afrorange Finally met the one the only LEGENDARY PLASTIKMAN AKA RICHIE HAWTIN! At the Amoeba Music Hollywood record store.
He played a PHENOMENAL set there to showcase his art, talent, & skill on the decks and on his new album "From My Mind To Yours" which showed us why hes been a Pioneer from the VERY BEGINNING.

@richiehawtin Richie, i just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me your time, your attention as well as your graceful presence this last friday. You COMPLETELY blew me away with that set at exchange and i have NEVER heard anything nastier from you then that night live and it makes me so happy to support such an INCREDIBLE man such as yourself. I will continue to support you & your talents until the end of time. Youre someone everyone would only hope of becoming one day from all the amazing productions, shows, and collabs you do. Everything you intend to do always has good intentions behind it and thats what i like the most about you is ALWAYS making sure the people get what they deserve and show them/ give them a great time to remember and enjoy. You NEVER DISAPPOINT ME & you are the reason why my beautiful girlfriend loves techno so much, and if it werent for techno & for an incredible man like you to have blessed our ears we probably wouldnt have met. For that i thank you so much for being such a staple in the music world/community. Until i see you at Escape From Wonderland later this year i hope you have a great time at all your upcoming shows & have safe travels!
Ciao for now Richie!

#RichieHawtin #Richie #Legend #Legendary #Amoeba #AmoebaMusic #Techno #MinimalTechno #Plastikman
  •   danieleboncordo cool 2w
  •   djlynnwood 2w
  •   oohkimee Hey cousin hope your doing great miss you! 1w
  •   afrorange @oohkimee i miss you so much kim! Im doing fine thanks! I hope youre doing well! Happy new year! We havent hungout since i came over to your pad lets get together again! 5d
  •   oohkimee I'm living in New Mexico! Otherwise I'd be down haha! Im moving to Colorado in april... maybe you can visit me there! 3d
  •   afrorange Oh wtf?!? Damn! Didnt even know that! Thought you were still at your place. Yeah i think thatll be the case, gunna have to see you in Colorado! Be safe please! Have fun with the traveling! 😀 @oohkimee 3d

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afrorange I wanted to dedicate this throwback to this last saturday at exchange for @dubfire 's & @josephcapriati 's b2b night with my love, my favorite person, my number 1 & beautiful gf @jeaneth0820

I love you honey cant wait for more nights of dancing with you! 🏻muah! 😙
  •   jeaneth0820 @afrorange awwww I love you sugar bear :) you're such an incredible person. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I can't wait for more magical nights dancing with my favorite dancing partner, YOU. 2mon
  •   afrorange Hehe thanks baby i love you & i feel more lucky to have you because YOU brought us together 🏻 @jeaneth0820 youre amazing and i still cant thank you enough for coming up to me & starting all of this! 2mon
  •   jeaneth0820 @afrorange awwwww I love you. It was meant baby. 2mon
  •   kitschgarde 😀 4w

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afrorange Finally got the pleasure of meeting my biggest dubstep idol of all time MY NUMBER 1 CASPA! This man is A BEAST! He ALWAYS comes out swinging and going HARD! He is one of the most HUMBLE down to earth men ive ever gotten the pleasure of meeting & talking to as well as being a TRUE LOYAL fan to! He NEVER ONCE has disappointed me from the 3 times ive seen him! Ever since Escape From Wonderland 2013 he's proven to me why he is my FAVORITE & Number 1 of all time in dubstep. He ALWAYS brings the filth & the heavy bass you want to hear. You just CANT STOP dancing, jumping, grooving and moving when he throws down.

@caspaofficial Caspa THANK YOU SO MUCH for not only blessing me with the most INCREDIBLE rare set ill get to see in dubstep history but for taking the time out of your night to take a picture with me. You dont know HOW MUCH it truly means to me. I look up to you as the ABSOLUTE BEST OG dubstep producing/DJ master ever to have blessed anyones ears & i will ALWAYS STAND BY what i say and what i believe in forever. NOBODY has the presence, talent, skill, versatility, & explosive force you have. You are the reason why people want to get into the genre, why people LOVE the genre & why someone would go somewhere far & wide to see you. You are absolutely worth any distance & any price to see.
I am ALREADY anticipating your next show in California! I just NEED my fix of you again you are just godly on the decks! Lol YOU ARE A TRUE GENIUS!
I really hope you have a great trip where ever your next show is & hope your tour & next shoes go swell. Have fun & stay safe! Until next time Caspa Ciao!

#Caspa #CaspaTheFriendlyGhost #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Exchange2015 #CaspaBackToBackRusko #Jahova
  •   pinchevaleria Valeria ^-^ lmao I'm doing good man ! 4mon
  •   pinchevaleria It's been a while since I last seen you I think fools gold in LA was the last time 4mon
  •   afrorange OMG VALERIE! Holy shit! I remember you now! Wow! Sorry i didnt before it its been so long and i always meet new people so i forget! @pinchevaleria i miss you! Are you going to escape?! Lets smoke out! We never got together to smoke like we were suppose to! Haha 4mon
  •   pinchevaleria Hahah yass that's me ! Naah you're cool lol..dude I miss you too, I won't be going to Escape but I'll be around SB tho. Hmu So we blaze it 4mon
  •   afrorange Aw no way?! What about DOTD?!? Reunion? @pinchevaleria I'll definitely hit you up! 4mon
  •   pinchevaleria Unfortunately no :/ Edc was my last event for a bit but I'm still down to see you before Escape starts and spark one up, my friends are going so I'm be in their room chillen with them 4mon
  •   afrorange @pinchevaleria damn serio? Thats a bummer! Wish you were going! Would love to vibe out with you again! Speaking of EDC are you going next year for the 20th anniversary? 4mon
  •   afrorange @pinchevaleria text me your number ill hit you up! 8053681188 4mon

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afrorange Last week was another unforgettable & amazing journey with the master himself. The one the only legendary Ferry Corsten!
Was blessed not only with the set he provided but with a picture afterwards.

@ferrycorsten Ferry from you playing on my birthday last year to coming here and blessing me with more amazing memories ill never forget i just want to THANK YOU for everything. Everything you do, everything you show me & every feeling i get from watching you blow minds. Youre the most humble man ive ever had the pleasure of meeting & i love how in tune you are with the fans. You always want to make sure they have a fun time while not compromising yours as well. Also making sure you bring classics & fresh new songs & styles that continue to give everyone goosebumps. The music you provide is a gift because without you ever being the man you are in this music industry wed all be losing & hurting from your talent & skill. Im just glad you did, thats why i look up to you as being the innovator of trance/dutch trance. I cant thank you enough for the picture & giving me your time for me to tell you how incredibly amazing you are on your busy schedule it means alot to me. I cant WAIT to see you again. I will never stop supporting you & will always be a huge fan until the end ferry. You continue to inspire me & so many others to do well in life with your positive & humble energy. Someday i hope to be along side you making a track to blow minds around the world. A goal i hope to reach. Until the next time i see you PLEASE BE SAFE & have FUN on your tour/shows. Next time youre in vegas i WILL NOT miss it for NWP! Promise!
#Ferry #FerryCorsten #Humble #Trance #TranceHead #PositiveEnergy #GoodVibes #Sutra #SutraOC #HomeCourt
  •   ferrycorsten Nice one 5mon
  •   jeaneth0820 ^^ 5mon
  •   speaklife_310 Nice! Check out my new mixtape The Transition on my Youtube channel when you get the chance! Thank you for the support. Stay moving forward. 4mon
  •   aleee_hearts_u Luckyyyy!! (: 2mon
  •   afrorange Haha ️ yeah. Hes coming to exchange on the 30th! Are you going?!? @aleee_hearts_u i hope so! Would like to see you again! Me & my girl are going!! 2mon
  •   aleee_hearts_u I really hope i can make it i think i might work at night but if i dont i will ask my bestie @yesiii5 to come with me...oh cool! Thats awesome hope we can go so we can meet your girl (: 2mon
  •   afrorange @aleee_hearts_u yeah definitely try! Its the last time hes coming this year and for a while! Should try hard to make sure to be there! Would love to rage with you for ferry! 2mon
  •   aleee_hearts_u Ok will sure do! 2mon

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afrorange THE QUEEN KILLING IT @ Daylight right now! @nicolemoudaber 5mon

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afrorange After a PHENOMENAL night at Nocturnal & Exchange b2b i got blessed & graced NOT ONLY TWICE from Adam with his insane sets, but he let me take a picture with him

@realadambeyer Adam i seriously want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for this EXTRAORDINARY experience you delivered this saturday. I loved EVERYTHING you delivered to me and all of us at Nocturnal/Exchange.
I appreciate you & everything you gave us at this amazing festival. Exchange was also a glorious time. You are one of the most humble men ive EVER had the pleasure & blessed privilege to meet. I will ALWAYS support you until the end! You are the reason why i had such a blast this weekend and ill never forget it & will cherish it forever! A magical night that will be remembered for a lifetime. Please stay safe on your journey to your upcoming events & until the next time i see you have a great time. Ciao for now!

#REMEBER #DrumCodeForLife #DCFORLIFE #DC4LIFE #AdamBeyer #NocturnalMaster #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Exchange2015 #DrumCode
  •   audreezy._ That's so cool! I noticed u and ur go pro in the front of his set at nocturnal!! 5mon
  •   afrorange @audreezy._ i remember seeing you! hope you had a great night! Thanks! Hes so humble! 5mon
  •   audreezy._ That's really amazing to hear!! I hope to meet him one day, Drumcode inspires me so much. Hope to rage with u in the front again 5mon
  •   afrorange I would love to hangout/rage with you sometime! If youre going to Umek at exchange this saturday ill see you there! @audreezy._ i know youll meet him. Next time he comes he will surely come down to greet you he did for us at exchange. 5mon
  •   afrorange Yes i will be! Not missing dubfire & hot since 82! Richie is the bonus of course! I love escape! First event i went solo at back in 13. Such a great event. @audreezy._ i agree great finisher! Lets meet for escape yeah? Enter all night saturday 😎 5mon
  •   audreezy._ I'm going to try my best to make it out to escape! I hope it works out with my schedule, can't miss it :) srsly Dubfire and hot since 82 were my favorite sets at EDC this year omg was I MESMERIZED 5mon
  •   afrorange Dubfire & Ferry were mine! I agree on dubfire! He was on another level! @audreezy._ definitely make it out if you can. Edc was amazing! 5mon
  •   mayhem.hollywood wow! 5mon

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afrorange My DREAMSTATE ticket came in! 😎 SO HAPPY! I LOVE TRANCE!

Whos joining me this November?! #DreamState #Dream #State #EverythingIsBeautiful #Beautiful #TranceFever #TranceHead #MelodyLover #Trance #Aly&Fila
  •   electrickay Dude I wish you could come for scmf! But I for sure need to see you for escape and catch some trance together! How have you been! @afrorange 6mon
  •   afrorange I wish i could come too, i just dont know how id get around or where id stay on such short notice. Otherwise i would! Im down to do that the first night! 2nd night is all techno night 😎 @electrickay im doing fine how are you? 6mon
  •   electrickay @afrorange dude if you need a place to stay you're more than welcome to crash at my place. It's small but whatever it takes for music right? Lmk if your still down to come!! 6mon
  •   afrorange @electrickay aw thank you so much for the offer & thought! I seriously appreciate it but i dont think ill be able to make it unfortunately but maybe next year? I might be able to come through because i really want to experience it! I agree though! Anything for music! Haha trust me i want to go so bad but the bank is hurtin right now 6mon
  •   electrickay It's just the Plur thing to do especially since we met because of music. You're welcome anytime! Hahaha I feel you! The life of a raver... I'm so jealous you're going to dreamstate!! 6mon
  •   afrorange @electrickay aw thank you! i appreciate it & you so much! I may come through for something wicked! OMG ADAM BEYER 6mon
  •   afrorange @electrickay dont be jealous! Id totally take you if it werent sold out! 6mon
  •   electrickay I live about 12 hours away from Houston, Texas is too big of a fucking state... Omg dreamstate is going to be so amazing. I'm sure there will be more trance festivals since this one sold out so fast. Yeah I agree that line up is pretty sweet! @afrorange 6mon

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afrorange Its been a REALLY long time for me to finally give you the bracelet i made for you & your daughter but im so glad/happy you got it this time around!

I just want to take the time to tell you how amazing you are in every way & how much i look up to you Ferry. You have kept me going at times when i want to quit, you have kept my heart strong when sometimes i want to break. You are one of 2 out there that made me understand that theres so much more to do in this lifetime then trying to give up for nothing. What im saying is youve helped me through the bad & have made me seen SO MUCH GOOD i dont know how to ever repay you for making me see again when i thought i was blind. Life hasnt always been fair to me but your music has made me seen the beauty in it through & through & without you entering my life with such bliss i truly can't thank you enough for lifting me up when i was down.

@ferrycorsten i know you were trying to leave last night & you gotta go with protocol i seriously appreciate you giving me your 5 seconds of your busy scheduled life to bless me not only on the dance floor for 3 incredible hours but for allowing me to finally get a picture with you. I appreciate everything you ever do for me spiritually mentally & emotionally because everytime i even smile like a kid having cake again being TRULY HAPPY youre the reason why i spark that way still til this day for being the compassionate humble man you are as well as being a beautiful human being.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for last nights phenomenal show & THANK YOU for being my Number 1 favorite producing DJ of all time!

#FerryCorsten #Ferry #Exchange #ExchangeLA #Exchange2015 #Beautiful #EverythingIsBeautiful
  •   hellojanew Ahh you got a pic! he signed my lef cd :D I'm guna see him n markus tonight!! 6mon
  •   afrorange I was suppose to go with you! But i have to work @hellojanew next time.... Yeah nice glad he signed it! 6mon
  •   refuzeevents Woooow ;o 5mon

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afrorange The after math of last week/end was incredible! Being apart of the 3 best shows ever this year for their tour was an awesome experience ill always remember. These 2 guys are an amazing rap duo on & off stage, but also 2 amazing men im happy to call a friend. Shout out to Matt & Seth of The Palmer Squares for an amazing time ill always look back on. Your music continues to inspire cats to grow and reach for the stars as well as you 2 growing as a unit, as partners. Keep up the fantastic work & keep destroying stages & minds everywhere with your dope music. Dont forget me when you guys blow up! LOL @palmersquares 6mon

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afrorange Definitely a must see if you havent seen it! LAST DAY IS TODAY!
Amazing movie for sure! Made my night last night.
#DragonBallZ #DBZ #DBZ2015 #DragonBallZ2015 #Goku #Frieza #Vegeta #Beerus #BeerusTheDestroyer #Whis #Piccolo #Gohan #SuperSaiyanGod #SuperSaiyanGods #GoldenFrieza #NewTransformation

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afrorange Met the amazing Ferry Tayle tonight so awesome! Got slightly cut off but just glad i got to talk to him and tell him how incredible he was for my first time seeing him.
@ferrytayle YOU FERRY TAYLE!
  •   thedippyhoe You're always meeting them! Can't wait to meet up with you tonight :) 6mon
  •   afrorange Haha i see you got alot of pics too! You are also meeting great people! @thedippyhoe so glad we hungout & metup! Thanks again for letting me crash i couldnt have made it back without the sleep.. Was such a long trip especially needing gas. Was happy to see you. 6mon
  •   thedippyhoe @afrorange anytime buddy :) can't wait to meet up with you for ferry 6mon

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afrorange Over looking the city of simi nice sight today
#SimiValley #Simi #Sunset

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afrorange FINALLY got to meet a TRUE inspiration of mine & legendary Lucas! AKA LaidBack Luke

He has given me phenomenal shows as well as incredible moments ill never forget. From my first time seeing him at my favorite place of all time & it being my favorite set as well "EDC" to this epic B2B with your wife Gina has been an amazing ride since 2 years ago. I cant tell you how much i love your producing, performing, style, & personality. You are everything id love to be & everything i look up to for a dj. He is REAL, HUMBLE, & Talented beyond measure. He deserves only the best in life especially for all hes done.

@laidbackluke Lucas i just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming out to bless me with your incredibly spectacular set with your wifey last night. You have yet to fail me on providing a bad set which i know will NEVER happen but i rest my case you are a true GENIUS & outstanding producing dj. I will ALWAYS make the journey to see you & some of my friends wondered why i would dare to leave my techno queen @nicolemoudaber during her INSANE all night long set but the question is why not? Youre just has amazing as she is the only difference is style & music. From my first & only time going to SD for you at 2013's OMFG to going all the way to San Fern for crush in 2014 ONLY for you is the reason why id do it all over again & also miss 3 beautiful hours of her set because youre worth it to me & incredible to see. ANY person who has seen you even ONCE knows how insanely purely magnificent you are & this is why im so happy you gave me your time out of your busy schedule to grace me with a pic. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work & dedication & humbleness Luke. Until i see you at EDC PLEASE have fun at your future shows & BE SAFE!

#LaidBackLuke #LBL #Legendary #Legend #Sound #SoundNightClub #SpecialNight #Special #Humble
  •   afrorange @makerbreakermusic thank you! I think so too 8mon
  •   afrorange @hunny_bee1026 finally 8mon
  •   afrorange @laidbackluke So Very Very Welcome Lucas! The next time i get the beautiful chance to see you up close & personal i NEED to give you another kandi again for you & gina that hopefully WILL NOT BREAK this time! Lol.. Will be a loyal fan forever! Im just so glad i could have seen such a beautiful rare set from the both of you! Until edc! Ciao! 8mon
  •   electrickay Omgggg laidback commented back! He's such a sweet person! Definitely one of the most humble ones out there! @afrorange 7mon
  •   electrickay Duuuude you're living the dream meeting all these amazing artists! I am so jelly! Wish I got to meet more people that I really admire in the dance world. You are SO lucky! 7mon
  •   afrorange @electrickay thanks! Yes! Hes an amazing man who's VERY humble indeed & very good to his fans. He NEVER DISAPPOINTS me in any shape or form when it comes to what he does & how he does it. If you lived in cali i could totally help you out with that! But i TRULY feel that real people recognize really people. When youre humble you dont need luck by your side you just news to stay TRUE TO YOURSELF! One day soon youll get a pic with him i promise! Trust me i had to wait too! Patience is a virtue 7mon
  •   snowlilie @afrorange Wow...just wow 7mon
  •   afrorange Im going to get another soon! Lol @snowlilie 7mon

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afrorange So last night i met the Legendary HOT SINCE 82! He was SO INCREDIBLE last night! it was mind blowing how deep he went. He knows how to keep a crowd going on & on for a good 3 hours! The best time ive seen him "so far" but tonight will match what happened last night. @hotsince82 just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing me last night with your tunes & the minute of your time for a pic as well as showing me what it means to be a really awesome humble dj through & through. You are AMAZING & tonight is going to be INSANE! Cant wait to see how it turns out!

Met an amazing person last night! She is a kind soul who i am glad to say i will get to spend more time with in the future for more shows & EDC! going solo to shows isnt always boring! Get to meet new & incredible individuals

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afrorange Its going down tonight with a phenomenal man! @hotsince82 9mon
  •   bananamovement Write a review :) 9mon
  •   cmkennedyy_ u Shoulda called me 9mon
  •   afrorange Did you send me a new number?!? I would have! @_chelsieeea 9mon
  •   afrorange I will! Ill email you it, text me your email please @bananamovement 9mon
  •   cmkennedyy_ Boo you whore. No! It's still the same 231 number love. Next show 9mon
  •   afrorange @_chelsieeea wait whatt? I got some text from a new number saying its chelsea but they never replied back when i asked last name weird. Well i guess next time.. My bad! 9mon

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afrorange Came out to see Dan on saturday night. he put on an incredible show. I did get there a lil bit late but regardless he displayed a variety of music that kept me going all night! He is a master on the decks, but never forgets to stay humble which is great about him.

@dj_dod Dan THANKS SO MUCH for coming out to bless me with that dirty set. There wasnt alot of people i get that but i appreciated what you threw down & know you absolutely killed it even with a tiny crowd. Big or small you are awesome at what you do & ill always support you! Til next time!

#DOD #Avalon

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afrorange Just WOW is all I gotta say after last nights INCREDIBLE set by these 2 amazing men. They threw down one of the best sets I've seen them play to date that made me go crazy! They were so live so happy and so insane! They did not stop providing the energy I loved it. Spending Time with the awesome & beautiful @mercymontelongo made things so much more enjoyable knowing someone else could be there to witness a great time with me.

@dadalife to conclude my paragraphs all I gotta say is you 2 are seriously the best duo I've met in my life besides Firebeatz. So insanely humble generous and beautiful inside & out its crazy to think I met you both and got the chance to hangout with you guys as well. You 2 will always be in my thoughts & prayers and always will be people I look up to and want to be friends with for many years to come. Until next time we hangout (I hope) please have fun in Vegas tonight and be safe! Ciao!

#DadaLife #DadaLand #Sutra #Sutra2015 #WhereItAllStarted #Stefan #Olle #GoBananas #LetsGoBananas #KickOutTheEpicMotherFucker #HumbleMen

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afrorange Finally got the pleasure & lucky chance to meet Olle 1/2 of Dada Life! Such a crazy yet mellow/humble man. Have rarely met someone as humble and crazy with such a professional mellow attitude like him. His high energy followed by calm presence makes him such an admirable man he always tries to make sure you're having a great time. Never a dull moment with Olle!

@dadalife THANK YOU SO MUCH Olle for everything you did last night playing so man of my favorite classic songs as well as new ones. You NEVER disappoint with providing a sick show. I appreciate you and Stef so much! Don't forget about that track we talked about with a certain someone that you guys are trying to make happen Have fun tonight in Vegas! Stay safe!

#dadalife #dadaland #Stefan #Olle

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afrorange Finally got the pleasure and luck to get a picture with Stefan 1/2 of Dada Life!

Most Crazy/Humble man I've ever met in my life. So FULL of ENERGY! Hes such a great man so happy him Olle came to destroy us all last night.

@dadalife thank you so much Stef for the pic & the amazing set. I hope you're having fun tonight in Vegas!

@mercymontelongo such a beautiful smile gorgeous!
  •   geebaby218 Awwwww u look so happy! Miss u!!!!! 10mon
  •   afrorange Thanks. I miss you too @geebaby218 just happy to have been at an amazing show with good company & to have gotten pics with them is all 10mon
  •   electrickay @afrorange I need your favorite colors so I can get started on your trade for escape! 4mon
  •   afrorange @electrickay purple lime green baby blue and orange! What about you!? Favorite Producing DJ as well please! 4mon
  •   electrickay Favorite performing dj at escape or overall? And same dj question for you too! I was thinking of making you something related to laidback luke? I love pink purple and green. @afrorange 4mon
  •   afrorange OMG! Thatd be awesome! I LOVE LBL! @electrickay overall! My favorite is Ferry! It was tiesto but i love Ferry more now! We like the same color! Purple! 4mon

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afrorange FINALLY saw one of my 4 dubstep idols for the VERY FIRST TIME & HOLY SHIT is all i gotta say on how filthy it was last night.

He NOT ONLY brought a MADHOUSE crowd but he made sure that the crowd literally got shat on LOL. Not ONCE did i not appreciate or love what he played. He played most of my favorite songs new & old which was great selection as well as playing songs i havent heard before. He is a man of many variety punches. After the show he came outside & greeted me as well as chatted with me before leaving & i gotta say he is more humble than i thought he was. Really appreciated him taking the time out of his night to chat with me about the overall experience of the night.

@datsik Troy you are simply fucking INSANE! THANK YOU SO MUCH for blessing us with your incredible set last night. Youre PHENOMENAL set last night is EXACTLY why i havent seen you up until now & i am so sorry i havent seen you before for 2 straight years in a row but it was within reasonable doubt why i wanted to wait til i saw you front row. Personal experience is better then festival experience & you giving me your time after the show for a couple of minutes was not only the highlight of the ight but another reason why i would have rather seen you now then before. You are definitely an awesome man. You blatantly dont give a fuck but that doesnt mean you arent humble at all. Keep up the FANTASTIC work you do & from now on I PROMISE as a veteran dubstepper I WILL NOT miss a set from you wherever you are ever again! Until i see you again PLEASE have fun at your tour & upcoming shows like tonight in riverside as well as have fun! PLEASE stay safe though! That front flip into the crowd last night coulda hurt someone! Haha #Datsik #NinjaNationTour #Ninja #Sik #SikInTheHead #ItsFuckingDatsik #Dubstep #Veteran #OG #Exchange #ExchangeLA

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