afrorange Just WOW is all I gotta say after last nights INCREDIBLE set by these 2 amazing men. They threw down one of the best sets I've seen them play to date that made me go crazy! They were so live so happy and so insane! They did not stop providing the energy I loved it. Spending Time with the awesome & beautiful @mercymontelongo made things so much more enjoyable knowing someone else could be there to witness a great time with me.

@dadalife to conclude my paragraphs all I gotta say is you 2 are seriously the best duo I've met in my life besides Firebeatz. So insanely humble generous and beautiful inside & out its crazy to think I met you both and got the chance to hangout with you guys as well. You 2 will always be in my thoughts & prayers and always will be people I look up to and want to be friends with for many years to come. Until next time we hangout (I hope) please have fun in Vegas tonight and be safe! Ciao!

#DadaLife #DadaLand #Sutra #Sutra2015 #WhereItAllStarted #Stefan #Olle #GoBananas #LetsGoBananas #KickOutTheEpicMotherFucker #HumbleMen
  •   rave4luv33 Dude whattt no way!!!! Man I bet this was an awesome moment! @afrorange 4w
  •   afrorange It was. It was SO CHILL meeting them AND hanging out with them both for a while. They are the coolest guys @rave4luv33 3w

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afrorange Finally got the pleasure & lucky chance to meet Olle 1/2 of Dada Life! Such a crazy yet mellow/humble man. Have rarely met someone as humble and crazy with such a professional mellow attitude like him. His high energy followed by calm presence makes him such an admirable man he always tries to make sure you're having a great time. Never a dull moment with Olle!

@dadalife THANK YOU SO MUCH Olle for everything you did last night playing so man of my favorite classic songs as well as new ones. You NEVER disappoint with providing a sick show. I appreciate you and Stef so much! Don't forget about that track we talked about with a certain someone that you guys are trying to make happen Have fun tonight in Vegas! Stay safe!

#dadalife #dadaland #Stefan #Olle

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afrorange Finally got the pleasure and luck to get a picture with Stefan 1/2 of Dada Life!

Most Crazy/Humble man I've ever met in my life. So FULL of ENERGY! Hes such a great man so happy him Olle came to destroy us all last night.

@dadalife thank you so much Stef for the pic & the amazing set. I hope you're having fun tonight in Vegas!

@mercymontelongo such a beautiful smile gorgeous!
  •   geebaby218 Awwwww u look so happy! Miss u!!!!! 1mon
  •   afrorange Thanks. I miss you too @geebaby218 just happy to have been at an amazing show with good company & to have gotten pics with them is all 3w

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afrorange FINALLY saw one of my 4 dubstep idols for the VERY FIRST TIME & HOLY SHIT is all i gotta say on how filthy it was last night.

He NOT ONLY brought a MADHOUSE crowd but he made sure that the crowd literally got shat on LOL. Not ONCE did i not appreciate or love what he played. He played most of my favorite songs new & old which was great selection as well as playing songs i havent heard before. He is a man of many variety punches. After the show he came outside & greeted me as well as chatted with me before leaving & i gotta say he is more humble than i thought he was. Really appreciated him taking the time out of his night to chat with me about the overall experience of the night.

@datsik Troy you are simply fucking INSANE! THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing us with your incredible set last night. Youre PHENOMENAL set last night is EXACTLY why i havent seen you up until now & i am so sorry i havent seen you before for 2 straight years in a row but it was within reasonable doubt why i wanted to wait til i saw you front row. Personal experience is better then festival experience & you giving me your time after the show for a couple of minutes was not only the highlight of the ight but another reason why i would have rather seen you now then before. You are definitely an awesome man. You blatantly dont give a fuck but that doesnt mean you arent humble at all. Keep up the FANTASTIC work you do & from now on I PROMISE as a veteran dubstepper I WILL NOT miss a set from you wherever you are ever again! Until i see you again PLEASE have fun at your tour & upcoming shows like tonight in riverside as well as have fun! PLEASE stay safe though! That front flip into the crowd last night coulda hurt someone! Haha #Datsik #NinjaNationTour #Ninja #Sik #SikInTheHead #ItsFuckingDatsik #Dubstep #Veteran #OG #Exchange #ExchangeLA

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afrorange Dubfire last night, words can't explain how happy & amazed i was last night. BEST show ive seen from him & ANYONE in techno history so far. Last night was seriously the BEST show ever. I could NOT stop dancing & grooving. My mind was blown away from the phenomenal music & vibes from his set. He is a genius & deserves to be recognized for his amazing talent.

@dubfire Ali, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming out to bless us last night with your incredible music & talent. You have not only graces me with the absolute BEST SET ive ever seen live so far but you gave me your time so i could take a picture with you not only once but TWICE! Youre one of the most humble & chill producing djs ive met to date & for that im glad ive been listening to you since 2013 NONSTOP! Youre my NUMBER 1 Favorite producing dj in the house/techno department hands down & nobody can take your spot. Youve opened the door to my ears LOL my heart loves your sounds
Until you come back to LA i hope you have a great time on your upcoming shows & have fun! Be safe!

#Dubfire #House #HouseMusic #Techno #TechYes #TechnoCode #Dub #Fire #Fuego #Sound #SoundNightClub

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afrorange This was the 1st picture of 3 i got with Dubfire last Night! So happy he came through for a PHENOMENAL set. Dubfire is the techno God!
#Dubfire #Sound #SoundNightClub #Techno #TechYes #TechnoCode #House #HouseMusic
  •   lindazaragoza BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!! 2mon
  •   javimoto Teach Me Your Ways lol 2mon
  •   afrorange Hahaha dude all you gotta do is be a BOSS and stay till the VERY end of each show and just be as humble as I am and bring good vibes and you'll ATTRACT just that! @javimoto 3w

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afrorange Last night for another slammed amazing night of madness & excitement my birthday FINALLY came to the highlight of the night when i got a picture with the one & only Maceo Plex! The amazing beast of a man not only graced/blessed me & my good friend Robert with a PROPER house set we'll never forget he also was awesome enough to give me a second of his time to get a picture with him! Thats literally ALL i wanted for my birthday this year! Was to shake his hand & tell the man how amazing he was & to thank him for the incredible set.
To get my wish come true was awesome, picture, great company & amazing music = successful birthday. Couldnt have asked for more!

@maceoplex Just wanted TO THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you did last night. I know you were tired last night & im sure after being so humble already to have taken like 1000 pics with other people last night was annoying to have finally gotten to the last door before walking out youd have to take a pic with me as your last person but i really appreciate you & it because im sure it gets somewhat old after a while when youre always tired & sometimes just wanna go home or get rest instead of take more pics. Thats why i respect you so much & appreciate you for the set & picture as well as being so amazingly incredible. Youre a great man! First time seeing you on my birthday was BEYOND insane. Wont EVER forget it! Until next time i see you please have fun on your next shows & be safe! Ciao!

#MaceoPlex #Humble #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Birthday #BirthdayBoy #House #HouseMusic #Techno #TechnoCode #TechYes

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afrorange Met the amazing & phenomenal Jordan Suckley on friday/saturday for my birthday! He was so good like beyond the realm of amazing. He is the definition of quality. He never once got me to stop dancing even when i was tired as hell that night. Shows how truly awesome he is. He is a very humble man that im glad to come out & support.

@jordansuckley Jordan just want to take the time to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the hug & birthday wish youre incredible man. I really felt it & for that i appreciate it & you alot. I would never think a dj as awesome as you would be so excited & humble to show appreciation to a fan about celebrating their birthday at a show in your honor & because of you. Youre real & thats what makes you so genuine which i love. Keep up the PHENOMENAL work you do & keep inspiring people to want to be as awesome as you! Till i see you next time! Stay safe Ciao! #Exchange #ExchangeLA #JordanSuckley #Damaged #LetsGetDamaged #DamageTour #Birthday #BirthdayBoy #Humble #JimiHendrix #Jimi

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afrorange Met the Amazing Alex Metric at Love Groove On saturday! Couldn't post since I've been busy with work but finally got the chance too! He was amazing & awesome that night not only because of his set but how awesome he was with me. He remembered me instantly when I talked about the exchange la show last year for destructos tour.

Just can't thank him enough for the amazing time. Since I don't think he has a insta I'll tag you @destructohard instead for being his awesome friend & supporter. He's an incredible guy who as well as you only deserves the best in life!

#AlexMetric #InGaryWeTrust #Destructo #Gary #LoveGroove #LoveGroove2015 #MyFirstTime #FirstTime #FirstTimeLoveGroove

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afrorange My Beyond Ticket Came In Today! ️ Ahh!!! OH YES OH YES! You KNOWS I'm excited for this AMAZING lineup & journey about to go down in 3 weeks! CANT WAIT for Beyond!

#Ticket #Beyond #BeyondExcited #BeyondWonderland #BeyondWonderland2015 #MyFirstBeyond #WillBeMyFirstTimeGoing #Legendary

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afrorange Met the AMAZINGLY PHENOMENAL Downlink last night at exchange, and let me tell you HOLY SHIT! Is my reaction of his aftermath. He BLEW ME AWAY! His set was better then Noisia's AND DieselBoys!

Not ONLY did he grace me on the decks last night but he blessed me with a pic! He's a huge chiller & legit man. Bringing us a massively insane mix while being super humble is GOLD to my eyes!

@downlink DownLink you are a fucking GENIUS! Seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing me last night with everything you did. You straight up SLAUGHTERED us with an INCREDIBLE SET! I'll NEVER last night seeing you for the FIRST TIME FINALLY after many many years of supporting/loving your tracks with excision. You're an incredible man & I hope to see you real soon again for some more dirty fun! Until then PLEASE have fun & Be Safe! Ciao!

#DownLink #Boss #Legendary #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Bassrush #BassrushEvents
  •   afrorange Wtf?!? That's not like you... @tattoopudge was it drink night? Lol 2mon
  •   tattoopudge Drinks and We mingled into the criwd here and there.. It was dope.. He did kill it tho.. 2mon
  •   afrorange @cheez909 not going to lie I'm not seeing anyone but techno & trance artists at beyond! Nothing else! Can't miss all that good stuff for people I can see another time! This is a special time you know! haha 2mon
  •   afrorange @tattoopudge OMG Lucy came into the picture?!? FUCK! I need her in my life! Please help!?? 2mon
  •   afrorange But damn bro hey send me your number I don't have it new phone same numba @tattoopudge 2mon
  •   iloveknowledge dope pic 2mon
  •   peerlessgroup that's what I'm talking about 2mon
  •   hookedm_ Giveaways! 2mon

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afrorange Finally got a picture with 1 of my FAVORITE Legendary Trance Legends last night! PAUL VAN DYK! he was INCREDIBLE last night truly a night I will never forget!
@paulvandyk thank you SO MUCH for everything last night Paul you are truly an AMAZING man for everything you do. You put on one of the best shows I've seen to date since last year. I will keep supporting you until the end of time! Thank you again!
#TranceLegend #PaulVanDyk #PVD #Amazing
  •   bananamovement Yes! 2mon
  •   chrisg1110 Dope brotha!!! I seriously wish I wasn't sick so that I could've gone 2mon
  •   jay_d_luna Omg u went I did took amazing set 2mon
  •   afrorange Yep! @jay_d_luna I was front row recording. Probably saw me if you saw the only go pro up there in the air haha. Phenomenal night, and its funny because i was going to leave early but thought wait I can't do that I might miss out on getting a picture! 2mon
  •   afrorange @chrisg1110 I shoulda just lied and said I got you a ticket but fuck it haha next time bro! He's good to his fans! He ALWAYS comes down after the show to sign and take pics. He loves his fans too! 2mon
  •   chrisg1110 @afrorange I would've been up in the club with a runny ass nose, sneezing, coughing on everyone in there haha 2mon
  •   jay_d_luna Hahah that's great man yea I'm always on the right side next to the amp lol 2mon

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afrorange "In Gary We Trust" #ALWAYS

Gary aka Desutrcto is the MAN! He's always going to be in my top 10 forever. Support your djs! Go buy something if you believe in your djs!

#BelieveInYourDjs #SupportYourDjs #ShipFam #ShipFamForLife #InGaryWeTrust #Destructo #DestructoFan

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afrorange My ShipFam tank just came in so happy! Thanks Ashley!

#ShipFam #HolyShip #NextYearYoureMine #InGaryWeTrust #BestTankIveEverGotten #OnlyTankTop #I #Own

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afrorange My Love Groove Ticket Came In The Mail Already! WOW! Fast Service haha Can't Wait to see #Au5 #ChristopherLawrence #AlexMetric #Oliver #HeatBeat & #WildStylez

#LoveGroove #LoveGroove2015

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afrorange Not Only Did Nic Give Me Recognition the WHOLE time last night while I was front row for them but he made sure that I'd get a pic with them after the PHENOMENAL set they played. So GRATEFUL, he was SO HUMBLE!

@realcosmicgate Nic, Bossi, THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH for seriously blessing us last night with an epic show I'll NEVER FORGET! You guys were INSANE last night like WOW. I was blown away from how LIVE it was. the energy was so INTENSE it NEVER ONCE dropped. The energy kept going until the VERY LAST song. You guys are Legends & will ALWAYS be legends! As I said before I will get you the recordings of last nights madness ASAP! Just need some free time to get it done. I can't wait to see you both again until next time please be safe & have fun on your Start To Feel Tour! Ciao!

#CosmicGate #StartToFeel #StartToFeelTour #Sutra #Sutra2015 #Legends #LegendaryNight #Legendary #Nic #Bossi #Friends

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afrorange Met the LEGENDARY Chris Liebing on Friday night with my good friend Fabian! We had been waiting for this moment for a LONG TIME! FINALLY got the pleasure of getting a pic!

Such a humble man he not only blessed us with his tunes but with his awesome heart & sincerity!

@chris_liebing THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing all of us on Friday night at Lot 613 especially me & my friend. We have been dying to see you literally been waiting since last year.
You were simply PHENOMENAL that night. I couldn't have imagined missing that night for ANYTHING! We were seriously lucky to have been graced by you. Definitely humble. I can't wait to see you again until then please be safe & have fun at your upcoming shows! Ciao!

#ChrisLiebing #Techno #TechnoCode #RawMusic #Blessed #Lot613 #House #HouseMusic #LiebingCode

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afrorange Saw the amazing legend A-Trak tonight at Create NightClub! He not only blessed me, my ears, & everyone else that night with his phenomenal skill & talent on the decks BUT he also blessed me with a pic! Finally got one with him! I can EASILY say I was his biggest supporter there today & fan. Even though I missed him at his fools gold show at the palladium I saw him front row at EDC, HARD SUMMER as well as here tonight making it a wonderful 3 times.

@atrak Just want to thank you SO MUCH for coming out here to bless us all tonight A-Trak you were FANTASTIC tonight. I couldn't have asked to have a better finish to my already wonderful night. Last show of the year ends with you buddy & I'm proud to say it does. Great choice indeed
Have a great night Atrak have fun at your next shows as well as on New Years! Stay safe & keep up the outstanding work you do!

#humble #Atrak #FoolsGold #Fools Gold #CreateNightClub #Create #Flan #SayFlan #AtrakHead #2014Finisher #EndOf2014 #BombShow #Legend #Legendary

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8mon afrorange
Normal afrorange
afrorange My heart is SO BROKEN from losing my brother. I have had the hardest day ive been through in a long time. He was my buddy my best friend my BROTHER! I STILL refuse to accept hes gone... Just CANT. He was SO HEALTHY, SO FULL of LIFE! I dont know how this happened to one of the most amazing caring person i know. His light shine throughout the rooms you were in & brightened anyone up instantly! He was DEFINITELY an energetic one, the LIFE OF THE PARTY! Whenever he came around it instantly got better. He was NEVER negative & ALWAYS had something good to say even if he was making fun/joking around. He was a funny one, ALWAYS full of pranks but CLEAN FUN pranks. He never doubted someone even when they told him they doubted themselves . He was ALWAYS trying to make you feel better or get you to do better. He WOULD NOT take NO for an answer. I STILL remember to this day the times hed make me go extra bard on bench press or workouts to get bigger & buffer! "Mikey keep it going, YOU GOT THIS! DONT BE A BITCH!" Is what hed always tell me to keep me going whenever i wanted to give up. He NEVER let me half ass anything. Hes had my back more times then i can remember & thats the thing you can remember MOST about him more then his kind, loving/caring heart is NO MATTER WHAT was going on, no matter WHO you were up against Chris was BY YOUR SIDE 100% of the way/time! Hed NEVER let you "Stand Alone" EVER! I LOVED that about him so much! He was the BEST FRIENS you could ever imagine or hope for. A TRUE BROTHER!

With that said... I MISS YOU BROTHER! SO MUCH! It was SO SURREAL seeing you go today... I STILL wait the day i can see you again & tell you how much i love you! As well as how grateful i am to call you my brother because MY BROTHER is what you are!
I LOVE YOU Christopher Michael Rogers ALWAYS & FOREVER!

Till we see eachother again bro, this is see you later for now


November 15th 1990 -
August 17th 2014
  •   jazyjunk Im sorry :,[ 8mon
  •   afrorange Thanks.. Trying to cope @jazyjunk 8mon
  •   yirugongzhu 7mon
  •   madelinecotto Wait, I just saw this cause I was thinking about you. So sorry to hear about this! Sending lots of love your way! Sounds like he was a great guy! We need to catch up soon! Let me know if you ever need anything! You have to be one of the positive, energetic, genuine, & just plain happy guy! Breaks my heart to see these things happen to people like you. But just remember this is just a couple bad days not a bad life. & he will always be with you 6mon
  •   afrorange OMG! @madelinecotto I miss you so much! Thank you so much for this! I just saw this and I'm sorry it's been a while since we talked as well as me replying to this my iPod was messed up couldn't use insta! But aw I was thinking about you as well! Was going to hit you up and see how you were doing?!? How's school? We need to catch up! You are totally right though. He will be ️ I really hope you've been doing well! Text me sometime yeah? 8053681188 5mon
  •   trainwrecking_ We like 4mon
  •   felix_el_gato21 Love you 4mon
  •   afrorange @felix_el_gato21 I miss you bro I hope you're doing well. 4mon

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afrorange Not only did i get graced this thursday at sutra by meeting Fadi & hanging out with him there but since im a dedicated loyal HARDCORE TRANCE LOVER i had to see him again for a sick b2b show on friday. He not only blessed me with another picture but the poster i got at exchange he also signed!
@alyandfila Fadi, again Thank You SO MUCH for this UNFORGETTABLE weekend that i will ALWAYS cherish! You are an extraordinary man on & off the decks as well as an incredible man to your fans. I cant believe how extremely thoughtful & kind you are to your fans as well as dedicated! You continue to blow my mind & show me why youre my favorite number 1 trance legendary duo! Even though i continue to wish Aly would join you in shows he is there in spirit.. Im sure one day ill meet him and share a good time with him and you! I also cant wait to see you at Escape for the epic b2b set that is Fila VS John! Until then PLEASE stay safe & have fun at all your shows/tour! I shall see you soon friend! Ciao!

#Exchange #ExchangeLA #Fadi #Fila #AlyAndFila #InTranceWeTrust #InFadiWeTrust #HardCoreTranceLover #TranceIsMyTherapy #FSOE #FutureSoundOfEgypt #FutureStateOfSoundsOfEgypt

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