afrorange Met the LEGENDARY Chris Liebing on Friday night with my good friend Fabian! We had been waiting for this moment for a LONG TIME! FINALLY got the pleasure of getting a pic!

Such a humble man he not only blessed us with his tunes but with his awesome heart & sincerity!

@chris_liebing THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing all of us on Friday night at Lot 613 especially me & my friend. We have been dying to see you literally been waiting since last year.
You were simply PHENOMENAL that night. I couldn't have imagined missing that night for ANYTHING! We were seriously lucky to have been graced by you. Definitely humble. I can't wait to see you again until then please be safe & have fun at your upcoming shows! Ciao!

#ChrisLiebing #Techno #TechnoCode #RawMusic #Blessed #Lot613 #House #HouseMusic #LiebingCode

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afrorange Saw the amazing legend A-Trak tonight at Create NightClub! He not only blessed me, my ears, & everyone else that night with his phenomenal skill & talent on the decks BUT he also blessed me with a pic! Finally got one with him! I can EASILY say I was his biggest supporter there today & fan. Even though I missed him at his fools gold show at the palladium I saw him front row at EDC, HARD SUMMER as well as here tonight making it a wonderful 3 times.

@atrak Just want to thank you SO MUCH for coming out here to bless us all tonight A-Trak you were FANTASTIC tonight. I couldn't have asked to have a better finish to my already wonderful night. Last show of the year ends with you buddy & I'm proud to say it does. Great choice indeed
Have a great night Atrak have fun at your next shows as well as on New Years! Stay safe & keep up the outstanding work you do!

#humble #Atrak #FoolsGold #Fools Gold #CreateNightClub #Create #Flan #SayFlan #AtrakHead #2014Finisher #EndOf2014 #BombShow #Legend #Legendary

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afrorange My heart is SO BROKEN from losing my brother. I have had the hardest day ive been through in a long time. He was my buddy my best friend my BROTHER! I STILL refuse to accept hes gone... Just CANT. He was SO HEALTHY, SO FULL of LIFE! I dont know how this happened to one of the most amazing caring person i know. His light shine throughout the rooms you were in & brightened anyone up instantly! He was DEFINITELY an energetic one, the LIFE OF THE PARTY! Whenever he came around it instantly got better. He was NEVER negative & ALWAYS had something good to say even if he was making fun/joking around. He was a funny one, ALWAYS full of pranks but CLEAN FUN pranks. He never doubted someone even when they told him they doubted themselves . He was ALWAYS trying to make you feel better or get you to do better. He WOULD NOT take NO for an answer. I STILL remember to this day the times hed make me go extra bard on bench press or workouts to get bigger & buffer! "Mikey keep it going, YOU GOT THIS! DONT BE A BITCH!" Is what hed always tell me to keep me going whenever i wanted to give up. He NEVER let me half ass anything. Hes had my back more times then i can remember & thats the thing you can remember MOST about him more then his kind, loving/caring heart is NO MATTER WHAT was going on, no matter WHO you were up against Chris was BY YOUR SIDE 100% of the way/time! Hed NEVER let you "Stand Alone" EVER! I LOVED that about him so much! He was the BEST FRIENS you could ever imagine or hope for. A TRUE BROTHER!

With that said... I MISS YOU BROTHER! SO MUCH! It was SO SURREAL seeing you go today... I STILL wait the day i can see you again & tell you how much i love you! As well as how grateful i am to call you my brother because MY BROTHER is what you are!
I LOVE YOU Christopher Michael Rogers ALWAYS & FOREVER!

Till we see eachother again bro, this is see you later for now


November 15th 1990 -
August 17th 2014
  •   jazyjunk Im sorry :,[ 4mon
  •   afrorange Thanks.. Trying to cope @jazyjunk 4mon
  •   yirugongzhu 4mon
  •   madelinecotto Wait, I just saw this cause I was thinking about you. So sorry to hear about this! Sending lots of love your way! Sounds like he was a great guy! We need to catch up soon! Let me know if you ever need anything! You have to be one of the positive, energetic, genuine, & just plain happy guy! Breaks my heart to see these things happen to people like you. But just remember this is just a couple bad days not a bad life. & he will always be with you 2mon
  •   afrorange OMG! @madelinecotto I miss you so much! Thank you so much for this! I just saw this and I'm sorry it's been a while since we talked as well as me replying to this my iPod was messed up couldn't use insta! But aw I was thinking about you as well! Was going to hit you up and see how you were doing?!? How's school? We need to catch up! You are totally right though. He will be ️ I really hope you've been doing well! Text me sometime yeah? 8053681188 1mon
  •   trainwrecking_ We like 1mon
  •   felix_el_gato21 Love you 3w
  •   afrorange @felix_el_gato21 I miss you bro I hope you're doing well. 3w

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afrorange Not only did i get graced this thursday at sutra by meeting Fadi & hanging out with him there but since im a dedicated loyal HARDCORE TRANCE LOVER i had to see him again for a sick b2b show on friday. He not only blessed me with another picture but the poster i got at exchange he also signed!
@alyandfila Fadi, again Thank You SO MUCH for this UNFORGETTABLE weekend that i will ALWAYS cherish! You are an extraordinary man on & off the decks as well as an incredible man to your fans. I cant believe how extremely thoughtful & kind you are to your fans as well as dedicated! You continue to blow my mind & show me why youre my favorite number 1 trance legendary duo! Even though i continue to wish Aly would join you in shows he is there in spirit.. Im sure one day ill meet him and share a good time with him and you! I also cant wait to see you at Escape for the epic b2b set that is Fila VS John! Until then PLEASE stay safe & have fun at all your shows/tour! I shall see you soon friend! Ciao!

#Exchange #ExchangeLA #Fadi #Fila #AlyAndFila #InTranceWeTrust #InFadiWeTrust #HardCoreTranceLover #TranceIsMyTherapy #FSOE #FutureSoundOfEgypt #FutureStateOfSoundsOfEgypt

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afrorange The LEGENDARY & AMAZINGLY HUMBLE Fadi AKA Fila from Aly & Fila blessed me last night with not only his PHENOMENAL set but with an unforgettable night/picture. He showed me how truly PASSIONATE one can be on AND off the decks. He showed his fans TRUE LOVE like we did for him. A True DJ connects with his fans & he is by far one of the BEST producing DJ's ive EVER gratefully met & got blessed to hear and see live. So many memories made will be kept close to my heart because for the love of TRANCE is go anywhere to see him or anyone i support as well as help them.

@alyandfila Fadi, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being such an AMAZINGLY PHENOMENAL producing DJ as well as human being/individual you are a TRUE inspiration to me & ANYONE who loves trance. You hold it down for the group EVERYTIME you play & show EVERYONE who you really are and what you stand for as well as what you can do. I will ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU & Aly FOREVER! My FAVORITE Trance Duo EVER! Tonight at exchange is round 2 so be ready for another epic night! #Fadi #AlyAndFila #Sutra #SutraOC #Humble #HumbleMan #AmazingNight #Sutra2014

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afrorange Last Weekend today at the HARD AFTERPARTY at Exchange LA The masterful godfather himself the one the ONLY Legendary Gary Richards AKA Destructo finally blessed/graced me with a pic! He is an inspiration to me among 2 others in the scene, & world that make me not only want to pursue my love for music but to bring out the better in me as well as make me happy with all their phenomenal ways of talent & skill. He not only takes on the role of an AMAZINGLY AWESOME CEO BUT he destroys/blows minds as an incredible Producing DJ.
He deserves not only all the recognition in the world but the best life a man could have as a 1 man army with a 2 person swing!

@destructohard Gary i just want to say like EVERY OTHER TIME, truly from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH for EVERYTHING you do for not only me but for everyone out there! You are a true MAN & what the word & meaning is about. You NEVER STOP at trying to provide an awesome show or time for people but ALWAYS thinking of others & trying to take care of them as well as helping. Bringing upcoming djs into the scene/mix, giving people a chance to shine as well as giving people a home & place to commit themselves to showcase their art, passion & talent AND THATS why i love everything you stand for & about you as a person individual & human being. You NEVER disappoint me & have NEVER shown any form of negative output/input to me or your actions. One day i hope to follow your footsteps & be HALF the man you are as well as producing DJ.
Please have a great day as well as have fun and stay safe on your tours/shows! I shall see you soon either before or at Day Of The Dead. Until then ciao!

#Destructo #GaryRichards #Gary #InGaryWeTrust #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Exchange2014 #HARD #HARDSummer #HARDSummerAfterParty #HARDAfterParty #WeGoHARD #AmazingMan #Memories

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afrorange Ran into my best friend last night VERY last minute when i thought i was going to see her all weekend!
So happy i ran into you last night with my cuz. I had fun with you for the time we spent. I hope you & him enjoyed Maya! Shes a BEAST!

Thanks for spending the lil time you did with me at my first Hard Summer! Wo t forget it! @geebaby218

#BestFriend #Ran #Into #Eachother #Random #But #Not #Random #Meetup #HARDSUMMER #HARDSummer #HARDSummer2014 #WeGoHARD #SpiritHood #NeonNancy #ImABear

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afrorange So after @dashberlin slaughtered Sutra last night in the VIP booth JUST CHILLING as always very special guest Carnage is there to spice up the party with the dirty vibes. I was wondering why Dash was playing so filthy, now i know why!

@djcarnage Carnage thanks for gracing me with a picture. My first time meeting you & hopefully not the last time! Got to see your set EDC for a minute for the FIRST TIME EVER & got mind fucked. GOTTA see you again! Need that dirty music in my life. I hope you have an amazing day & keep up the fantastic work! Fuck the haters youre chill as fuck!

#Sutra #SutraOC #Carnage #SpecialGuestCarnage #StillWishingHePlayedAtDadaLand #DadaTalk #WeTalkedOverDada #HigherStateOfCarnage
  •   cheez909 God damn lucky bastard you 5mon
  •   cheez909 All he did was see my M&M! Lol I have like 200 more lol 5mon
  •   afrorange Im pretty sure he kept it! Lol he didnt just see it! Pictures worth a thousand words :P @cheez909 next time you go to sutra let me know we can meet up & get vip together! Then youll be able to try & get a picture with whoever you wanna see! 5mon
  •   cheez909 I don't go to sutra much! The place is cool but it's ridiculously small! Lol 5mon
  •   cheez909 But I definitely let you know! 5mon
  •   cheez909 I'm gonna see him again at avalon 5mon
  •   cheez909 And dadaland was fucking nuts! 5mon
  •   afrorange Yeah let me know when ya wanna go i can even get you in free. @cheez909 its small for personal experience which is amazing. Best personal experience youll get. If you want package deal exchange is by far best overall. Im not going but i hope you have fun! If i do end up goin tho ill hit you up! Can meetup to pregame or something :) 5mon

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afrorange Gotta post this one more time i think thats what the rules say.
Again if i were to win somehow that would be the most glorious thing EVER! Would be SO GRATEFUL & APPRECIATIVE of it & the opportunity to go! I hope & put faith ill get chosen. @framedeventedm @framedgirls
Please framedeventedm Take Me To Hard Summer! I would LOVE to finally see my bro @dmkeg2_ & take him to this if i win. I know hed appreciate it as much as i would!

#TakeUsToHardSummer #Take #Us #To #Hard #Summer #framedeventedm #framedgirls

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afrorange If @framedeventedm chose me of all people to go i would be FOREVER GRATEFUL & APPRECIATIVE of the amazing opportunity! I think its great someone out there would do something like this! I would do the same and someday will be doing this. Just puting faith that i could get chosen so i can take my friend @dmkeg2_ to this and rage with my sissy @hunny_bee1026 and @_c_kay!

#framedeventedm #framedgirls
#hope #i #win #MiraclesDoHappen @framedgirls #HARDSUMMER #TAKEUSTOHARDSUMMER #PLEASE! #Take #Us #To #Hard #Summer

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afrorange Not many of you know this but i literally NEVER do shout outs but they just showed me mad love today and im feeling good so far this morning. Shout Outs to @getdownla for the love! Thanks! 7mon
  •   getdownla Thanks for the return love @afrorange ! Great pics! Keeping living the good life! Hope to see you soon at one of our events 7mon
  •   afrorange Very welcome! @getdownla you deserved it! Im always down to go to shows to come out & support! Lover of various music, genres & styles! Thanks i try to live a "good" life haha Music IS MY LIFE! 7mon

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7mon afrorange
Normal afrorange
afrorange Today was the SECOND time i had the blessed pleasure of talking to Mat Zo as well as hanging out with him within a week! Today was literally THE BEST set ive seen him since i originally saw him back at sutra last year! Even though hes ALWAYS AMAZING this set had its more special moments to it that somehow got me on another level then the others have.

@mat_zo Mat, i just want to personally thank you for not only being one of the COOLEST people ive ever met but one of the best producing/djs that has blessed my ears till this day. You are not only in my top 5 favorites on a Producing & DJ level but you are the most awesome person to see live everytime! You ALWAYS show me how amazing it is to dj but NOT for money or business, but for love passion & art! As well as how much FUN it can be! You always have a smile on your face, you always bring the FIRE, AND you always keep your sets as a variety which i love so much which REALLY keeps you guessing! I really really appreciate you not only talking to me/giving me your time last week at Inn N Out but also giving me your time today. I cannot WAIT for your next show! Until then PLEASE have fun & be safe at your next shows/tour!
See you soon!

#MistDayClub #MistOC #Mist #MatZo #Mat #Zo #FrontRow #FrontRowAtHisShow #WeRackTheFunkyBeats #WeRockTheFunkyBeats #Mist2014

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afrorange Not only was i FRONT ROW for this amazing man besides NEVER seeing him, he signed my ticket as well as blessed me with a picture Green Velvet is one of the BEST Producing/Djs ive ever seen in my life front row. He is an awesome man who deserves nothing but the best in life.
Thanks a bunch green velvet! Cant wait for your next show!!! #GreenVelvet #GV #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Exchange #FrontRow #Blessed #OtherEgo #AlterEgo #Cajmere
#true Legend #Boss

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7mon afrorange
Normal afrorange
afrorange Ended my 2nd night of EDC Las Vegas with The Man, The Myth, best house DJ to bless your hears, THE LEGENDARY CARL COX!
He fucking MASSACRED the Neon Garden stage his home court stage! Never heard ANYONE play a better house set then him. Not even deadmau5 or Prydz are on his level of skill

@carlcoxofficial Thank You SO MUCH Carl for giving me the BEST set ive had besides the front row action you gave me at exchange last month! I will NEVER forget this amazing edc experience with you front row! You have not only blessed me front row, and signing my ipod, but you YET AGAIN blessed me front row at the most absolute GREATEST place on earth!
Cant wait to see you again! Be safe on your journeys & have fun!

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7mon afrorange
Normal afrorange

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afrorange After my man Gary AKA Destructo destroyed his home court stage "The HARD STAGE" the LEGENDARY A-Trak came up to WRECK HOUSE! He slaughtered on the 2nd night & brought the madness!

@atrak THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing me with one of the dirtiest sets ive seen to date. The last & first time i saw you "at fools gold" in LA was just NOT ENOUGH FOR ME! I HAD to see you throw down, and trust me you DID NOT DISAPPOINT AT ALL whatsoever! Please be safe during your travels & i hope to see you soon! Have fun at your next show!

#ATrak #A #Trak #EDC #EDCLV #EDCLV2014 #HARDSTAGE #TheHARDSTAGE #NeonGarden #NastySet

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afrorange Ended my 1st Night of EDC with this man right here. Adam Beyer!
Never Saw him before. I gotta say truthfully ive been fucking up by somehow not seeing him before hand. Hes a fucking BOSS! He gets DOWN! If i never knew who Carl Cox was i swear this guy woulda been my new number 1 in the house/deep house world.

Go check him out if you havent already!

#EDC #EDCLV #EDCLV2014 #AdamBeyer #House #DeepHouse #NeonGarden #4am #Till #530am #OneOfTheMastersOfHouse
  •   hipppiecrysss I was there I met you at johndigweed btw d: 5mon
  •   afrorange :D :O no way?!? Whats your name? Lets meetup for another event sometime? Are you going to sutra tonight for Myon & Shane? I meet alot of people cant remember everyones name blah -_- @pssssilo 5mon

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8mon afrorange
Normal afrorange
afrorange This man right here, Tim Smulders of Firebeatz is a fucking BOSS! He is one of FEW people ive got to connect with & see growth for the past few months! When he saw me he greeted me like a brother. Hes an awesome man that im glad to support & look up to!

@firebeatz thanks again Tim & Jurre for throwing down one of the best sets ive ever had the pleasure of hearing/seeing! Seriously you guys NEVER EVER DISAPPOINT! ALWAYS FIRE!
Cant Wait For EDCLV with them!

#TimSmulders #FireBeatz #Fire #Beatz #Sutra #Sutra2014 #Legend #GreatMan #Humble #DearNewYork #ItsTime #ToRewind
  •   matt_nicolas @afrorange Found you! Hope you got home safely from edclv! Keep sending out those positive vibes into the world dude 7mon
  •   afrorange @matt_nicolas thanks so much bro. Haha you did find me glad i met you! I did drive home safe thanks! I was so tired last night it was a joke 7mon
  •   msicyy Cutie 7mon

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afrorange Successful FireBeatz show was Sucessful! Most amazing tome with them! So glad i cane out to see them. Got free VIP & Drinks! 1st Time VIP at Sutra for them! Wont ever forget it!

@firebeatz Thank You guys SO MUCH for coming back out here to California/LA to bless us with your amazing sound & talent/skills
It was an absolute pleasure to have filmed your guys's set as well as meet/talk with you & get a picture. I CANT WAIT to see you guys front row at EDCLV! Until then stay safe & have fun on the rest of your mini tour! See you real soon. Ciao!

#FireBeatz #Sutra2014 #Fire #Beatz #PictureWithLegends #Sutra #SaturdayNights #InsaneShow

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afrorange YESSSSSSSS!!! It FINALLY came in the mail today! happy Camper indeed! Had some unfortunate things happen but this makes up for it! Ahh im feelin good again.
Cant wait to be under the electric sky with the amazing people in my life!

#HappyCamper #NoWorries #EDCLV #EDCLV2014 #EDCIsComing #BePrepared!

@geebaby218 @grooovygee @glowca @bright_nshiny @_jessiiemg

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