asiko_artist 5 tips for a confidence booster

1. Think about this for a minute, no one can create the way you do, because you have a unique way of looking at the world, it is idiosyncratic to you. I talked more about this in my last post.

2. As Nike says “Just do it”. There is no magical formula that is going to transform you in the photographer you aspire to be other than practice, you just have to get out there and get your hands dirty

3. No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. Luke 11:33 J. Shoot, Share, Repeat, in essence, show your work and let people know what you do.

4. Invest in your craft. Attend a workshop, go to art school, read books/blogs, take evening classes, whatever. Just invest in your craft, nurture it and it will grow.

5. Believe. Yes believe you are good and you will be good. If you believe you are crap, pretty sure you will end up being a crap photographer and not believe in your work. People are drawn to the right mind-set with a positive attitude.

Portrait of stunning Yrsa in black and white

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asiko_artist There is only one YOU

No one on this planet, seriously no one can create the way you do. Instead of trying to copy, embrace YOU and what make YOU special. Nobody has had the same experiences you have or lead the life you have lived. Your perspective is completely unique and like no other.

So when you think about it, when you create from your experiences, your tastes, your pain, your joys, your loves, your anger, your sadness, everything from within you, it will be automatically different from everybody elses.

Oh if you are wondering where to start, why not start a project on what makes you, what are you impassioned by, what filled with you with great sadness. It could be a story in the news, your childhood, a piece of fabric, the girl next door, the derelict building down the road. Finding inspiration is about being human, it’s about living and being aware and believing in something.

The image is from the series ‘The Lovely Bones’. The amazing girls from Beast and Burden @beastandburden made the bones pieces. Makeup and hair by talented Alex Chalk @chalkmakeup . The beautiful lips belong to our model Sanna.

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asiko_artist “Inspiration is a matter of sensitivity. It is the ability to collect from the past, present and future as they shift past us simultaneously. In this issue of A Magazine I want to affirm the importance of alliance and fraternisation, to transgress the experiential boundaries of those versatile relationships that are the catalysts for true inspiration.” – Iris van Herpen, talking about a Magazine that she curates. If you haven’t come across Iris Van Herpen, go and look for her now, she is breaking new ground with her design work, she’s my kind of designer.
There are a few things that struck me from her statement but one that springs to mind is being sensitive to the world around you and opening your mind. For instance I am developing a flower girl project that came about for while I was picking up flowers for my wife. I studied a few flowers; their beauty, their delicateness, intricate details, layers of interesting secrets, softness, colours, fragility. These are things I associate with a woman, so I am thinking, hmmm ………… combine and explore how they layer with one another visually.
The image from the project is of the beautiful Gemma Huh, yes a red head, I’m sure you can see a pattern here J
Makeup by Stacy Okafor and Hair by Hairmillionaire
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asiko_artist Your subjects reflect your interest and your way of seeing. I photograph a certain sort of girl, in a certain sort of way, with a certain sort of light in a certain sort of location because I am a certain sort of person with a certain sort of taste. What are your tastes? Can they be seen in your work? I obviously love a freckle covered face, faces with textures and lines
The image of New Face Katie from Lenis Models. Makeup by Halima Bepo @halimabepo and Styling by Elisabeth Ejomale @elizabethajomale and Hair by Sarah @heyccproductions Assisted by @senrabj
#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #model #girl #portrait #instagram #style #fashion #inspiration #mood #freckles #red

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asiko_artist Take stock

Serious Flash back Friday from the archives. I was going through my old drives and came across this old image taken sometime in 2008 which feels like an eternity ago. I had been taking photos for about 2 years and I decided to create some concept characters based on playing cards. Looking at this image now I laugh, cos I can’t even imagine creating a concept like that right now or executing it the way I did. Some aspects of the design were inspired by graphic novel character and I styled it myself (before I knew what styling was or that I had to get one). Michael Josephson writes” Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don't forget to enjoy the journey.” It’s great once in a while to see how far you’ve come and to know that you are developing something great. Like most artists we can cringe at our old work and wonder what the hell we were thinking when we created that piece. So when you are thinking your current work sucks, go back and look in your archives and have a good laugh about the old stuff.

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asiko_artist Beautiful words. Martha Graham once said: “There is vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. “We each have an authentic, unique self. It’s our job as photographers and as artists to find that authentic self. We must learn our technique so we have a full range of expression, but then we must free ourselves from the creative influences of that technique. It is our tool; it is not our vision. We should never stop learning, stop becoming, stop chasing perfection. The more we learn, the more we know how to explore. Corita Kent said, “Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make.” The best advice I could give myself or any other creative.

The haunting image is of Anita @anjonesss from our shoot last weekend. Makeup by Halima Bepo @halimabepo thanks Halima and @senrabj #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #model #girl #portrait #instagram #style #fashion #inspiration #mood

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Normal Ade Okelarin
asiko_artist Funny things people say to photographers “You are going to adjust me in photoshop right?” (Seriously what the hell??)
“Why is the background so blurred?” (This question gives me headache)
“Come on it’s just a couple of shots” (It’s never just a couple of shots)
“Shoot me for free and I’ll promote you” (Expletives and Profanity)
“Turn everything black and white except for that detail” (Errrrr …………. No)
“Can you make me thinner?” (I can, but I won’t)
“With that camera I can take good pictures as well” (sure you can (says sarcastically))
LOL I find people have a different perception of photographers, it’s hilarious what people think we do or how we create.

This image is a little eye candy for the ladies from a long time back. I pitched an idea to FAB magazine back in the day about creating an African Superheroes based on African mythology of gods and warriors. Fab styling by Madam Crystal Deroche @crystal_deroche
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asiko_artist 5 tips for your creative site. I am currently going through a website overhaul as my site had too many images and needs more focus and streamlining. I am meeting with a wonderful lady who will be helping me edit my portfolio as I am likely to get sentimental about getting rid of images. Here are a few things I have picked up about websites for creatives;

1. First impressions count; Like most of us, we get bored on a site that takes too long to load or has a lot of razzmatazz graphics in the intro. Flash is a no no for any creatives website as it doesn’t show up on ipads and iphones. Keep it simple and leave the graphics and animation websites alone.
2. Seriously keep it simple; Let your website speak about what you do, you are all about images, so keep it focused on the images and not the site. Too many menus, sub menus, navigation buttons and all sorts complicate things.
3. What do you do; Have a creative and clear ‘about me’ page illustrating what you do as a creative. Also have a clear contact page so people can get in touch without stress.
4. For creatives I recommend fully customizable sites like format (which I use), viewbooks, photoshelter, nubooks, cargo, carbonmade etc. These can be set up within an hour and are not too expensive. Format which I use is fantastic. I will expand on template websites soon.
5. Mobile devices; Your site should be correctly viewable on mobile devices, if that is not possible, ditch the site builder, end of.
You can check out my at It’s still a work in progress but it’s getting there. A portrait of Darcy in the woods. PS thanks to everyone who drops by and comments on what I do, it’s always encouraging that people are interested in my experiences and I am glad people pick up a thing or two #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #model #girl #portrait #instagram #style #fashion #inspiration #mood

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asiko_artist Inspired by Alexander McQueen

I challenge any designer to go and see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A in London. It will challenge and inspire you, heck it inspired me and challenged how I view my work and developed my thinking. He was simply a genius that created by his own rules. He didn't do what others were doing but looked within and left a legacy that changed the fashion world. As creators, we are here to inspire and create something long lasting. We are not here to be mediocre and just pay bills and exist. Challenge yourself today to be great, not just good but great.

PS seriously If you are in London go and see the show before it closes, it's that mind blowing.

Image is from a test from weekend with beautiful Anita Jones @anjonesss with makeup by Halima Bepo @halimabepo and assistant Sandjena Barnes. @senrabj
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asiko_artist Photography is a mechanical skill that is quite learnable; anybody can develop a good understanding of it. Knowing how to use a camera is really just the beginning to any photography career, but it doesn’t build value. Your value comes from your vision, your story and your voice.

To connect to your audience, your work has to say something to make people listen.

What you say with your art should make people interested in you, want to hear what you have to say and want to get to know you.

What you create or photograph should reflect part of your soul, it should come from your gut, and it’s inherently yours.

Image is a portrait of Lulu from Lenis Models, when I met her I was instantly drawn to her face, her freckles. I wanted to interpret her in the way I saw her which is different from the way everybody else sees her. The way you see is unique to you and no one else.

#asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #model #girl #portrait #instagram #style #fashion #inspiration #mood #freckles #hair

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asiko_artist A few notes on branding

The world has changed, branding as an artist is everything. In the art world, the artist is the brand and people buy into that brand. Branding is not just the images you create, it’s the style they are packaged in and the message they portray. The look and feel of your images should dictate your branding, for instance a photographer like me who has a certain moody ethereal style cannot have a loud and colourful site and logo, they don’t connect with the kind of person I am.

My branding is also in how I portray myself on social media and the kinds of blog posts I put out. I am big on inspiration and creativity and so it’s comes natural writing about it based on my experiences. A photographer I know has a passion for food and constantly has food images on his instagram, although he is a wedding photographer. Eniola obviously enjoys food and its presentation, he is more than just a wedding photographer, he is somebody who has interests and is relatable. Finding your brand is all about being you and expressing who you are.

Outside of the digital world, your branding is who you are as a person, the way your dress, the cards you have in your pocket and way you come across during conversations. People buy into that. Branding for artists has changed over the years; it’s not just about the images. So basically your brand is You.

I have sometime on Sunday afternoon in central London and I am looking to test with a model, let me know if you are interested and available. DM me.

The image is of beautiful Keely from my project last year, the girl in green dress. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #conceptual #instaart #model #girl #portrait #instagram #style #fashion #green #inspiration #ethereal #mood

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asiko_artist So it’s time to stop comparing and copying

I was snooping through stylist this morning and I came across an article about the provocative advert from Protein Worlds current campaign. The big yellow poster is seen all around London with a beautiful slim model with the “perfect” body and big bold letters “Are you beach body ready?” This image has caused controversy that I won’t go into, but reading what a stylist wrote about how the poster made her feel helps me to tie into psychology and how we view our work. She said, “When I saw the advert, I instantly compared my body to the model and felt negative about myself. This type of advertising is designed to undermine a person’s self-confidence.” But here’s the issue, she compared herself to the woman on the poster. In the past I have compared my work to others and was frustrated that I was not able to create inspiring images. Here’s the thing, comparison will frustrate you and make you feel inadequate; it is the number one enemy to destiny. So instead of comparing yourself to someone else, stay in your lane and keep your eyes on the finish line (what you want to accomplish). I have learnt I am no good at being an Annie Liebovitz, a terrible impressionist of Richard Avedon, dismal at copying Rankin, pointless being a clone of Tim Walker. But being asiko, I am the best at being that; creating what comes from within and inherently me. It’s the unique gift and perspective I have been given by my creator. Finding what that is was a journey and it didn’t happen overnight. Create what is important to you and forget what everybody else is doing and quit comparing. These words were inspired by one of the most inspiring talks I have ever heard by @robertmadu who I got the opportunity to listen to at my churchs @htbchurch leadership conference.
This image represents the kind of photographer I am, something ethereal, delicate, moody, narrative, otherworldly, textural. Find the keywords that define what you create; it helps define your style. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #igers #instagood #instamood #fashion #style #inspiration #ethereal #mood

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asiko_artist Inspiring words

I am lazy today, so BRETT BIRDSONG writes “Always remember this one thing – shoot from your heart. Shoot what matters. Turn off the background noise, turn off the blogs, the websites, the photography magazines you want to be in (P.S., no one reads those anymore), and remember why you’re a photographer in the first place. If you shoot for you, and create from your heart what it is that you see, not what someone tells you that you should see, you’ll be light years ahead of everyone else trying to get noticed. If you create good, solid work, blogs and websites will contact you and ask for your work. This I promise.

There’s an entire industry begging you to be fabulous. Just remember though that people, relationships, and love should come first. Be fabulous at that”. Picked up from dedpxl site, inspiring words by BRETT BIRDSONG (Photographer)

Image is of the cool rap artist Lynxx @its_lynxxx created for the Heritage shoot which was featured in ThisDay Style.

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asiko_artist So what do you do?
So let's say you are in a plane and someone you have never met before sits next to you and you guys get chatting. There is always that question 'so what do you do for a living?' How do you respond? Do you get nervous talking about it? Is it awkward?
So let's say you are a wedding photographer and you answer I shoot weddings or I am a wedding photographer, is that it? I have found that creative people don't like talking about themselves. They get shy and awkward (so I do as well), however that does us no favours at all.
It is important we talk passionately about what we do to others. Simply saying I shoot weddings is quite boring actually and does not promote a discussion about your work. You never know who the person next to you could be, a potential client you have been searching for. I am not wedding photographer so this might not be great but you get the idea, it's worth practising what works for you. Here goes;
“I am a photojournalist that creates story driven wedding images. For me weddings are a celebration of love and I work with the couple to create something memorable and special, that they are proud to share with their friends and family. I am constantly searching for the perfect moment and my work captures the essence of the day to create lasting memories for my clients. “

As I mentioned I am not a wedding photographer so this is probably not the best pitch for what a wedding photographer does, but I am pretty sure this is better than simply saying I am wedding photographer. It’s important we are able to talk about what we do in a passionate and strong way. So what do you do?

Image is a portrait of Georgie from our test 2 weekends ago, if you check out my previous, you will see my first attempt at directing a very short video. It is something I am considering for the future, always good to try new things.
#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #concept #inspiration
  •   kabenny_ I should tell you this, your posts are like doses to me. I might not see your post on my tl in a week or more.. But in a sec, I'd just mutter to myself.. What's new on Asiko's then immediate port to your page! Thank you for being so inspiring. More Grace! (P.s, just recently learnt I live in your dad's neighborhood) 2w
  •   asiko_artist @kabenny_ thanks buddy. My dads neighbourhood??? 2w
  •   kabenny_ Yeah.. live with Marho. He says your daddy is the landlord of the property. 2w
  •   asiko_artist @kabenny_ where is this?? Are u sure u don't have me confused with someone else? 2w
  •   kabenny_ Adeniyi Jones. Kudeti.. Lol I hope not, 'cos it felt good hearing it alongside all other inspiring stuffs. 2w
  •   asiko_artist Oh wow the house in Lagos @kabenny_ small world 2w
  •   kabenny_ Lool that's exactly the same expression I uttered! 2w
  •   mobolaji_ cc @mr_intimacy - the caption (what I was talking about yesterday!) 2w

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asiko_artist Sandjena @senrabj and I played around with some video last weekend. She shot and edited while I directed and providing lighting support. We worked with new face Georgie from Lenis Models. We didn't really have a concept so we just messed around. The next will definitely have more of a narrative. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #fashionfilm #photography #film #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery 1mon

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asiko_artist Got some good news this week, I received a few photography awards from the International Photography Color Awards. WOOP WOOP. This year I decided to enter a few competitions and see what happens. You might be asking what’s the point of that? Here are a few reasons why I did this.

1. For exposure; My work reaches even more people and potentially more clients. Photography is a numbers game, if nobody sees your work, you are not getting hired.

2. Recognition; Every creator wants their work to be recognised, it is how we are built. Every creator is encouraged and feels a certain amount of validation when the work is recognised, if anybody says otherwise, they are lying.

3. Important people; Entering competitions is exposure to important people like art directors, creative directors, magazine editors, gallery owners who serve on judging panels on most competitions. This is sometimes how I select what competitions to enter, getting my work in front of the right influential industry creatives.

4. Adds to your CV; Winning a competition is a good boost to any CV, however it depends on the competition, not all competitions are worth entering.

5. The prizes; The kinds of prizes in competition are, having your work published in a reputable publication, showcased on online galleries that have a strong online traffic footprint, showcase exhibitions of your work and off course the prize money or gear awarded.

The series ‘The Lost Tribalist’ won best in fashion award, here’s one of the images from the series. My work is inspired by heritage as I am interested in how cultures adorn themselves with fabric, body markings and jewellery. This feeds into what I create.

I am looking to do some collaboration with adornment creators (head piece, jewellery, accessories), I am looking for something out of the ordinary, anybody able to recommend people to me.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery #headpiece #africa #heritage

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asiko_artist 5 Tips to help you learn photography

I got a tough question from @bellatop about how to gain experience and knowledge using a DLSR camera. Hmmm……………… it feels like an eternity from when I started taking pictures so the process seems fuzzy. Here are 5 tips to help;

1. Take your camera everywhere and shoot frequently, the more you shoot, the more you learn about the piece of kit you carry around.

2. Subscribe to one of many online 365 day challenges, where you create an image a day and upload it online. This helps with having a goal and accountability.

3. Subscribe to online learning platforms like,,,, There is a lot of information to learn out there.

4. Connect with other photographers and budding amateurs. These connections and networks are good support systems for any photographer.

5. Make sure to have fun and take your time learning, it’s about the journey.

Image is from a test last weekend with Georgie from Lenis Models, I had not shot in a while and decided to get my head back in the game. Working on creating interesting and different compositions in my images, never be afraid to mix it up a bit. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery

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asiko_artist Today I am answering a question from @0sahon asking whether it’s best to take a photograph in monochrome or better in colour and then desaturation afterwards.

What works best for me is shooting everything in colour and then I convert to black and white based on the mood and feeling I am trying to portray in the image. This way you have all your images in colour and you can make copies and conversions as you see fit. If you shoot straight to black and white, you may never be able to get a colour version of the same image (except you shoot in RAW). So what I am trying to say is, you can convert colour to black and white, but you can’t convert black and white to colour.

On a side note, please don’t desaturate a colour image to convert it into a black and white, you will get tonally bland black and white image. I recommend using the conversion that uses LAB colour conversions in photoshop or using application filters like VSCO or exposure portraiture. These methods provide tonally rich black and white images with beautiful contrasts. If you want to find out about the LAB colour conversions, google ‘LAB black and white conversion’, you will find a heap of tutorials to help.

Thanks for the questions, keep them coming. Images is from my series on Adornment which explores African Jewellery and how we adorn our form. Model the beautiful Yrsa. Makeup by @susanlove_mua. Styling by @iam_efei Assisted by @senrabj #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery #nigeria #africa

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asiko_artist Are you average?

In the new Dove advert, which went viral recently on social media, there are two large signs over the entrance doors at what look like airports in different countries. One reads “Beautiful” the other reads “Average”. A camera records the reactions of real women as they draw near.

Some are confused, one backs away and retreats entirely, others stride forward. Most walk through the door marked “Average”. I really think you should check out the video on youtube.

So how do you see yourself? Are you an average, amazing or exceptional? Do you believe in what you create? Is it good enough? Are you good enough? Creatives struggle with these questions all the time regardless of their status.

I am here to tell you (and myself) you are good enough, regardless of what anyone (even the authority figure) says, yes I said it ……………….GOOD ENOUGH. You have something inside of you that is so fundamentally unique, it is not random, and it is very idiosyncratic that you can do or create the specific thing you are meant to create.

And how to bring it out, BE YOURSELF, discover who you are, and be that person. It’s a bit of a journey I know, but I am finding out, it is worth it. This is not just from a creative stand point but living a fulfilled life in general.

Never believe you are average regardless of pigeon holes we try to categorise ourselves as. So are you average?

I loved these images I created with Sophie and Darcy. Darcy has a fierceness and sensuality to her which she is amazing at emoting in front of the camera.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portrait #girl #instagram #style #fashion #inspiration #fantasy #fairytale #beautiful

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