Sierra Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg Soooooo good news and bad news... -

I feel like sharing the good news first!! I just finished my THIRD public speaking presentation on nutrition this evening and am on a complete HIGH. I think I found my *thing* I love my one on one sessions with my clients, but MAN I love public speaking about nutrition! Tonight I presented to young dancers and their parents about proper nutrition for young athletes! -

Bad news? My jar of #artisana #coconut butter is almost done I worked up a hunger after my presentation and chose this as my evening snack! -

What makes you feel so alive you can't contain yourself?? ️ -

#megtherhn #megapproved #whataholisticnutritionisteats #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #nutrition #nutrivore #nutrientdense #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody #bodypeace #happy #health #healthy #paleo #primal #progress #highonlife #entrepreneur #vibrantlife
  •   realfoodlab Yep!!! Saves $$$ for diapers @adashofmeg 13h
  •   eatthegains That's so cool! Way to find your calling 13h
  •   firdausshah8 Great! 13h
  •   berries_n_greens Just curious, what do you eat your coconut butter with? I had some on a sweet potato while ago and that was amazing, but I think I most often eat it straight from the jar 😇 I've never had the Artisana brand though because it's pretty pricey, so I've only had my makeshift homemade version. 12h
  •   adashofmeg @berries_n_greens lol yep I only ever eat it from the jar 12h
  •   alwaysjoy I love coconut butter! And I eat it straight out of the jar and in my morning oatmeal (YUM) but I have to stop buying it because a jar lasts like a week 5h
  •   alwaysjoy Ohhh and judging horse shows makes me feel alive. Helping the kids get better at what they are doing is my favorite thing! Also taking my poodle into nursing homes and hospitals and watching people who are sad and depressed forget about it for a while when he's there makes my heart whole. It's my favorite part of my week and I have @carrotsncake to thank for me doing it 5h
  •   kiddbakinmecrazy Talking to like minded people about health and wellness, holistic, paleo, primal and all things related 4h

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adashofmeg Day 2 of my new lifting program made just for me by my coach @newportfit4life involved deadlifts from a platform. Why? I'm working on lowering my hips at the start of the movement (sitting a bit lower) so he worked these into my program to help me with that. Today was my first day EVER doing deadlifts from a platform, so took it a bit lighter than usual. He also has me doing higher reps (8-10 vs my usual 3-5) so here I am doing #125 for 8 reps. My max is #175 for 3. My goal is 2x my body weight. -

Goals for next week: 3 second eccentric. I was a bit too quick this week. Always room for improvement! Loving my new workouts from @newportfit4life - they have definitely motivated me and pushed me in a way I've never felt before!
#megtherhn #megapproved #girlswholift #legday #deadlift #deadlifts #growthatbooty #gains #progress #nf4l #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #strong #strength #smallbutfierce #girlswholift #weightlifting #liftheavy #lifeofanentrepreneur #entrepreneur #vibrantlife

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adashofmeg Those three words. Confidence. Is. Beautiful. -

I will never forget when @edwardcullen19 said those three very life changing words to me. Confidence is beautiful. -

If only I heard that phrase several years ago while in high school before I began my second battle with anorexia nervosa. -

On the blog today I'm writing for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and explaining the link between body image and the development of eating disorders. -

I believe having self confidence increases our chances of having a positive body image, which will decrease the risk of developing an eating disorder. -

Read more on the topic here (direct link in profile!)

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adashofmeg I love seeing this! My good friend @the_paleo_partridge listening to her body and doing what works for HER! -

She's including more starch in her diet, such as these plantains in her breakfast because that allows her to feel and function her best. -

I personally feel MY best with a good amount of starch within my diet, too. Better energy, better moods, AND it helps keep the BMs regular. -

Struggling with constipation? Do you eat low carb? Try bumping up your intake of starchy foods (my favs are plantains and sweet potatoes!) and see if that makes a difference. I know that it worked for me!
#megtherhn #megapproved #entrepreneur #whataholisticnutritionisteats #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody #paleo #primal #starch #selflove #realfood #eatrealfood #nutrition #nutrivore #nutrientdense #nutrientseeker #vibrantlife #digestion #health #healthy #healthygut -------------- brekkie is more of @adashofmeg-inspired fried plantains, a hash of collards + smoked and tinned salmon + avo, and 1/4 grapefruit. So yum! I know everyone is different, but I really don't do well on super low carb. Does anyone else with #IBD find this to be the case? I have noticed that some starch helps with bowel function. #noshame #talkingaboutpoo #IBDproblems
  •   meglu1 @adashofmeg what are your thoughts on dairy consumption? My source of dairy is one Greek yogurt a day. I know dairy is controversial and wanted to know your thoughts 2d
  •   adashofmeg @meglu1 my thoughts? it's about you babe ️ if it makes YOU feel good, then it's a good thing to include in your diet 2d
  •   christacollie I do much better with starches in my meals too. Love this! 2d
  •   manda_vs_manda Totally have tried adding more carbs into my diet and feel great for a week, than by the second I hit a brick wall and blow up. With saying that the carbs have been rice, gluten free bread (which I no is horrible) and oats. Think I have fast learned that I need to stick to basics- sweet potatoes for life! 2d
  •   holistic_recovery Flax, chia, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs and pistachios in whole milk kefir or Greek yogurt add some stevia, and berries of choice. Works for constipation and tastes insanely good. Haha 2d
  •   striving4zennyc I need more plantains in my life!! 2d
  •   lccotter Ditto! Starches help 2d

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg I think I need a haircut suggestions welcome!! #megtherhn #ineedahaircut #helpme #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #entrepreneur 2d

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg This is a picture of my Mom and I when I was 10 years old. -

That precious little girl, little Meg, was hurting so badly in this picture. I was at the beginning of my battle with a life-threatening illness, anorexia nervosa. -

To spread awareness for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I wrote a blog post today about my eating disorder at the age of 10 and how bullying had a direct link. This post comes at a good time as yesterday was #pinkshirtday which is a day for bullying awareness. -

Go to megtherhn dot com or adashofmeg dot com to read today's post. Or follow the direct link in my profile.

#megtherhn #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #antibullying #neda #nedaweek #nationaleatingdisorderawareness
  •   maraturley You poor dear, At 10 years old. 2d
  •   maraturley Sorry, I wasn't done yet. My ED didn't come till my early thirtys. Bless your heart for opening up and spreading awareness that it can start so young. My daughter is 11 and it motivates me even more to get healthy for her. Thank you!! 2d
  •   adashofmeg @maraturley ️ you're an amazing mom. 2d
  •   wellnesswithjoanna Hey! I found you through Ashley Mammel and just wanted to say that I love your blog and thanks for sharing your story. I have a similar story and similar goals now and it's so encouraging to find other people willing to share their stories! Way to go! 19h
  •   adashofmeg thanks @wellnesswithjoanna !!!!!!!!! So happy to connect with you 19h

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adashofmeg Woke up this morning after completing Day 1 of my new training program made for me by my coach @newportfit4life and am a good sore in new places -

Outer glutes and inner thighs is where that good sore is hitting me today. My coach programmed a lot of new to me exercises into Day 1 so I was really challenged, but in such a good way -

Below my coach @newportfit4life explains one of the exercises he had me do yesterday (except my front foot was elevated!) -

Think about this - if you're going to do full range of motion squats - or ATG as the kids say nowadays - why would you not reach that same level ROM in a single leg position? Think about that one When doing a split squat or lunge your goal should be for your knee to reach IN FRONT of your toes with hamstring covering the calf muscle. Ladies, when you're in this position it strengthens and works your adductors - or that inner thigh muscle - better than any other exercise ... as @adashofmeg is going to find out tomorrow morn from the soreness that she feels from doing them today for the first time. So quit wasting time on the silly "good girl/bad girl" machines and do a split squat the correct way for those inner thighs, girls If you do not have the mobility simply elevate the front foot until you can do it to this degree of ROM. ️ On a side note I do have fairly tight quadriceps and hip flexors limiting my back leg to stay straight - which you want ... but you do NOT want your knee to touch the ground even though most people coach it this way. This exercise is a very good dynamic hip flexor stretch!
#trueholisticfitness #morethanpersonaltraining #nf4l

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adashofmeg This reminder hits home to me in SO MANY WAYS!!!! - 1. Confidence. Something I did not have AT ALL when going through my eating disorders in the past. As part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (this week!) I want to remind everyone that those struggling with eating disorders usually also struggle with their confidence. I was one of those people. We need to help build them up. One of my biggest lessons was "faking it until I felt it". -

2. One of the first things my fiancé @edwardcullen19 ever said to me was "confidence makes you beautiful". I couldn't agree more. It's YOUR CONFIDENCE THAT RADIATES YOUR TRUE BEAUTY. Stop focusing on your body image. It's the glow you let flow out of your body, the confidence glow, that makes you truly beautiful. -

So what are you to do? Like I said, you can fake it until you feel it, but I believe it's also very important to start feeding ourselves confidence. Instead of replaying negative messages in your mind, build yourself up. You'll start believing what you feed yourself. Feed yourself confidence. Positive self talk was the base of my journey ️ -
#megtherhn #megapproved #confidence #neda #nedaweek #nationaleatingdisorderawareness #discovery #recovery #health #healthy #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #freedom #happy #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody #positiveselftalk

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Crema Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg And DONE! Day 1 of my new training program made just for me by @newportfit4life is complete!! -

After completing this workout I was able to see I was really just going through the motions. I'd change up my workouts *slightly* every 6-8 weeks or so, but I'd keep my favourite exercises and didn't challenge myself to anything new very often. -

@newportfit4life wrote me up an entire program that is unique for me and my goals. I access my workouts online and type in my weights and reps when complete. This is an amazing way to track my progress and make sure I'm getting stronger each week -

Tomorrow is a rest day, but looking forward to Day 2 on Friday -
#megtherhn #megapproved #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #strength #weightlifting #girlswholift #strong #progress #legday #dowhatyoulove #fitfam #fitness #fitfluential

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg Some foam rolling action going down before Day 1 of my new lifting program made for me by my good friend @newportfit4life -

I've been writing my own programs for the past year and am looking to up my game a bit - get stronger and train even smarter. @newportfit4life is teaching me what I need to know in order to get stronger and improve my lifts. He's also writing my programs now. So blessed and grateful to be working with someone so knowledgable! -

Day 1... Here I come -
#megtherhn #foamrolling #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #entrepreneur #vibrantlife #lifeofanentrepreneur #girlswholift #weightlifting #strength #strong

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adashofmeg Who just LOVES a relaxing night of doing NOTHING after an awesome day!? I DO!! -

In the evenings, I spend several minutes journaling. I let my thoughts and feelings flow and then I end with what I am grateful for that day. I LOVE ending my day by stating what I am grateful for. -

Today I am grateful for being able to work from home and be my own boss #ilovemyjob and warmer temperatures (felt spring-ish today), having a skype sesh with @newportfit4life to go over form for the workout program he created for me , and having YOUR amazing support. I posted about my history of eating disorders in my previous post and, although I am extremely open about my past struggles with anorexia nervosa, it is always scary to publish those posts. So, thank you for your kindness and support. It truly means so much to me ️ -

There is so much to be grateful for and by acknowledging the things in our life that we are grateful for is huge for our mental health and out look on our life as a whole -

What are you grateful for?
#entrepreneur #vibrantlife #bodypeace #grateful #gratitude #thankful #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg It's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I am sharing MY story on my blog right now. -

I struggled with an eating disorder twice in my life time, once when I was 10 and once when I was 16. Fortunately, I had a team of health professionals, my parents, and determination to overcome the life threatening mental illness. -

After realizing I didn't have a healthy relationship with food, I took control of my life once and for all. I began to challenge food rules, let go of expectations, and listen and trust my body. This all led me to learning about myself and what I personally need to be my happiest and healthiest. -

I focused on healing my INSIDES after years and years of so much hatred and abuse. It's amazing how something (food) was once my enemy, but now it is what I use to heal myself. -

You can read my full story by following this link -

#neda #recovery #discovery #edrecovery #nationaleatingdisorderawareness #nedaweek #health #healthy #happy #freedom #foodismedicine #foodcanheal #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody

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Video Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg I wonder if she's dreaming about a tasty meal !? #nikicullen #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #husky #dreaming @edwardcullen19 4d

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg Let's get this day going!! I ate my breakfast and now it's tea time as I get to work!! -

This morning I'm drinking coffee puerh tea from @davidstea It's my go to tea from @davidstea in the mornings! -

Puerh tea leaves are fermented, which results in a microorganism that aids in digestion! Pretty cool, huh? -

What's your favourite tea? Have you tried puerh before?
#megtherhn #megapproved #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #tea #health #nutrition #digestion #happybelly #healthygut #fermented #puerh #dtsuperfan

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg One of these things is not like the other... Can you see a difference?? 😯 -

The two eggs with a more orange yolk (on the left) are free run eggs. The one egg with a more yellow yolk (on the right) is your typical, conventional egg. -

Why does this matter?? Eggs labeled as "free run" or "free range" are from chickens that eat their natural diet and are allowed to roam free. In contrast, conventional eggs are from chickens that are caged and fed a diet that is not natural to them. -

So which do you choose? Eggs from pasture raised chickens are your best choice. It's been shown that they are HIGHER in nutrients than your regular egg. -

Having said that... Are regular eggs bad and should you avoid them? Absolutely not. Just because you can't access free run/range eggs doesn't mean you should avoid regular eggs. The way I see it is regular eggs are better than no eggs don't let perfectionism get to you! #megtherhn #whataholisticnutritionisteats #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #nutrientseeker #nutrivore #nutrition #eatrealfood #eattheyolks #entrepreneur #vibrantlife #paleo #primal #yolks #eggs #yolkporn #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody #nutrientdense

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adashofmeg Starting off my morning RIGHT!!!! -

Two of my favourite women EVER launched their podcast last week, The Paleo Women Podcast! @stefaniruper and @coconutsandkettlebells are amazing, hilarious, and full of knowledge. Can't get enough of them!! Episode two just hit iTunes so this is how I am spending my me time this morning. -

I cherish my mornings and always do something that makes me happy to start my day right! How are you starting your day? Start it with something that makes you TRULY happy!! #megtherhn #megapproved #paleo #podcast #women #health #healthy #primal #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #nutrientseeker #nutrivore #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody #entrepreneur #vibrantlife

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg @edwardcullen19 and I made a pretty spectacular dinner tonight -

I took care of the zoodles which were tossed in a sautée of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh herbs (parsley and basil) in coconut oil. @edwardcullen19 did the salmon... It was blackened with his own blend of spices. Oh. My. Goodness. I could eat that meal forever. -

Salmon provides me SO much satisfaction. It's important that your meals satisfy YOU. I have spent so many years in the past denying myself the foods that truly satisfy me - salmon being one of those foods - and now I enjoy it in abundance. -

Listen to YOUR body and eat the foods that make you feel YOUR happiest and healthiest!! That's where the magic is at #megtherhn #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #megapproved #paleo #primal #eatrealfood #realfood #jerf #glutenfree #grainfree #zoodles #health #healthy #nutrivore #nutrientseeker #nourish #nourishment #nourishyourbody #foodfreedom #salmon #vibrantlife

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg prepping dinner with @edwardcullen19 !!!! -

Mondays are my favourite day. They are our only day off of the week. Kind of like most peoples Sunday. So our Mondays are pretty chill and we always make a nice dinner together ️ I love spending time in the kitchen with him! -

Tonight we are making blackened salmon with a side of zoodles tossed in garlic, onion, tomatoes, and fresh herbs -

Zoodles are one of my favourite side dishes and they are SO EASY! Perfect if you're looking for a gluten free side dish. Zoodles make ME feel better than your regular pasta. Zucchini is high in manganese, a trace mineral that is essential for the production of proline, an amino acid that allows collagen to form. Collagen is beneficial for hair and skin health. Bonus!! This meal will leave you feeling great but you also get the added benefits of skin and hair health!! -

Remember, eat what makes YOU feel your best! Look inside. Listen. You'll discover a lot about yourself#megtherhn #megapproved #zoodles #entrepreneur #vibrantlife #whataholisticnutritionisteats #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #nutrientseeker #nutrivore #paleo #primal #foodfreedom #foodisbeautiful #realfood #eatrealfood #jerf

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adashofmeg I wanted to *officially* welcome you to my NEW website! I know a lot of you are new to following me, so maybe you don't know me very well, my story, or what I'm all about. So I wrote a post today on my blog to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me well. -

The link to my website is in my profile or head over the! If you are there, leave me a comment. Introduce yourself to me! I can't wait to connect with you and get to know you a bit better too#megtherhn #holisticnutritionist #nutritionist #entrepreneur #vibrantlife

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Normal Meghan Doll, RHN, BScFN
adashofmeg Eggs. Natures PERFECT food. And I spent so many YEARS avoiding them!! Now I know better -

For the past couple of years I've been enjoying WHOLE EGGS after many years of deprivation and consuming only egg whites. I can't even being myself to buy those cartons of eggs whites anymore. Bad memories and the WHOLE EGG is where it's at, yo! -

The gorgeous yellow part of the egg - the yolk - is a powerhouse of nutrients. Essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamins A, E, D, and K, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, folate, copper, selenium, and the list goes on... And on... -

Do don't fear the yolk. We NEED those essential fatty acids for optimal health. And, personally, after eating whole eggs on a daily basis my mental health has never been better. Our brains NEED essential fatty acids for proper functioning. -

Take it from someone who knows!! Whole eggs are packed with nutrition and BONUS!!!! The whole egg is delicious. #megtherhn #megapproved #whataholisticnutritionisteats #holisticnutritionist #entrepreneur #nutritionist #nutrientseeker #nutrivore #eatrealfood #eattheyolks #jerf #paleo #primal #plantain #health #healthy #healthyandhappy #foodfreedom @well_belly @megmo7
  •   amandaeb20 @cherylroberts_ check out local health food stores or natural grocery stores! Chickens are not just grass eaters so they wont likely be labelled that way, look for organic eggs and ask at local farmers markets and talk to farmers. Ideally you want free range or free run organic chicken eggs..small flock is also a good indicator as these chickens tend to produce larger eggs naturally but also they are healthier and less confined! Consider checking places like kijiji too, there might be people who have their own chickens that they will sell you eggs at a great price! 5d
  •   adashofmeg @cherylroberts_ hi sweetie!!!!!️ look for a local farmer!!! They would have the eggs you want. Pasture raised is what to look for rather than grass fed 5d
  •   beckymaria If you let the plantains get more yellow, cook them in some coconut oil, they're so soft and sweet! 5d
  •   cherylroberts_ @amandaeb20 @adashofmeg Thank you so much this is lovely advice! Really appreciate it 5d
  •   peachypalate Wish I could get plantain here, I've never even tried it! 5d
  •   adashofmeg it was a great question @cherylroberts_ !!!! One other thing ... Don't stress regular eggs aren't bad. But if you can access pasture raised ones, well, as you know those are best 4d
  •   adashofmeg noooooo @peachypalate 4d

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