andi_pray Kevin volland.. Future star germany #fhm14 #fm #scouting #footballmanager #soccer #football #germany 3mon
  •   9upeehardwork Good day sir I'm football player from Namibia Africa and i would love Mr to manage me +264818988800 wats up me or give me your digits and I would do so 1mon
  •   andi_pray @9upemeu hello mr.. okay i will send u messge.. but how old u now? And ur position in team now.. 3w
  •   9upeehardwork 23 striker and winger! 3w
  •   9upeehardwork And I'm still waiting for your text Sir 3w
  •   9upeehardwork Wats app me and I will wats app back 3w
  •   9upeehardwork Good day Sir I'm still waiting for your call 2w

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