•   rarbrooks (G'darned phone lines & power lines !) 3w
  •   artinpittsburghwhaleskull1 @rarbrooks Was just messing with ya. 3w
  •   rarbrooks Hey! You're cool. Don't like wires - but your pic has feeling. Happy Tuesday from so. California 3w
  •   artinpittsburghwhaleskull1 @rarbrooks Oh I hear ya :-) Thanks and happy Tuesday to you too! Had water main break here while at work and can't really deal with it right now after a sixteen hour day. Lol. It messed some stuff up though and don't need the hassle right now been working out of town and weekends. Have a small job of my own and everyday life stuff. Thanks again! 3w
  •   rarbrooks @artinpittsburghwhaleskull1 you're a sweet guy. Take care ! 3w
  •   artinpittsburghwhaleskull1 @rarbrooks Thanks! Water company did a pretty good job cleaning up and got three fans running n bought a dehumidifier and have that on. Things are looking up. Lol. 3w
  •   rarbrooks Wish you could work in my house! 1936 colonial - money pit !!! 3w
  •   artinpittsburghwhaleskull1 @rarbrooks Hahaha that's nice of you. I would give it some love. I'm sure its beautiful! 3w

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