•   mzkrissyt As bad as I feel about myself and my life right now, I'm not pleased with myself, and yes, I have points I don't feel like I want to be here, but the only thing that is holding me together is my love for God. I'm tired but he gives me the strength to put up with myself all of the things that I don't like about myself, I feel like the biggest hypocrite and worst person in the entire world, and I want to give up a lot of things, but like I said the only thing that is holding me together is God. Pray, if you can't do anything else. He will understand I promise. God says we have not because we ask not. You are a beautiful person. May God bless you. If you ever need some one to talk to or cry to DM me for my number. I do this because I know how it feels just to want to have someone to listen to you, to hear you, be there for yiu, and it seems like no one cares but you, or your side of things, I'm in that boat right now. God bless you 2d
  •   ayeitsbianca @mzkrissyt thanks but I don't believe in god/: 2d
  •   mzkrissyt You are welcome. I understand and I'm not pressuring you to do so, but do know that there is a reason for your existence and a purpose behind it. Something or someone wouldn't be created for no reason. Its up to us to find that purpose. We are made different becuse we all have different purposes in life. No one is the same, you are uniquely beautiful and have yoir own purpose, in which you must find. But, please take my offer, of you need anyone to talk to or cry to please DM me, call me, text me... I will DM you my number if needed. 2d
  •   ayeitsbianca @mzkrissyt thanks 2d
  •   mzkrissyt anytime, but please think on what I told you. God bless you 2d

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