•   thrive16 Your blog is awesome! Lots of good information. I am looking for bloggers just like you to try a all natural patch! Check out my profile and let me know if interested! There is a pop up video at joe stern.le-vel.com @alessandrasfashion 2w
  •   alessandrasfashion @thrive16 hi! how does it work? 2w
  •   thrive16 It's a nutritional system that includes a patch to give time release energy, sense of well being, pain management, appetite control, metal clarity, increased metabolism, digestive support and more. Everyone has a different experience but people are really liking the product for different reasons. If you go to my site there is a video that will pop up, after you watch it and decide you want to hear more or possibly try it shoot me an email to joe.stern@ymail.com and I'll get you some information and possibly some samples! @alessandrasfashion 2w
  •   alessandrasfashion @thrive16 i have seen the video! I'm so curious!!! i would like to try! 2w
  •   thrive16 @alessandrasfashion You're going to love it! Can I send you an email to your email listed on your profile this evening?! 2w
  •   alessandrasfashion @thrive16 Of course! 1w

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