_thispinaycancook_ last #makeuptransformation
lol #tbt when i was alicia meyer back in the Philippines
gotta flip the other pix lol repost

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_thispinaycancook_ before others get all opinionated... a month ago i posted that i wont be posting new food pix as my phone camera sucks taking clear pictures ( fcuk dlsr ipad other gadget)
my feed didnt get weird or offensive.... it always was like that LOL!

there are too many real "social".global.economic issues that matter more to me than get fixated and get sad that i lose followers on the daily... its IG. you get followed you get unfollowed. humans have fleeting attention span and im not in here to make money for me to keep and wanna make you stay. thats YOUR choice.

i will never do shout out for shout our to promote my feed as i got nothing to promote.

i have no emotional attachment to those that follows me unless we really connected outside of this social media.

be content and relatively happy with your outside world and you will just see IG as just. IG.
have a great titsday mylovefcukers

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_thispinaycancook_ goodnight myloves 5d

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater
_thispinaycancook_ #tbt SISIG

saw @travis_vs_food skin a head & made me wanna cook this again

SISIG (grilled/roasted/pan fried pig's snout.ears.cheeks and meat) this is a common "pulutan" in Philippines. pulutan or beerfood are common side snack that drunks usually order at the bbq stands and or sidestreet eateries that are more common to asian countries


2 pieces of pig's ears
1 whole deboned pig's snout and cheeks.
1 lb pork shoulder or thick pork belly. fat and skin trimmed.
1 small red onion
salt & pepper
1/2 tbsp salt
1/4 tbsp olive oil or cleared butter
1 or 2 serrano chilis (depends how much heat you like) deveined and seeded chopped into small cubes.
1 lemon. seeded and juiced.
1 lemon slice into wedges.for garnish
1 thai chili for garnish or serrano chili.
1 egg (optional) i grew up eating sisig without the sunny side up egg on it but if you want to serve it to look prettier then just add it.
1/4 lb chicken liver.cut into cubes or small pieces.or 1 small can liver spread (optional ~ this is how my mom used to make it but i forgot to buy the chicken liver) PROCEDURE:

1. in a big deep pot. fill tit half way with water. add 1/2 tbsp salt. let it come to boil then carefully put the washed and cleaned pig's snout.ears and pork belly.let it boil for at least 30-40 minutes. you know its ready when you can fork the pig's snout. ( boiling it makes it a lot easier to chop it.) 2. chop the pig's snout.ears.and the meat into small cubes.
3. in a skillet or deep frying pan. put the butter let the water content evaporate(hence cleared butter) or olive oil. then add the chopped red onions. let it get a bit translucent then add the chopped pig's snout ears and meat. add the chilis and lemon juice. salt & pepper to taste. (~ add the chicken liver before the pig's snout & meat if you prefer it with chicken liver)
let it cook for at least 25 minutes or till the fat tendered and the meat turned golden brown and crisp a bit.

4. if you have the skillet. cook it for 5 minutes. add the serrano chilis. then pop it in the preheated oven at 450 degrees and let it cook for at least 5 more minutes or till it crisped up.

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater
_thispinaycancook_ #wcw @annecurtissmith... char!
goodnight mylovefcukers

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_thispinaycancook_ they say you are what you eat... i guess im a sweet dick
#tbt posting my faves... lol

if u can only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be myloves?!?! 💭

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_thispinaycancook_ lol y'all crazy ass motherfcukers... goodnight myloves

done filtering followers... #bye

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater
_thispinaycancook_ TAG who you wanna serve this to...lol

wont be posting new food pix till the 6 comes out so this is a reminder for you who will unfollow me lol jk... i really dgf.
happy friday myloves

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater
_thispinaycancook_ #fbf

1 pillsbury chocolate chip dough roll or scroll down my feed for homemade dough.

one box fudge brownie mix

4 packs hershey chocolate bars 3 bars for the batter ; 1 to put on top of the brownies
big marshmallow


preheat oven at 325

1. roll a pin to a chilled cookie dough then lay it on a 8x9 baking pan.

2. in a bowl break the hersheys in small pcs. save one pack for later. nuke it in 30 seconds intervals for at least 1.5 mins till the chocolate is melted.

3. as per package ingredients & direction mix the package of brownie mix in a deep big bowl.plus the melted chocolate

4. bake the cookie dough at 325 for 6-8 mins.(depends on ur oven). put it in the freezer for at least 5 mins.. then pour the brownie mix on top of it.bake it at 325 for 25-30 mins or until u poke with a stick its still a bit chewy not dry dry.take it out & align the big marshmallow on top then put the rest of the hershey bar then just broil it for at least 3 mins juss till the marshmallow puffed and it gets golden brown.
happy baking myloves!

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater

#fbf sluttier cuzzo of my whores smores cupcakes have you seen this mylove?

should i post the recipe? tag your friends who likes sluttyfood lol

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_thispinaycancook_ MOZZARELLA DE CORROZZA

8 oz mozzarella sliced in 6 pieces
6 slices soft large white bread
2 large eggs
1/2 cup milk
salt pinch
Butter for frying

1. in a wide deep bowl whisk the egg and the milk.

2. divide the mozzarella with the the bread slices in 2:2ratio. 2 slices of bread to two slices of mozzarella

3. put together like youre making a sandwich. then gently drop it on the egg milk mixture. like youre making a frenchtoast

4. in a skillet in medium heat put 1/2 tsp of butter gently put the sandwich and cook both sides for at least 3 mins or till its golden brown. slice it diagonally serve hot.

happy cooking myloves!

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_thispinaycancook_ #tbt when i was pseudo healtg conscious LOL
(healthier version)


1 cup crab meat
2 tbsp plain greek yogurt
1 tbsp sour cream
1 tsp lemon juice
dash of lemon pepper seasoning
black pepper
1 cup panko bread
2 tbsp olive oil

pre-heat oven at 350

1. in a bowl add everything except the panko and olive oil.

2. dont over mix instead use the folding technique. push your spatula to the bottom of the bowl then slowly gently lift it up and fold it back. do it like 6-8 times or until you see that everything is incorporated.

3.in a separate bowl. pour the panko bread crumbs.

4.use a cookie dough scooper( these are meant to be finger food bites) and slowly drop it on the panko crumbs and roll it gently. repeat till you finished the meat.

5. line the baking sheet with parchment paper. lay down all the crabby cakes then drizzle them with a lil olive oil( itll help to get that golden brown color)
6. bake it for 10 mins or until they are golden brown.

happy baking myloves

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_thispinaycancook_ PAVLOVA CAKE ~ merengue based cake topped with homemade whipped cream & fresh blueberries & raspberry

the tartness of the fresh fruits contrast greatly with the sweet merengue cake that has a crisp crust & airy soft sweet center.

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_thispinaycancook_ #tbt unreposted topview of the filipino dish pinakbet

the bowl is roasted kalabasa. this is a tweaked version of the og one... its basically a thick soup.

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater

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_thispinaycancook_ STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND

best combi ive concockted yet
see previous post for details!

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Normal rodiaryofamadeater
_thispinaycancook_ CHUNKY GUACAMOLE



7-8 large hass avocados
6-8 regular size limes seeded juiced
10 cloves garlic minced or grated
4 roma tomatoes seeded cubed
1 large white onion or red cubed
2 jalapeno seeded cubed
2 bunch cilantro cut where the string is.throw the stalks

1. with the minced/grated garlic chop the cilantro with it and add a tsp of salt keep mincin till all leaves are bruised and look like a coarse paste

2. in a big bowl put the garlic cilantro . tomatoes.onions.jalapeno.

3. cut the avocado in half. seeded cube them last so they dont get brown.

4. put the avocado and lime juice. mix it and mushed the avocado with all the other ingredients till you get the consistency you want and how chunky you want it.

happy mixing myloves!

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_thispinaycancook_ happy sunday myloves!
remember to repost any one of my foodpics for the giveaway for you to win your own customize phone case!
check my previous post for the giveaway! tag #ilikeitro

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