asiko_artist Inspiring words

I am lazy today, so BRETT BIRDSONG writes “Always remember this one thing – shoot from your heart. Shoot what matters. Turn off the background noise, turn off the blogs, the websites, the photography magazines you want to be in (P.S., no one reads those anymore), and remember why you’re a photographer in the first place. If you shoot for you, and create from your heart what it is that you see, not what someone tells you that you should see, you’ll be light years ahead of everyone else trying to get noticed. If you create good, solid work, blogs and websites will contact you and ask for your work. This I promise.

There’s an entire industry begging you to be fabulous. Just remember though that people, relationships, and love should come first. Be fabulous at that”. Picked up from dedpxl site, inspiring words by BRETT BIRDSONG (Photographer)

Image is of the cool rap artist Lynxx @its_lynxxx created for the Heritage shoot which was featured in ThisDay Style.

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asiko_artist So what do you do?
So let's say you are in a plane and someone you have never met before sits next to you and you guys get chatting. There is always that question 'so what do you do for a living?' How do you respond? Do you get nervous talking about it? Is it awkward?
So let's say you are a wedding photographer and you answer I shoot weddings or I am a wedding photographer, is that it? I have found that creative people don't like talking about themselves. They get shy and awkward (so I do as well), however that does us no favours at all.
It is important we talk passionately about what we do to others. Simply saying I shoot weddings is quite boring actually and does not promote a discussion about your work. You never know who the person next to you could be, a potential client you have been searching for. I am not wedding photographer so this might not be great but you get the idea, it's worth practising what works for you. Here goes;
“I am a photojournalist that creates story driven wedding images. For me weddings are a celebration of love and I work with the couple to create something memorable and special, that they are proud to share with their friends and family. I am constantly searching for the perfect moment and my work captures the essence of the day to create lasting memories for my clients. “

As I mentioned I am not a wedding photographer so this is probably not the best pitch for what a wedding photographer does, but I am pretty sure this is better than simply saying I am wedding photographer. It’s important we are able to talk about what we do in a passionate and strong way. So what do you do?

Image is a portrait of Georgie from our test 2 weekends ago, if you check out my previous, you will see my first attempt at directing a very short video. It is something I am considering for the future, always good to try new things.
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asiko_artist Sandjena @senrabj and I played around with some video last weekend. She shot and edited while I directed and providing lighting support. We worked with new face Georgie from Lenis Models. We didn't really have a concept so we just messed around. The next will definitely have more of a narrative. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #fashionfilm #photography #film #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery 2w

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asiko_artist Got some good news this week, I received a few photography awards from the International Photography Color Awards. WOOP WOOP. This year I decided to enter a few competitions and see what happens. You might be asking what’s the point of that? Here are a few reasons why I did this.

1. For exposure; My work reaches even more people and potentially more clients. Photography is a numbers game, if nobody sees your work, you are not getting hired.

2. Recognition; Every creator wants their work to be recognised, it is how we are built. Every creator is encouraged and feels a certain amount of validation when the work is recognised, if anybody says otherwise, they are lying.

3. Important people; Entering competitions is exposure to important people like art directors, creative directors, magazine editors, gallery owners who serve on judging panels on most competitions. This is sometimes how I select what competitions to enter, getting my work in front of the right influential industry creatives.

4. Adds to your CV; Winning a competition is a good boost to any CV, however it depends on the competition, not all competitions are worth entering.

5. The prizes; The kinds of prizes in competition are, having your work published in a reputable publication, showcased on online galleries that have a strong online traffic footprint, showcase exhibitions of your work and off course the prize money or gear awarded.

The series ‘The Lost Tribalist’ won best in fashion award, here’s one of the images from the series. My work is inspired by heritage as I am interested in how cultures adorn themselves with fabric, body markings and jewellery. This feeds into what I create.

I am looking to do some collaboration with adornment creators (head piece, jewellery, accessories), I am looking for something out of the ordinary, anybody able to recommend people to me.

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asiko_artist 5 Tips to help you learn photography

I got a tough question from @bellatop about how to gain experience and knowledge using a DLSR camera. Hmmm……………… it feels like an eternity from when I started taking pictures so the process seems fuzzy. Here are 5 tips to help;

1. Take your camera everywhere and shoot frequently, the more you shoot, the more you learn about the piece of kit you carry around.

2. Subscribe to one of many online 365 day challenges, where you create an image a day and upload it online. This helps with having a goal and accountability.

3. Subscribe to online learning platforms like,,,, There is a lot of information to learn out there.

4. Connect with other photographers and budding amateurs. These connections and networks are good support systems for any photographer.

5. Make sure to have fun and take your time learning, it’s about the journey.

Image is from a test last weekend with Georgie from Lenis Models, I had not shot in a while and decided to get my head back in the game. Working on creating interesting and different compositions in my images, never be afraid to mix it up a bit. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery

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asiko_artist Today I am answering a question from @0sahon asking whether it’s best to take a photograph in monochrome or better in colour and then desaturation afterwards.

What works best for me is shooting everything in colour and then I convert to black and white based on the mood and feeling I am trying to portray in the image. This way you have all your images in colour and you can make copies and conversions as you see fit. If you shoot straight to black and white, you may never be able to get a colour version of the same image (except you shoot in RAW). So what I am trying to say is, you can convert colour to black and white, but you can’t convert black and white to colour.

On a side note, please don’t desaturate a colour image to convert it into a black and white, you will get tonally bland black and white image. I recommend using the conversion that uses LAB colour conversions in photoshop or using application filters like VSCO or exposure portraiture. These methods provide tonally rich black and white images with beautiful contrasts. If you want to find out about the LAB colour conversions, google ‘LAB black and white conversion’, you will find a heap of tutorials to help.

Thanks for the questions, keep them coming. Images is from my series on Adornment which explores African Jewellery and how we adorn our form. Model the beautiful Yrsa. Makeup by @susanlove_mua. Styling by @iam_efei Assisted by @senrabj #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #fashion #adorn #concept #inspiration #jewellery #nigeria #africa

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asiko_artist Are you average?

In the new Dove advert, which went viral recently on social media, there are two large signs over the entrance doors at what look like airports in different countries. One reads “Beautiful” the other reads “Average”. A camera records the reactions of real women as they draw near.

Some are confused, one backs away and retreats entirely, others stride forward. Most walk through the door marked “Average”. I really think you should check out the video on youtube.

So how do you see yourself? Are you an average, amazing or exceptional? Do you believe in what you create? Is it good enough? Are you good enough? Creatives struggle with these questions all the time regardless of their status.

I am here to tell you (and myself) you are good enough, regardless of what anyone (even the authority figure) says, yes I said it ……………….GOOD ENOUGH. You have something inside of you that is so fundamentally unique, it is not random, and it is very idiosyncratic that you can do or create the specific thing you are meant to create.

And how to bring it out, BE YOURSELF, discover who you are, and be that person. It’s a bit of a journey I know, but I am finding out, it is worth it. This is not just from a creative stand point but living a fulfilled life in general.

Never believe you are average regardless of pigeon holes we try to categorise ourselves as. So are you average?

I loved these images I created with Sophie and Darcy. Darcy has a fierceness and sensuality to her which she is amazing at emoting in front of the camera.

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Slumber Ade Okelarin
asiko_artist Creating the mood

In response to @aminucyrus question about how I get my subjects into the mood for the shoot. Mood seems to be that atmospheric feeling in the image that sucks in us while we are looking at a photograph; it’s the emotion that weighs on an image. Getting the right mood has become essential for me when I create pictures; here are a few things that I consider;

The scene of the shoot; I try to set the scene and create the right atmosphere for the shoot, it could be anything from getting the right music playing in the background to having the right props and set pieces. Location also plays a park, whether you are using a studio or location.

Light; Lighting is key for setting the mood, too much light can destroy the ambience and create a different mood altogether and too little light can create dark scene.

The narrative; I create moodboards as visual aid to help communicate my ideas. I also have a brief chat before the shoot and direct model during the shoot to get my point across. The image has mood which originates from the beautiful models (Darcy and Sophie), their positioning, their expression, the location, the lighting and the post production

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asiko_artist Talk about gear

Can anyone take a wild guess as to what camera I used to create this image? Does anyone care? @Pzup asked me last week whether a canon 600D and canon 5D MK3 could create the same thing and whether a photographer with mediocre kit can create stunning images?
I think there is sometimes too much focus on gear and not enough focus on creativity. I have come across kids as young as 16 creating heart stopping images on a 500D (check out Joey L and Lara Jades early careers). Their stunning images were created from great ideas, after which lighting, Photoshop, etc came after. The gear is not worth a dime if the creativity is not strong. No doubt a 5D MK3 creates better image quality and can do more than a 600D, but I have seen better images from someone with much lower spec cameras, it really depends on how well you wield your weapon.
The image above was created years ago when I got my first camera a canon 350D. Nobody cares what I used, the idea and emotion is what carries the image. Yes I currently have a MK3 which is a beautiful camera that helps to fulfil my vision, but I could do the same thing with my wife’s 650D or a high spec medium format. For me a camera is merely a tool that I can use to create and is not a limiting force in creative process. PS your client doesn’t care whether you have a 5D or Hasselblad medium format. Hope I was helpful in answering your question dude @pzup More questions anyone?

The image is a bit sentimental as it was my first foray in fashion type photography collaborating with fashion designer ChiChia London. Our model is a young crazy Chloe Jasmine Whichello.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #camera #girl #instagram #style #scream #fashion #tb #concept #inspiration

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asiko_artist “So many people think cameras and lenses are getting better. They are. But cameras are stupid no matter how "great" they are. They know nothing. They see nothing. They don't come with vision. There isn't a decisive moment indicator light in the viewfinder. There's no Avedon button on the back. The most important piece of gear for a photographer is their brain.” - Zack Arias. Tell 'em Zack.

You are more than your gear and the gear is mainly a tool to create your ideas whether you are wedding, portrait, event or fashion photographer. We are image makers and not simply a girl/guy with a camera.

If you are scratching your head about the Avedon, quit now LOL. Only kidding, I'm sure every photographer knows who Avedon is.

I am bored with talking on my instagram so I have decided to answer any question anybody wants to ask. Send me your questions in the comments section or as a private message and I will do my best to answer them honestly and thoughtfully as I can, let's make it a discussion and interactive.
PS Asking for a follow back is not a question.

A portrait of poet and actress Yrsa, an amazing face to photograph. One thing I love being an image creator is that I get to meet to all sorts of beautiful creative people. Makeup by @susanlove_mua Styling by @iam_efei And assistant @senrabj #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #poet #girl #instagram #style #photography #jewellery #fashion #tbt #face

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asiko_artist Setting the mood
The images I create all tend to have a mood, either landscapes, portraits, fashion, whatever, the mood is there, it’s a signature. Creating this mood is second nature to me, I don’t have to think about it, it just happens. I decided to dissect it and try and whittle down and came up with these ideas of how I create mood in my work. Here goes;

Emotion and direction; I usually direct my model or subject in the emotion I am trying to convey that is part of my narrative. No over-acting, just subtle.
Lighting; For story driven images I use very little light to keep the images slightly dark. I could work with a one light set up or natural light, the simpler the better.
Positioning; Sometimes breaking the rules when it comes to composition and framing helps create drama and tension in the image. For instance placing the subject dead centre or in corner of the image. I love moving around my subject hence one of the reasons I hate studios.
Colour; The colour tones used in the image help portray emotions, for instance using a blue tone will convey coldness while yellow can create warmth in the mood. Finding the right colour mood for the image can take me a while and is important to conveying the mood I have in my head. There are loads of colour filters out there, for instance Lightroom has some filters built in which are great, Vsco film has some moody filters and you can also make you own filters as well. A came across some great filters the other day created to mimic the instagram filters as lightroom plugins.
Creating a sombre, melancholic mood in my images is inherent to me, it’s about discovering that mood that speaks to you and what you love to convey.

The moody image is of Sophie from my Girl in the Green Dress story.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #green #girl #instagram #style #photography #mood #fashion

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asiko_artist Photographer Patrick Hall from fstoppers sums up some thoughts on photography about an interview of artist rep Maren Levinson
"You see, Maren is an agent who represents some of the most in demand photographers on the west coast. She sees A LOT of photography on a daily basis, and her observations of the state of photography are pretty much dead on point. To sum up, agencies and clients are not looking to hire someone who can produce a sharp looking photograph anymore. Instead, art buyers are looking to hire a brand, a style, a quirk, or more plainly put, a vision. The advertising world thrives on being able to turn heads and grab people's attention in a split second, and in today's grossly over saturated visual market place they need more than just a pretty photo. They need something with teeth." - Patrick Hall. Create stuff you love and make sure your signature shines through, that's what people and clients are drawn to.
Portrait is a throwback of beautiful Darcy years ago.
#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instagood #artist #instaart #inspiration #fairytales #fantasy #beauty #instagram #portrait #photography #ethereal #motivation #photography

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asiko_artist From renowned photographer Zack Arias site, a thing about budgets. “Q - It's hard when you ask a budget from a client and he doesn't mention any figure but says they have a tight budget. One doesn't want to lose a job because of quoting high or even under-pricing oneself. How would you approach these talks saying you don’t want to lose a job?

A - Let’s say you’ve run all your numbers and you have to charge $1,000 a day to survive as a photographer.

They have a budget. They won’t say what it is. Whether they have the money or not you know your numbers and you know you need $1,000 a day (or whatever your numbers are). So… put a bid together. It’s $1,000 a day plus expenses. Line item everything out that you think you’ll need. State the usage that you are giving for that price.

Then send the bid.

Maybe their “tight budget” is $1,200. Maybe it’s $200. Maybe it’s $5,000. If you don’t know then just get your numbers together and put a bid in. If their total budget is $200 then, well, you can’t work with them anyway. You know your numbers.

Maybe your bid is for $1,500 for you and an assistant and some other expenses. They come back and say they only have $1,200. Then you are in the neighborhood. Then you have room to keep the talks moving forward. You cut an expense. Maybe you work without an assistant. Whatever.

Maybe their budget is $5,000 and you’re too cheap! That’s happened to me. Well, you put a fair bid together. You might lose the job for being too cheap. You live and learn and move on dot org with your life.

Moral of the story. Know your numbers. Know your cost of doing business. Know what you have to charge to stay alive. Second moral of the story… not every client will be your client. They may say no to you… you may also say no to them.” – Zack Arias.

Image of beautiful Zainab created a few years back with Crystal Deroche on styling duties.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #photographer #portraiture #portrait #model #girl #instagram #style #photography #tbt #adorned #jewellery #nigeria

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asiko_artist My inspirations Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi, Sara Moon, Irving Penn, Lilian Bassman and Gregory Crewdson

I love Tim Walkers sets and his beautiful dream mind. His work is very whimsical and kooky, I love that his mind wanders and he takes us on a journey into his world.

Paolo Roversis work is beautiful, sensitive and sensual. I love how he photographs women and brings out their feminine and sensitive sides. Also love his aesthetic and how his images have a dream like and moody quality to them

Sara Moon has dream like images that can be sometimes be abstract. I love how she plays with colour and very arty feel that exudes out of her images. Her images are delicate and poignant.

Irving Penn has super powerful portraits that captivate me and draw me in. I especially love his black and white portraits and fashion images.

I love the sensitivity and intimacy in Lilian Bassmans images. I love how she creates form and uses a high contrast aesthetic through her work.

Gregory Crewdson’s narratives bowl me over; they are haunting, suggestive and leave your imagination wondering about the happening. I love the cinematic aesthetic which very much looks like a film. Amazing lighting and colour work.
Who inspires you? Your inspirations will influence your style.
Image is our beautiful sleeping beauty Grace featured in Dark Beauty magazine. Set design by Beast n Burden and Styling by Kiyana Wraps

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #inspiration #portraiture #portrait #model #girl #instagram #style #photography #fairytale #sleepingbeauty

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asiko_artist Stuff always goes wrong

An excerpt from an interview with world renowned photographer Gregory Heisler. Can you give us an example of a shoot that went wrong? How did you fix it?

There have been times when it has just been a disaster. I had a shoot with Denzel Washington and he couldn’t have been nicer. We had an idea all figured out. We had a costume designer create--at great expense--a costume that integrated aspects of various characters from his movies. He walked in and said, “I can’t do that.” I asked him why in the politest way I could and he said, “I never revisit my characters once I wrap the film. I never go back.” There’s nothing you can say to that. That’s certainly a valid position. So, at that point, you start having an aneurism [laughs]. You immediately start panicking. How did you work around it? I asked him if he could change into one of the other suits he had there, so I could get 10 minutes to scratch my head and figure out where to go. It gave me time to pace around the studio until I could come up with a second plan. There was a pedestal nearby and I had him stand on it looking like an Oscar in his black suit. It worked.
As photographers we need to think on our feet and be prepared that things might not always go as planned.

A portrait of the beautiful actress Serena #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #model #instaart #inspiration #portraiture #portrait #actress #girl #instagram #style #photography
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  •   eyesofpatrick @asiko_artist | aww man you had me for a second there with that story. Still engaging. Once at a wedding my remote trigger system just stopped working. Cursing in the inside and vowing to never buy another product with that brand one it, I calmly tossed it back into my bag, readjusted my strobes, and used my trusty simple optical trigger. That entire segment ended up being over exposed, but I still got some pretty awesome high key portraits out of the ordeal in post. 1mon
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asiko_artist Some instagram thoughts. When you photograph a model, if they love a shot, they are going to post it to their feed. Now, you’re getting double exposure (unintentional photography pun). This goes for most other niches of photography as well. You should also follow other professionals in that area you want to shoot more of. They will likely see that you shoot similar work and follow you in return, which may turn into more business. Try finding makeup artists, wedding planners, stylists, models, and other businesses in your area to work with. See what relevant hashtags others in the industry are utilizing. The tags should be consistent with the photo and used conservatively. Instagram is a free, public portfolio that is utilized by the masses. Treat it like a portfolio and show only your best work –

I echo Kyles words, make the most of instagram. (I am lazy today so I couldn’t bothered to write something)

Aren’t these two a beautiful couple. I never usually do engagement shoots, but I couldn’t resist with these two, the images still end being in my style. I could shoot a wedding …………….. but it would be in my style, hmmm ………… maybe I should.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #couple #instaart #inspiration #portraiture #portrait #engagement #girl #instagram #style #photography

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asiko_artist Our tastes and dispositions create a style

What are your tastes? What are you drawn to? What kind of creative work are you drawn regardless of whether it’s in arena of creativity or not?

Our tastes affect our style, well I think mine does anyway. Tastes indicate preferences while style is the manner in which things like your tastes are expressed.
I love organic portraits, the ones steeped in emotion, the kinds that stop you in your tracks. Where you can see the beautiful imperfections, the skin pores, the blemishes, freckles, the things that make our faces interesting and are the lines that tell the story of who we are and where we have come from. I love portraits with texture, grain, artefacts, an unclean edit that gives the portrait depth and character. I love moody and atmospheric portraits with warm colours. I'm not interested in creating super clean looking blemish free clearly retouched images, it's not the way I see the world or people. You can say it’s not my taste, I believe we are imperfectly perfect and fabulously flawed. My tastes reflect in the images I create, it’s one half second nature and one half intentional. What are your tastes and do they reflect in your style?

The portrait of beautiful poet and actor @yrsadaleyward makeup by @susanlove_mua
#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #artist #instaart #inspiration #portraiture #portrait #beauty #girl #instagram #style #photography #poet #actor

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asiko_artist Common misconceptions

1. Photography is just pressing a button – Ermmm No it isn’t, there is a lot of things to consider before taking a photograph, like light, composition, framing, visualisation, focus ………….. the list goes on
2. My photographer friend will shoot for free – Don’t let me swear on my instagram. If you believe your friend is truly talented, pay him and don’t expect any discount. If he is truly your friend, he will offer a discount.
3. A bigger and better camera means better photos – Someone recently said “You have superb images; you must have an amazing camera”. I usually respond with a witty retort, I couldn’t be bothered, must be getting old.
4. Photographers live a life reilly – Photography is hard work, what you see on instagram or facebook is not a true reflection of what a photographer does all day. So forget the airline jet setting window seats, and the backstage posing with beautiful models. The photographer is probably at home in front his/her MAC retouching, crying and thinking of a holiday.
5. You can just photoshop that mistake away – Photographers hate having to spend tedious hours removing mistakes which could be avoided.
The image of is of Erica in an ethereal place shot last year. The suns coming out and it’s getting warmer, time to start shooting outside again. Any models looking to shoot, drop me a line. Also looking for a model who can hold her breath under water. #love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instagood #artist #instaart #inspiration #fairytales #fantasy #beauty #instagram #flowers #photography #ethereal #tbt

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asiko_artist The fear musings and the creative

My biggest fear is not succeeding as a photographer and living a mediocre career life. I don’t think that fear ever goes away, but every day I have faith in God that I will be a success and be able to completely support my family. It’s the journey. It’s the hustle and it’s a lot of work. As much as it is my passion and I enjoy it, it’s a lot of work. Shooting, Meetings, Planning, Retouching, Directing, Research, Scouting.

Fear comes from uncertainty and the feeling of not knowing where the next gig is going to come from. The funny thing is uncertainty is good, it makes life interesting, without it, things would be boring and predictable. It fuels whatever drive you have.

I once heard someone say ‘The best way to overcome your fear is to fail, once you fail once, you will find it’s not a fear at all’ Woah, that’s crazy but true, we fail and we learn.

Photography is not for the faint hearted, it’s about going all out and being amazing.

You have just to get out there and do it, constantly. To be extraordinary, shoot what you are passionate about and tell your story, it will move people. Never settle for mediocre but strive to be exceptional and inspirational. That is my goal everyday.

The image is of Eku @ekuedewor the editorial for ThisDay Style.

#love #art #asiko #potd #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #artist #instaart #inspiration #portraiture #portrait #beauty #girl #africa #instagram #culture #photography #musician #nigeria #fashion #style #heritage

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asiko_artist Specialise on a subject

Many photographers flit from one type of photography to another. One day they’re trying to master landscape photography the next they’re trying their hand at shooting weddings. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mixing it up but try to specialise in one area more then any other.

The fact is top photographers tend to become well known for not for shooting one area of photography but for being the best at a small niche of one area in photography. For example great fashion photographers don’t make great wedding photographers. Motor sports photographers may be rubbish at shooting football. – From Gavin Hoey

The image ‘The mystery of Sleeping beauty’ is from a shoot from last year put together with an awesome team, I am truly blessed. It is really important to pick the right team, it will make or a break a shoot. Through some mix-up the modelling agency failed to send a model, our makeup artist Grace stepped up. Shoots don't always go according plan, I can't imagine if I gave up.
Art Director/Photographer: Àsìkò
Stylist: Madeleine Laini - Kiyana Wraps
Set Designer: Beast & Burden
Makeup/Model: Grace Gray
Assistant: Sandjena Barnes

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  •   kiyanawraps ️ Great team! It was a pleasure working with you all. Xx 2mon
  •   alexispaka Wise words. I'm just not completely sure what my niche is just yet 2mon
  •   mercimelondon Absolutely beautiful! Truly talented! You've made #mercimelondon beautiful xx 2mon
  •   asiko_artist @alexispaka niche comes from the work u create. I can see ur an arty photographer and u work mainly in portraiture, I think u should start thinking and working on projects. Create a story round a set of images, explore subject matter. It will help 2mon
  •   alexispaka @asiko_artist thank you for the advice. And you're right learning how to create stories is the next step in my journey. Whenever I'm coming up with concepts for my work, I always think in single images. It's hard for me to create a story, but I guess practice makes perfect 2mon
  •   niyonsarai Woow i like the picture !! 2mon
  •   thelexash I'm currently in the same shoes with @alexispaka. Not very sure my niche yet. But I'll find it. 1mon

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