Normal Anthony Perez IFBB Pro
atrain_100 Hiking in Malibu️ today. Taking my cardio outside, enjoying some fresh air. It's nice to step out and enjoy some views, life is #beautiful!

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Username: atrain_100
  •   adube17 Do you answer when people Snapchat you? Cause I would love to have a conversation with you, you are so inspiring to both my boyfriend and I! Thank you! 36min
  •   cityofblake You are one of the most uplifting ppl on Instagram. Never met u but you keep me going even all the way over here in NYC. Ppl usually wait til someone passes on tho show any tribute....but imma tell u now that I truly appreciate your videos and posts. U are one of my go to fitness guys....i also appreciate the time u take to respond to my questions and motivate me. Thank you bro. @atrain_100 35min
  •   arkmax @alhaan18 26min
  •   alhaan18 DEOS @arkmax 24min
  •   rubenbarrera__ lats on fleek 22min
  •   selene_310 Ur just fukin hot 21min
  •   darricks_town23 @atrain_100 can you train a 15 yr old I'm trying to get to 155-160lbs lean muscle so I can prove my partners and gym rats in my gym that I can achieve this less than a year... Answer back? 9min
  •   nansie82 That's the hike we did!! 44s

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Video Anthony Perez IFBB Pro
atrain_100 #frontlever
All honesty I've been working on this "front lever" technique for a VERY long time! Guys... I failed I don't know how many times😕. Perseverance is truly the most challenging skill to master. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.

#teamatrain #commit #anythingispossible

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atrain_100 Just SMASHED legs with some intense unilateral variations! 😈

-Barbell leverage squat
-Bulgarian split squat
-Walking barbell lunges


#teamatrain #mondaylegday

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atrain_100 Tip-toein on the SHREDMILL. Tag a friend to get down with!

Speed (1-2)
-1 min hand walks
-1 min reverse mountain climbers
-1 min crab crawl
***slide out
Repeat 3 times

The last thing you want to become is "conditioned" with cardio. Mix it up and keep the body guessing!

#teamatrain @team_atrain

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Normal Anthony Perez IFBB Pro
atrain_100 If it's anyone who's going to photobomb my pic... It's undercover Jesus!
#photobomb #levelexpert #TAGabomber

Snapity snap Snapchat me!
Username: atrain_100

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Ludwig Anthony Perez IFBB Pro

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atrain_100 #landminepress
My center chest is SO STUBBORN😑. Guys you feel me? Tag a friend, it's boob juice building time!
Center/upper chest is a common weak-point for many of us. Hit these land-mine chest presses once a week to help add that thickness we all want and love!
(Make sure to drive from the elbow, to ensure you use your chest and NOT predominantly shoulder)⠀

#teamatrain #weEARNourboobygains @team_atrain

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atrain_100 Decided to KILL the remainder of my tricep workout with this crazy😈 4 step tricep ladder.

Tag a friend who's open to some new tricep work. Looks relatively simple right? Lololol I have no doubt many of you are thinking that. (Seeing I almost fell on that last rep😑)

Tricep ladder
4 notches from the bottom
1st Notch 10 reps NO REST
2nd Down 10 reps NO REST
3rd Down 10 reps NO REST
4th Bottom 10 reps
(Let's be real... Failure)
2 more FULL latter sets and make it BURN!

Ladies this is going to be great for you too since you can adjust your foot position to make it easier or harder. MEN... The pump is "STUPID GOOD", all you need to know haha.

#teamatrain #tricepladder @team_atrain

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atrain_100 #chickennuggetwork
Tag a friend and DESTROY dem abs with some intense ab circuit variations!

DON'T underestimate holding a V-up, twisting and SLAMMING the ball all in one set. Works not only our rectus abdominal (chicken nuggets) but our obliques and transverse abdominals. @skemp and I literally just rolled over after this lol. So hard but so GOOD!

-twist right
-twist left
-over head slam!
Rest 1 min
REPEAT 3 times

You can continue to do the same exercises you've always done and continue to receive what you always have. Or play the wild card and try new ways of training.

#teamatrain #epicabcircuit @team_atrain

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Normal Anthony Perez IFBB Pro
atrain_100 REST IN PEACE Greg Plitt @gregplitt.

I feel like the world lost such an amazing person today, my heart and being literally hurts. You were an inspiration to MILLIONS including myself. This was shot in 2011 one year before I decided to compete. Lost in an industry with no definitive direction. Well that's where he shined right? Always had the words..

"YOU need to STOP training and thinking like a body builder, and start eating and training for the body type you actually WANT."- Greg Pitt

Changed my life my man. Forever grateful.
#gregplitt #truelegend

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atrain_100 Ninja training today, aka Shoulder Mobility Work. At the Mecca Golds Gym Venice.

The dream, to be a ninja lol. Instead I deal with the WORST shoulders pains ever😑. I still foam roll before EVERY workout (life saver) but now I also started to incorporate "mobility" work like this. I can't believe how much all this has helped me and almost eliminated any shoulder pain or stiffness.

-20 front to backs
-20 rotations to the left
-20 rotations to the right

I KNOW we all want to go hamsandwiches all day. But waiting until you actually GET an injury to start doing this stuff. Wellllll by then it may be to late. TAG A FRIEND AND HELP THEM OUT

#teamatrain #shouldermobility @team_atrain

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atrain_100 Decided to DESTROY the remainder of my chest workout with some intense😈 push-up variations.

Tag a friend who needs more boob juice. This first move I WAYYYY underestimated the forearm and tricep strength it took (gotta love a challenge.) The last one is one of my FAVORITES of all time. If you can get through 25 reps of those you deserve a MEDAL(bc I can't😬).

Forearms to tricep push-ups
4 sets to failure
-Super Set-
Spider-Man push-ups
(Elbow to knee)
4 sets to failure
Bombers/Judo push-up
4 sets of 10-25 reps
(failure let's be honest)

You can be stubborn and figure push-ups won't give you gains😑 or get your butt to the ground and watch how sore you get😈.

Find me on Snapchat: atrain_100
#teamatrain #pushupsforgains @team_atrain

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atrain_100 Breakfast stuffed peppers.

TAG a friend who's tired of BLAND BORING EGG WHITES! I heard your request fam for breakfast options under 10 min, so let's go!

3 slices bell-pepper
1- serving egg whites( 46g)
1- serving low fat queso blanco
(Side of pineapple)

I went step by step in the video. Such a simple recipe, 10 min MAX. TIPpour the egg whites really slow to build a "crust" on the bottom, then fill. TAG ME in your creations as I would love to see.

#teamatrain #hopeyouallenjoy
#comeonyouknowthislooksbomb @team_atrain

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atrain_100 Hey guys, make sure to Follow me on Snapchat to see today full training session Username: atrain_100

Cable resistance lower abs
Weighted elbow to knees abs
Decline plate loaded abs
Seated calves- resistance
1RM% less press's calves
Centennial pull-ups

Anyone that follows me on snap knows it's much more than just fitness. My past relationship and struggles with food, motivation and my views on fitness. I don't feel I always get to express and show who I really am on IG. So I hope anyone following my snap gets to see the other side of Ant.

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atrain_100 TAG a friend if you dare😈! WHO WILL LAST THE LONGEST?

Tons of requests from the fitfam on some high intensity training to help carve them abs. I try to find ways to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to push muscular endurance and cardio vascular strength at the same time. MORE calories burned in a shorter amount of time.

(Side Plank Battle Ropes)
Right hand plank
-10 reps
Left hand plank
-10 reps
Squat stance
-10 reps each arms

-Rest for 1-2 minute and repeat 4-6x

This was surprisingly fun actually lol, was I struggling to breathe after...YES! But there's something to these full body workouts that just make you feel BADASS after finishing. Once you realize how hard it actually was😈. Snapchat: atrain_100

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Video Anthony Perez IFBB Pro
atrain_100 TAG a friend who squats. One leg is ALWAYS more dominant😕, so let's improve on it!

Progression is key when it comes to learning and RE LEARNING movements. I will admit️ I cannot perform a single leg squat YET. I'm 6'0" 220 lbs and past injuries have left me just that, unstable. Each leg workout I make it MANDATORY to work in single leg movements not only to increase strength but mobility and confidence. Finish your leg workout with 3 sets to failure! It's humbling to get tagged in some of these workouts I demo, just want to say thank you guys for that. Snapchat: atrain_100

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Video Anthony Perez IFBB Pro
atrain_100 Behind the scenes I eat A LOT.
So️never feel bad for ever failing on an attempt, we are part of this cool club called being human.
There's like 7 BILLION of us!
#teamatrain #weallfail #onelove
(Tag your stunt buddy)

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atrain_100 I'm really trying to FOCUS on new techniques this year to improve overall core shape and strength. It's so easy for me to get caught up in my same routine. 1000 ways of doing things and it's about time I push myself and get more creative with my training.
TAG A FRIEND, Superman Sliders. We're talking CORE, chest, arms, lats, quads, hammies, glutes, LOL it's time to shred😈! Snapchat: atrain_100
#teamatrain #supermanplankandtagme

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