!


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bradfeliciano Three months later, I missed #Singapore, my friends there and their #food. I'm glad I have a local substitute near my apartment!


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bradfeliciano 2 hour walk with the boober, done! ️ 11.23.14 3mon

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bradfeliciano Happy 4th birthday Kahati!!! 3 years ago, I can't have you settle beside me in a public place without getting scared and end up aggressing on just about anything. You are a living proof of positive ways of training combined with the extreme patience I have.

We still have tons to work on (and I mean TONS!!!) but we now enjoy the fruits of our labor. I love you forever, aggressive or not.

special thanks to Tita Jen and best friend @huntersdoghouse for accompanying us and for this lovely picture. Special thanks to my whole #BetterDog family for everything.

Here's to more birthdays and walks in the park! Cheers! (L-R) Hunter, myself and Kahati


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bradfeliciano #CommissionedWork: @lloydie21787 !!! One of my yogi friends who continues to inspire people by sharing his stories through pictures and his journey through yoga.

Y'all should follow him! @lloydie21787
Thanks for trusting me with your images... This marks my first ever anatomy #painting since I started painting again. Cheers!

#watercolor #watercolorpainting #artwork #findingyourspirit

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bradfeliciano Pretty as a #Barbie, tough as a #wrestler!

My kinda girl! 11.13.14

@brucewillispug @c_d_ando

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