•   aerielllee The Chinese people commenting on your picture anyways tbh you're really pretty and nice! too bad you switched schools:( 2w
  •   andiemargolis_ Tbh we met this summer and your really pretty nice and funny and you should text me sometime rate: 6/10 2w
  •   betsymason_ Tbh: I think that u r rlly pretty and u seem rlly down to earth 1w
  •   _juliameyers What did they even say omg & thanks! @aerielllee 1w
  •   douglasgabriel622 Number you 971425709 7d
  •   ykxjuju Latch Sam smith @_juliameyers 7d
  •   marleyschrunk tbh// your rly rly pretty and imy5d
  •   l_bloom Tbh idk u but ur really pretty and u used to go to my school 2d

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