asiko_artist How many times have you heard this as a photographer “I saw this photo on Pinterest” or “I love this photo of my friend”. Basic response “I want to give you something different, not something someone already has.” Sometimes clients don't see the big picture and want to rehash the same old same old. It’s your job to help show them something different in your style.

It’s about taking their ideas onboard and running with it to create something better and different.

In these cases, I would ask them what exactly they liked about the image and incorporate it into what I provide. Except if it is colour separation, you know that horrible thing were people mix colour with black and white in the same image, I don't like do that J

Image was created for EstiloModa UK, a bridal designer who makes beautiful wedding and bridesmaids dresses. Styling by Segun Garuba (lotionspotionsandme), Makeup Tricia D’Costa and Hair by Joseph Experience. Our beautiful model was Sinead Blaney
#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #bridal #wedding #model

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asiko_artist A few things you can learn from Solange
Love her or hate her you gotta respect that she beats to her own tune. Her wedding photos went viral in a way that most photographers would be envious of. Being amazing at what you do is about listening to your inner voice and breaking the rules about what is deemed right. Solange wore white jumpsuit to her wedding and everybody wore white. I mean, who does that. Don't be afraid to try things nobody else has tried, be the first to thread the path and be an innovator. Solange is into fashion and has her own distinct style which she translated into the aesthetic of her wedding. What are you into? Who do you love? Use it, it's an inherent part of you and can be translated into what you create. Model Emilie from Lenis, Makeup by Stacy Wodu and assisted by Sandjena Barnes #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #model #girl #breaktheinternet #internet

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asiko_artist Lord knows why I am throwing up gang signs, I think I was feeling happy about the success of the workshop and how everything came together.
I was very close to cancelling the workshop as a result of the sucky rainy weather. It felt like a monsoon in November, raining all night and morning. Note to self, just keep believing things always work out for your good. Thanks to everyone tagged in this picture, you made this workshop a success, and I appreciate your talent and efforts. I think I might do it next year, slightly a bit differently. Thanks Henry for this cool photo #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #artdirection #model #nigeria #workshop #tbt
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  •   mlaini13 I've been thinking the same but thought I'd need a full on proposal! Glad you've heard me somehow -we're in synch. I've got plenty of ideas- keen to hear what you're envisaging. Speak soon 5d
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asiko_artist Loving the Lagos sun. Loving the view from my pals apartment. Thanks @oluseunie @bimsinq for making our trip memorable. Shot and retouched using an iPhone, snapseed #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #sky #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #drama #colours #clouds #sun #iphone 3w

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asiko_artist Who are you?

So everybody is posting pictures of beautiful naked girls, that doesn’t mean you should as well. Don’t follow the trends, trends are for sheep. Follow your heart.

Go against the grain and be who you are meant to be. We have too many clone photographers and a lot less individuality. We can’t progress and grow our photography as a community in that fashion. If everybody shoots fashion, doesn’t mean you need to shoot fashion. Shoot what is important to you, and this is where soul searching comes into play. If you are interested or moved by spousal abuse or the vanity engulfing aspects of society, then create something around that. Whatever it is, friging create work inspired by that. Your passion for the subject matter will come through and you will be known for something amazing.

I create images inspired by African culture and heritage. I also create images inspired by fantasy and melancholia. These are all deep rooted in who I am, how I grew up and what I am into. Who are you?

I’m sure you are thinking about the money aspect, yea passion isn’t about money. Branson, Jobs, Gates were not driven by money, yes they made a heck of lot of money, but were not driven by it. The words are PASSION and DRIVE. Create something individual today and stop following the crowd.

Looking fwd to meeting some of you at the workshop. If you haven’t signed up, then do so through the facebook group (link in my instagram bio) or email me on ade(at) Only 2 spots left. #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #haunting #colours #model #ethereal

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asiko_artist Let your Passion lead you

I came across a great article in the CityAM paper about Richard Branson and his unwavering passion. “The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life,” says Mr Branson. It is said we spend 70%-80% of our time working, what is the point if it is something we don’t love, seriously what is the point. “If you’re miserable in your job, it’s probably because you’re not interested in what you’re doing. My advice would be to do something you’re passionate about.” One way to do this, he says, is to start a business in your spare time, keeping hold of the security of a salary. “Doing this also gives you more of an idea about whether the business can work, before you eventually take the plunge and quit the day job.” From the article, Richard Bransons words, not mine.

Taking stock of 2014, have we lived a passion filled life? My response, not always, I’ve already started making changes, 2015 is going to be passion filled.

The haunting image is from a test I did with Emilie from Lenis models a few weeks back. In a few days I will be touching down in Lagos, have you booked your place in the workshop I am putting together? Check out the Facebook group page and get involved to know more details (link in my bio). #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #haunting #colours #model #ethereal

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asiko_artist Retouching, it’s the little things ………….. I discovered that retouching is about the little things, a little dodge and burn here, a selective application of saturation and contrast there. That’s what happened with this image. Sometimes it’s worth spending time with an image and doing the little things. The image was shot in natural light outside using a reflector to give light to Emilies beautiful face. Because of her amazing freckles I only removed blemishes and made a few skin corrections. I tend to use Portraiture (software) for skin work, but I didn’t for this one. Burnt in the freckles to further enhance them and contour her face. Dodging to light up the blue eyes. Never underestimate the power of dodging and burn. For those thinking, what the hell is he talking about; Dodging – lightening, burning - darkening. These are both brush tools in Photoshop and Lightroom (or any other retouching tools). Colouring in warm tones and a bit of contrast to bring the image together and create a bit of an atmosphere. Model: Emilie from Lenis models, Makeup by Stacy Wodu and assisted by Sandjena Barnes.

#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #freckles #model #eyes

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asiko_artist Workshop in Lagos on the 5th Nov. Email Ade(at) Come and learn how to define your style, creativity, business and an actual shoot. Repost and share with your photographer buddies. Join the Facebook group to get updates (link in my Instagram profile). #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #artdirection #model #nigeria #workshop #africainspired #africa 1mon

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asiko_artist Stick to who you are

Here’s @asa_music an amazing artist that I got to photograph during her concert. Had the opportunity to chat with her backstage, she knows who she is as an artist. She is not into copying or following the trends of ‘hot’ music. Stick with who you are meant to be and you will be fulfilled, and yes the money will come in time, once people see you are distinct and like nobody else.

Asas sound is distinct and has her DNA is all over it. She could have gone down the afropop/ afrobeat route or tried to be a Beyonce type clone for the sake of money. Stop following and define your style and produce your art.

PS The Asa concert was h-amazing and she has a great spirit, enjoyed meeting her very much. My very talented friend Bumi Thomas @bumisees Supported Asa, Bumi is amazing (another person I love that beats to her own drum)

Workshop Alert: The countdown has began and the creative teams are taking shape. If you are interested in creating great images, harnessing your creativity and just creating fulfilling work then check out the facebook page (link in my Instagram profile). The spaces are limited and filling up fast. #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #asa #music #nigeria #woman #folk #africainspired #africa

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asiko_artist The most powerful element
So sometimes people ask me how this image was created? I’ll break this bad boy down. I had an idea inspired by African mythology based on Mami water (African mermaids) which I pitched to the creative director of FAB magazine for their swimwear shoot.
I visualised how I wanted the shoot to look and then worked backwards. For this image I got the model to stand on a green box (simulating floating in water) and shot against a green screen. Why green? Green is easier to remove in post production. The lighting was to simulate an underwater shot with light coming from the top, so I used a 4 light set up, one from the top (for simulation of light from above), one from the front (illuminating the model), one from side back (to help separate the model from the background) and last for the green background (which would help in cutting out the green in post production). If you study how light falls on a subject you can figure out the lighting used by other photographers.

Once the shoot was done, the epic post production involved using layers of blue water, dolphins, and bubbles all combined in photoshop. These separate images were sourced from stock photo sites like getty and istock. The final composite is colour toned as well to bring all the elements together.

So what’s the most powerful element for the shoot? It’s not the green screen, or the post production or the lighting. The most powerful element is the idea; it drives everything and gave the shoot a story. And the idea was born out of me, my culture, my heritage, my love for mythology and fantasy. Develop your ideas.
#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #fashion #artdirection #model #nigeria #woman #africainspired #africa

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asiko_artist Friday rant, let’s talk skin retouching, these are my views and opinions, its not gospel. Why do people feel the need to over retouch skin to the point where it looks like plastic and why are some people in the industry and some clients subscribing to this? I don’t get it and it seriously erks me. Guys it’s about making your retouching work not look like the skin has been retouched to death. Rant over. (And yes I made this mistake in the past as well, using the blur tool, I am ashamed as well)

The image is from a project I put together sometime last year in celebration of some of the Matriarchs from pre-Nigerian independence. We created portrait series of Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Mary Slessor, Queen Amina of Zaria and Lady Oyinkansola Abayomi. The inspiration for the shoot and styling where drawn from the look and fashion from their respective eras while adding hints of a contemporary spin. Head over to the to see the full series.

Styling by Bella Adeleke, Styling assistant by Toyin Jolapamo, Makeup by Mikhalia Pratt and Model Emma Witter. Emma modelled as our re-imagining of Mary Slessor. Happy Friday

#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #freckles #artdirection #model #maryslessor #nigeria #woman #redhead
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  •   asiko_artist @mylesigwe I'm in town at the end of Oct just before fashion week 2mon
  •   mylesigwe Will be humbly waiting at the airport 2mon
  •   alexispaka I'm humbled that you would follow me and I appreciate the advice you give in your posts. I'm still a beginner and I'm learning a lot from you. 2mon
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  •   o__.0.__o Beautiful !!!! 1mon

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asiko_artist The elements of the image

A few years I put a shoot together for FAB magazine based around the concept of African heritage and legend all wrapped into a superhero mythology. This concept influenced everything else seen in this photo. For me photography is more than a guy with a camera, as a photographer I wear the hat of art director, shoot producer, logistics, castings director, project manager, location scout and off course of photographer. As an art director and photographer I visualised how all the elements of the shoot would come together and produce the final body of work.

These elements included the lighting, the styling, the model, the pose, the location, the colour palette and mood, everything is thought of with the team involved. Always consider your elements before the shoot, plan and strategise to get the best images you could possibly create. All these elements will be talked about and will come into play for the workshop I am putting together on the 5th November in Lagos. If you want to know more, check out the link in my instagram profile. Next time you see an image you like or love, dissect it and try and understand why you feel that way about the image. Is it the lighting, the styling, the composition, the subject, etc.

Styling by Crystal Deroche, Makeup by Tamara Ramsey Crockett, Modelling by Bad ass Brooklin, shot at Adrian Pini.
#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #tribal #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #colour #artdirection #model

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asiko_artist DON’T COPY
Seriously don’t. I am finding a lot of people are beginning to copy styles and not creating their own voice. We don’t want a series of fake clone artists, we want diversity and mind blowing images. Copying limits your style and voice. I found this little piece below by Melissa Gibson (I was lazy today).
Don’t copy someone else’s photography style. You know that saying? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Well, it’s also the most annoying. And I don’t necessarily mean it’s annoying to the person being copied (although it is). I mean, for you as well. It’s annoying for YOU. Why? Because you can never, ever, no not ever get that image to look like the one that you are copying. And why would you want to? It’s the idea and brain and heart of someone else.
Instead, take an IDEA and run with it. Find what you like about that photography style and make it PART of your photography style. Maybe it’s the haziness of someone’s work that you love. Maybe it’s the lens flare. It’s very likely that you can pull ONE element out. You just need to pinpoint what you love about it.
The image is of amazing Philomena, with makeup by awesome Neonvelvet and off course at Adrians studio.
I’m running a workshop in Lagos, check out the facebook group page, link in my profile. #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #model #girl #plusmodel #curvy #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #tgif

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asiko_artist Have a passion project.

9 times out of 10 when I ask a client why they hired me, they point wholeheartedly to my personal work. I rarely ever get hired from commercial work I’ve done in the past, except through a personal recommendation. In fact if you look on my site at the moment (, theres not really any commercial work on there. I get hired for the more creative driven work that is personal to me. So here’s a lesson I’ve learnt, the more I try to create commercial looking work to please potential clients, the more unfulfilling my future work will be. So I will create and share a portfolio that I would love to create again. Showcase your passion and what is deep rotted in you, it will show in the work you create. And if you haven’t got those kinds of images, create a personal project and go and shoot them with your money, you will eventually make the money back.

I know a few photographers who start their photography business shooting stuff they are not passionate about. Some have ended up frustrated, creating work that is way below their potential and not earning enough money.
Also if you have a strong creative direction in your work, clients will respect your creative opinion and hire you for more interesting work.

Image was from an editorial featured in Blanck Magazine. Model Dapo Coker, Stylist Funmi Fagbemi, Assistants Sandjena Barnes, Toyin Toni and Ola Ajani (thanks guys I couldn’t have done it without you all)

For those interested I am running a workshop in Lagos on the 5th Nov. Go over to the facebook group the creative forum (link in my instagram profile)

#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #tribal #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #photographer #portrait #colour

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asiko_artist Things photographers hate to hear, it’s my Friday rant J

I think I will send these to my new clients, if any of these are, they will be in breach of contract J

1. “You must have a great camera” WHAT!?!?!? I actually had this said to me a while back and I didn’t have a good comeback (I always have a good comebacks). That day hunts me till now

2. “Hey take my photo” Look dumbass if I wanted to take your photo I would have done so already, and what the hell happens after I take it ………….. yea that’s right DELETE.

3. “Can you photoshop that” Lord have mercy, if I counted the number of times I’ve heard I would be rich …………… like stinking rich. I started implementing the rule of fixing stuff on set before taking the picture. Yea cos sitting in front of the computer all night is my idea of fun.

4. “Do you mind bringing your camera” For some reason a few people think because I am a photographer for a living, I am going to bring out my camera when I am at an event. Errrr WRONG.

5. “Can you send me that?” NO

6. “I’ve got an idea for a photo” A lady once came up while I was working with a model and starting trying to interject her ideas, I didn’t know this lady from Adam. Please mind your business and let me do my job.

Image is from editorial (Tribal Escapsim) shot for Blanck Magazine.

#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #tribal #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #woodland #photographer #portrait #belgium

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asiko_artist Not everybody is your client

Working for a few years now I’ve found that not everybody is my client, it’s a fact I had to learn the hard way. Years ago when my rates were low I was booked by everybody and their mother and shot all sorts from family portraits to fashion to pictures of building. Some of these clients were great and some were a challenge.
Over the years I have learnt to screen my clients and be careful who I work with. I offer my services to clients who appreciate them, and I don’t work with clients who view me as just another photographer, as it yields a non fulfilling relationship in the end. Here are a few things that I use to screen.

1. Asking too many questions before a shoot is booked. Asking loads of questions about ideas, concepts and the type of shoot is a waste of time if nothing is booked. I get loads of enquiries about photography so there is no point investing time and effort into something that may not happen.
2. Phone calls and texts 24/7. When a client has no respect for my time and calls all day, (esp out of working hours) at anytime I get suspicious. It shows they don’t take me seriously and feel that they are my only client.
3. Trying to negotiate down price. There is a misconception among photographers that if I stick with my initial quote, they will leave and I will miss out on the job. This is a dangerous mindset for any photographer; it shows a non belief in what you do. If a client wants my services for cheap, I will end the conversation and move on, I don’t need the stress and I respect myself and my time.
Image is a portrait I took a while back using a one light setup, light placed to the side at an elevated angle. Workshop in Lagos on the 5th Nov is taking Shape and people are beginning to sign up. For more information check out the link in my insta profile and join the group. The workshop will be about developing your creativity and creating something conceptual on the day. Casting for Models for our workshop in Lagos, drop me a line or DM.
#love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #portraiture #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #portrait

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asiko_artist Overcoming adversity 1

Oh Lord if I got a dollar for every time things didn’t go according to plan I would have made a million ………………… ok that’s an exaggeration, but I would have made a good amount of money.

I have learnt to adversity as a part of life and not some idea that somebody is out to get me, although it feels like that way sometimes.
A few things I came across on overcoming adversity
Accept that adversity is inevitable in life. Trying to avoid or resist it will only make it persist. Although pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Things will go wrong on your shoot or with your images and crying or wallowing about it does you no favours. You have to press on, creating is not for babies.
Build your internal resources. Before adversity hits, prepare yourself mentally, work on your emotional strength, courage and discipline. Once you understand that difficulties are inevitable, you can prepare yourself mentally for confronting adversity head-on. It is no different than a warrior going to battle. They prepare physically and mentally for any possibility. Another invaluable inner resource is faith. Faith that everything will work out; faith that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and faith that "this too shall pass." As a Christian I put my faith in God that all things will work out for my good.
The image is from my time in Belgium working with the awesome makeup artist @paraguayana and model @audrey_borely Thanks for making my creative time in Belgium a good one.

Workshop alert: We have got the beautiful and talented Bubu Ogisi as our stylist for the day. For those who have sent their emails I will be sending some juicy stuff within the week, prepare yourselves. For others interested in the workshop, do you check out the facebook group (link in my insta profile). #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #belgium #adversity #photographer #tgif

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asiko_artist Random thoughts on photography.

Started from the bottom and now we here ………….. Don’t be ashamed of where you have come from, or how far you have come. Your old creations show progress and that you are growing as an artist.

And now that you are here, push the boundaries even more. Never stop growing. I sometimes come across some photographers whose 2007 portfolio looks like their 2014 portfolio. That is a sad case of not developing and growing. Don’t let the constant commercial work drown out your true voice as a creator.

Follow photographers you look up to and keep abreast with their work. Read books and magazines and keep learning. Visit exhibitions and art galleries and learn from artists old and new. Never be content, never be complacent. Surround yourself with other like minded creatives who are constantly pushing the boundaries, it will sharpen you. Do not compare yourself to other photographers, it will only make you sad and depressed. Recognise that every photographer has their own voice and so do you. Photography is also about problem solving and people skills, once you understand that, your journey will become a bit easier. Place an imprint of yourself on your images, it’s your pièce de résistance.
The image is of Erica Carvalho, my giggling model who happily obliged to be part of my girl in the green dress project. Well she had no choice really. Shot and retouched on an iPhone.

Thanks to all those who have joined the workshop group (link in my Instagram profile). Things are shaping up and the teams are taking form. The workshop date is now the 5th November in Lekki, Lagos. If you are interested, join the facebook group and learn more. #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #london #random #photographer
  •   oluseunie Lol. You said started from the bottom na. Was just thinking back to The early days 2mon
  •   asiko_artist LoL gosh I remember the 350d days. How time has flown by. BrownInq . Good times 2mon
  •   tiannahsplacempire Sent u a msg 2mon
  •   iamadewest Will this workshop be available online for those interested but not in Lagos? 2mon
  •   riannanaomi Would live to work with you @asiko_artist 2mon
  •   thesunk I came here because I stumbled upon your work, but even more than that stumbling upon your lessons is what I'm most grateful for. Keep them coming. Great work! 1mon
  •   ejikemanny Inspired dot com . I love 2w

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asiko_artist Believe in yourself

It’s the creatives mantra, without believing in yourself and your ability you are doomed.

A few things I came across to improve your believe system

Get a purpose in what you create, be about something and develop something that is true to you. Don’t create assignment to assignment without a goal of who you want to be.
Accept compliments. Next time someone pays you a compliment, imagine it’s true and accept it. (Note to self asiko)
Over-prepare like a boss. Confidence comes from when you feel like you know what you are doing.
Handle the rejections. Yes somebody is going to say No to you, it’s a fact of life. Dust your shirt off and keep pushing.
Slay naysayers. People will say you can’t do it or that’s a dumb idea. Prove them wrong.
Surround yourself with right crowd. No man is an island, so roll with those who have your back.
Guard your heart with all your might because everything you create comes from it. If we lose our heart, we have lost everything.
Work your ass off like you are dancing for tips in a strip club. No retreat No surrender. As Winston Churchil once said “Never ever give up”
This is an old image styled and set designed by @lotionspotionsme studio @adrianpini . Workshop in Lagos in November, the link is in my Instagram profile.

#love #art #portrait #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #tbt #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #nigeria

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asiko_artist Talking about Style

So here’s an interesting thing I came across which applies to all creative work. Techniques can be taught, style cannot.

A few weeks ago someone mentioned that I should watch what I share and not give away my trade secrets. She also asked whether I thought of others copying and replicating what I do.

So here’s the thing, my images don’t look the way the way they do or emote the way they do because of some secret formula or sauce. They look the way they do, because they are an extension of who I am. And here’s a statement, there is no one like me on this planet of billions, it’s the genius of creation. So if I take two photographers to the same location shooting the same model, using the same makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and light settings, they will inherently create different images. No one can effectively replicate your style (well if you have one). Just the other day, a tested with Lakin with the same model and we shot completely different images. So no, I’m not really bothered about someone copying my style, it’s inbuilt from who I am and my collective experiences.

The image is from my time in Belgium when I was working on a project called the Whispering Woods, which I pray I can get the time to finish. Back then I was defining my style, which was a bit cinematic which involved combining dramatic lighting, scenic spaces, atmosphere and the foreboding moment. My style is still evolving.

Workshop alert: I will be running a workshop in Lagos in the first week of November. As I mentioned it’s going to be different from your usual workshops. I’ve already starting building my team of awesome creatives. The link to the facebook page is finally in my Instagram profile.

PS I am humbled by everybody that comes on here to comment and general thumbs up my work, I am sorry I am not the best at replying. #love #art #portrait #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #smoke #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #belgium
  •   lamide_a Yayy, will be nice to see you both. And I'm gonna hold you to your promise of a shoot o! Maybe you can even come on the show if the timing works out 3mon
  •   susanmccarrellart Well said @asiko_artist 3mon
  •   dolaposh @asiko_artist this is so true ; so many photographers here act exactly like the lady asking the questions ; you ask them one thing even in person they act like you're going to be better than them just in a second or they just ignore. Thank you for sharing what you share . It makes you Kvng! And helps others too. 3mon
  •   jessicaaggreyjewellery @asiko_artist inspiring words Thankyou 3mon
  •   wexcely The link is not working Boss @asiko_artist 3mon
  •   asiko_artist @wexcely dude the link is working O. People have been using it all day and plus I just used ur right now. 3mon
  •   endeeu Yes I'm on the isl 95 Facebook group. Looks like there was a reunion recently 3mon

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