raquelasturias Longest line ever for my coffee 2y
  •   chrisasturias At least you get to look at the back of a Ferrari... Rather that some scrumbler in a shit box.. 2y
  •   danica_316 How does your limo do in the sb drive thru line 2y
  •   raquelasturias @chrisasturias lol right! Kk thought it was a race car! @danica_316 I'm a pro it does great! Haven ruined a rim yet ha ha 2y
  •   danica_316 Hahaha nice work. I any say the same 2y
  •   danica_316 Cant 2y
  •   raquelasturias Either can Chris ha ha remember after the fat pig? @danica_316 2y
  •   danica_316 Hahahah yeah thanks bud. He even pulled my push start button off and actually used the key to start the car ;) 2y

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