amischaheera Well, I was on TV the other day. Thanks to the good people of #WHI from @tv3malaysia for inviting me to the set as one of their guests. The topic discussed was "Love till the end of time(life)" [Cinta hingga ke hujung nyawa]. Of course.

Obviously, we were talking about my encounters with my late wife @amischaheera. I had the chance to share some insights and stories about us while we were battling cancer together back then. Some questions revolved around our feelings and on our life experiences; some were general while some were pretty deep.

I was nervous the whole time. I was sad a little bit but at the same time I was happy. A bit relieving I must say. I'm glad that I was given the chance to share our stories on national TV. I'm hoping that those stories will be beneficial and in a way be an inspiration to those who encounter similar circumstances.

Also, I have the feeling that today, most family members, friends, colleagues, partners and even strangers will come together and spend a while to reminisce about that strong lady, who once came across our lives, who once showed true courage and endurance, who once shared love and kindness, in her own stylish way which I would think modest, cute and lovely sometimes.

Dear families, friends and strangers; dear good people out there, I would like to request for a simple and sincere act of reciting Al-Fatiha and Al-Ikhlas; sadaqah (voluntary charity) your recitations for our dearly beloved Salmi Syahirah.

Let us pray for her and expect the best from God. May her soul rest in peace, and she find love in the arms of God, InsyaAllah.


Thank you and may Allah bless us all.

January 14, 2015

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Photo courtesy of @shawnnasution @shawnandferd

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amischaheera Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

There are no greater gifts on my birthday than a simple and sincere act of reciting Al-Fatiha and sadaqah (voluntary charity) for my late wife dearly beloved Salmi Syahirah.

Let us pray for her and expect the best from God.
May her soul rest in peace, and she find love in the arms of God, InsyaAllah.
Ameen. *** About 4 and a half-years ago, 2 weeks into the marriage, Ami was pronounced ill of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It was shocking, devastating, grieving and shattering circumstance for the both of us, of course.

3 and a half-months later on her birthday we sat down and put thoughts into our future.

In that difficult time we both ‘redha’ and accepted that, together shall we endure, the test that God had made us bear.

Today, 7 and a half-months after her departure, here I stand alone for the first time in 12 years, on my birthday without her presence.

I hope I'll be fine... Thanks a lot everyone.
May god bless us all.


#amischaheera #birthday #ggift #sadaqah #charity #alfatihah #alfatiha #love #bless #prayforami #amifightscancer cc @amischaheera @nazrulhisham_

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amischaheera °
Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It has been almost 5 months since Ami left us. Some of us still remember her, some still miss her. As for me, her smile, her face, her lovely voice, her gentle touch and her kindness will truly be missed; she'll always be in my heart.

If she's still around, today will be her 30th. birthday.
I'm taking this opportunity to humbly ask you, friends and families, to place du'a and recite Al-Fatihah for her.

I hope Allah puts her amongst the righteous and she's doing fine on the other side.

Thanks a lot everyone.
May god bless us all.


# amischaheera #birthday #alfatihah #love #bless #amifightscancer °
  •   scenenseen Al fatihah.. 7mon
  •   lynakamal Miss u ami. 7mon
  •   fazanashop_pipitardina Aamiin 7mon
  •   fadiahzaki Alfatihah 7mon
  •   halawatuliman95 Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Walaupun saya tak pernah kenal beliau. Tapi saya harap kalau nak post gambar, biarlah gambar yang menutup aurat sepenuhnya ye. Sebab lengan tu ternampak , dan ia jugak kan aurat. So, wajib ditutup. Walaupun dah meninggal dunia, dosa tu still lagi berjalan kalau ajnabi melihatnya. Maaf. Hanya nak yang terbaik untuk sesama islam. #Alfatihah @amischaheera @nazrulhisham_ 5mon
  •   shatirah_noman Tetiba rindu ami 5mon
  •   hartinitahir Alfatihah 4mon
  •   shafirahnordin I went fr a jog during the evening. Suddenly i'm out of breath and its pitch black. I thought its going to be the end of me. My last breath maybe. And one thing tht crossed my mind was, wht if this is my last chance to live. Did I've lived my life well and benefited people around me ? And u, kak ami come across my mind. As i'm done with my maghrib prayer, i started to search fr yr ig. And i found it. Its been a year tht u went away, but the memories of u, never fade away. As u light up the spirit of those who are kicking with leukemia. U give hope to others. Even u're gone, u always win in yr battle. U live in many souls. Al fatihah 2mon

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amischaheera Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Mohon ampun dan maaf zahir dan batin daripada saya dan keluarga.

Mari kita semua berdoa agar seluruh umat Islam dapat meraikan Hari Raya tahun ini di dalam keaadaan sempurna dan sentiasa berada dalam lindungan Allah s.w.t. tidak kira di mana jua mereka berada.

Saya juga ingin memohon maaf bagi pihak arwah isteri tercinta; Allahyarhamah Salmi Syahirah; @amischaheera; sekiranya arwah ada melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan sepanjang hidupnya di dunia ini. Semoga arwah sentiasa berada dalam keadaan yang tenang di sana dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. InsyaAllah. -naz-

#eidalfitr #syawal1435 #maaf

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amischaheera Please pray for Ami's strength and recovery. She haven't been able to breath properly on her own since 3:30am yesterday, haven't been able to sleep well either. Astaghfirullahaladzim ala zi la ha illa hual qayyum wa utubu ilaih. - @nazrulhisham_ #amifightscancer #prayforami 1y
  •   jekiyah_ Al-Fatihah 10mon
  •   reksase You and me were in a group of 5 fighting for no.1 spot back at Primary school..never had a chance to hang out & reminisce the moment..Allah love you more 10mon
  •   mishelhana ami 7mon
  •   alstroemeria.s May Allah bless your soul and grant you Jannah In Shaa Allah 5mon
  •   rayyanharies I miss u kakak. Take care up there okay. 4mon
  •   rini_yohana Be strong 2mon
  •   seirethhh May Allah bless her in the Highest place in jannah! Ameen! May her family receive the utmost patience and strength during this difficult time! Ameen Ameen Ameen 1mon
  •   miss_leonova 4w

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Normal Ami Schaheera
amischaheera Semenjak memperkenalkan these serums into my skincare system, alhamdulillah I noticed sangat kulit bertambah lembut dan pores pun mengecil. Honestly I have loads of pigmentation, old acne scars and kulit tona tak sekata. Walaupun semua tu boleh di-cover dengan mekap (and instagram filter huhu) tapi hati perempuan mana yang tak teringinkan kulit flawless suci murni kanss?? Dah habis sebotol satu I try baru la berani nak recommend kat orang hehe.. DIAMOND SERUM:
️ Untuk kulit bermasalah, jerawat, liang roma terbuka, liang roma tersumbat, kulit berminyak, kulit berparut.
️ Fungsi: serum yang diperkaya dengan serbuk berlian tulen untuk memperbaiki kulit dan menambah seri wajah dengan merangsang peredaran mikro kulit. More info kat @ohyayayaya

️ Untuk kulit kusam / gelap, berjeragat, tona tak sekata, sunburnt, berparut
️ Fungsi: gabungan agen pemutihan dan anti-radikal bebas Vitamin E dan juga serbuk mutiara membantu mengawal melanins, yang menyebabkan pigmentasi @ jerawat.

️ Untuk anda yang tidur tak cukup / lambat, ada lingkaran gelap, mata berkedut, bengkak/sembap.
️ Serum mata ini dapat merangsang peredaran mikro sekitar mata, untuk mengurangkan mata yang letih, bengkak dan lingkaran gelap bawah mata.

Ha nak tahu lebih lanjut boleh hubungi @ohyayayaya, tuan yang jual ni pun kulit bukan main flawless - ami yang jumpa dia pun rasa segan sbb dia tak perlu mekap tebal tapi lawa sangat kulit. Apa tunggu lagi? Jemput ke ig @ohyayayaya untuk baca testimoni pelanggan yang lain dan menatap wajah yaya yang comel huhu..

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Normal Ami Schaheera
amischaheera So sad that we can't go to any Mufti Menk's talk , the one we're most interested in is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.. Allah has better plans for me, with this test of being warded for severe spine bone pains and the fact that my white blood cells shot up sky high after just being 3 weeks being on the normal level. Alhamdulillah thanks to @lynakamal for all the trouble of getting the tixs for me & Naz previously and now has sold it back to people who can attend this ilm event. Perhaps next time when I am better in health, insyaAllah.. #muftimenk #havefaith #inAllahwetrust 1y
  •   makchics Take care 1y
  •   sakinakushairi Im gonna miss ur post n story about ur strength. May Allah protects u there sis. 1y
  •   suesurah Innalillah. Alfatihah buat ami 1y
  •   umminazeera It's sad that I didn't manage to see you before you leave sister. I remember u commenting on my insta saying you'll meet me at mufti Menks talk, my fault for not replying earlier. I pray that Allah grant u highest jannah and accept all your good deeds. I pray that Allah expiate all your sins for all the pain you've been going through. and I pray that we will see each other again iAllah in jannah.. Ameen. Innalillahi wainna ilaihirojiun. 1y
  •   syitah_khairuzaman Life is too short. Walaupun tak kenal i doakan u ditempatkan dikalangan orang- orang yang beriman - Al fatihah 1y
  •   inaharditarahayulestari Al fatihah… 1y
  •   zaidgreat Al fatehah 1y
  •   lynakamal I miss u Ami:'( 12mon

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amischaheera 2 pints of red bags for the weak anemic me. No beds available so the reclining sofa that won't recline I'm sitting in. Nothing about yesterday's blood check was normal in fact my white blood cells shot up so high in a span of 2 weeks that they're restarting me on chemo pills again. One second I was rejoicing over a normal wbc and the next second it's as half as high when I was first diagnosed 3 yrs ago. Kun fa ya kun He says.. Never does get's easier no matter how many times I'm being told of a bad news. But these days I'm a lot calmer.. Living my life one day at a time. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts & prayers friends #amifightscancer #hospitalampang #cancersucks #leukaemia #aml 1y
  •   farrashuhadanajmin Innalillah hiwainna ilaihirojiun.. same mcm arwah mak.. tmpt pun same. Hspital ampang.. al fatihah buat ami 1y
  •   areyouorked Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ 1y
  •   thelulushop Alfatihah 1y
  •   chiqmiumie_ Innalillah. 1y
  •   roseradzi Innalillah.. smoga dtempatkn di kalangan org yg br'iman..insyaallah.. 1y
  •   syeeraothman @sahraeisya_ramli ... Scroll down.. 11mon
  •   asyhmzh My heart breaks into pieces when i visit your ig. Al-Fatihah May Allah bless your soul. Amin. 8mon

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amischaheera At the hospital for blood check-up and darn it I forgot to bring my patient card & medical history book. Luckily they still allow me to do fbc. So cold & tired, couldn't sleep last night. Just wanna go home and have some shut-eye. Hope my fbc result is not so bad.. #amifightscancer #hospitalampang #cancersucks 1y
  •   eza_qal Al-Fatihah 1y
  •   spicynur ina lillahi wa ina ilaihi rajún 1y
  •   jomshoppingraya Al fatihah...ami..u were full of positivity n so so strong.Allah swt loves u 1y
  •   rayofstyles Alfatihah 1y
  •   dewyyrusli Al fatihah 1y
  •   rahsiamontok_ketat_dlm5hari Al fatihah.. semoga tenang disana 1y
  •   jezmineblossom Hi ami, i miss you soo much.. I wish baby Zaria had the chance to meet you :( you were amongst the first to know on my pregnancy.. I miss u everyday.. I just wish u were still around.. 6mon

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amischaheera My new babies ️ bravely ordered my first wedge sneakers over @amazon months ago after much contemplation of owning one - @sam_edelman circus fits me perfectly! Vincci pointed flats, Vincci is doing something right here and to replace my worn down sandal is this @nine_west tri-color neutrals. Both Vincci & Nine West were bought from @zaloramy using a 20% discount - they always have discounts like all the time. Clearly I have a case of loving neutrals & monochrome shoes at the mo' #shoes #shopping #haul #samedelman #vincci #ninewest #fashionblogger #shoesoftheday 1y

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amischaheera Slow-juiced a guava in the juicer, added the fresh guava juice to the blender with a spooned out avocado flesh, a kiwi flesh and two bananas. Added virgin coconut oil + dried gojiberries + hemp hearts + protein powder + cacao maca powder (hence the chocolatey appearance). Blend it all up and yums! #breakfast #smoothies #foodstagram #healthydiet #eatclean 1y

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Video Ami Schaheera

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Normal Ami Schaheera
amischaheera I was alerted by friends about this re-run by @8tv about the old G-Thang show I did with @zherpeenut. It really was a fun time for me. Miss ya Zher and G-Thang crew! #amiontv #gthang #styling #cohosting #tvguest 1y

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amischaheera @thepeppygirl, young Philippine girl who loves stylish modest fashion. She's a new blogger at and just started to post fashion related things on instagram. She'll also be posting out hijab tutorials soon. If you're into the same thing and would love to make new friends from another country just follow and say hi to this cutie pie @thepeppygirl @thepeppygirl @thepeppygirl 1y

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amischaheera Salmon Teriyaki for late lunch. I always have a crave for salmon every few months. Having sore throat, mad cough and a congested nose. Doc said my tonsil is red and inflamed. Ah well, must have been the weather. Going out with a mask on today regardless of the thinning haze. Btw this pic is for @waniardy who's also under the weather, she asked me to post food photos so she can feel hungry haha. Get well soon Cikgu Wani! #foodstagram #lunch #brunch #salmon #teriyaki #eatclean 1y
  •   mrsreezal @amischaheera ni kat delicious eh? Hehe 1y
  •   waniardy Ok Ami berjaya walaupun Wani tak makan salmon. Hahaha. Sedapnya! Coincidently, I'm waiting for my Japanese food right now. Bolehlah perasan-perasan makan masakan Ami ni. Kemain kan selera orang-orang sakit? Lol 1y
  •   amischaheera @mrsreezal yep! My fav at Delicious 1y
  •   amischaheera @waniardy takpe wani asalkan ada selera kena makan supaya cepat sehat (telling myself that too sbb senang sgt takde selera lately huhu!) 1y
  •   mmbasic Hooohhhh tiba2 teringat skin salmon! Sedapnya lahai..hehhe..moga cepat sihat ya ami ;) 1y
  •   amischaheera @mazlianulmaznan lupa aritu mcm kita blur jumpa mazz.. Tgh menahan sakit kaki sambil rabun sbb x pakai specs haha.. Sorry sgt tau kalau i seem ignorant ke apa, tak bermaksud 😑 just wanna say menyesal tak selfie sama!! 1y
  •   waniardy Ami... Rindunya... 12mon

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amischaheera The sky, oh the blue sky how we've missed you. Syukur alhamdulillah ️ today is a better day, let's all pray tomorrow will be greater! #hazehazegoaway #alhamdulillah #positive #noedit #nofilter 1y

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amischaheera Breakfast for champs, for health is real wealth and not pieces of silver & gold. Take care Malaysian with this hazy weather, stay hydrated, wear a mask when you're outdoors and eat lotsa antioxidants! #breakfast #juicing #eatclean #healtiswealth 1y

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amischaheera Oooh la looove another collection of pastel worthy swinging skirt, made from a special material called valentina matte satin! It's also available in 11 pretty fetching colors, I'm torn between vintage pink, mint green, blue dust or charcoal grey. What do you guys think? It's only RM74 btw, such a good price huh? It's also free size, stretchable waist that can fit from S - XL. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself at @dailyhijabs @dailyhijabs @dailyhijabs #iklanbyami: 1y

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Normal Ami Schaheera
amischaheera The only full photo of me last night at @modvier private launching, wearing @kree_my dress / @novemberculture scarf / @coach purse. Photo courtesy of @zarinazeza more photos of last night in my feed #amiootd 1y
  •   atqhabdl Subhanallah ami so beautiful! 1y
  •   amischaheera @atqhabdl alhamdulillah dear 1y
  •   hazsuki Minta delete la gmbr2 yg mmaparkan aurah owner insta ni and org2 di dlm gmbrnya demi kebaikan arwah :) 1y

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