4y djtarek
Normal Tarek Haidar
  •   djtarek @stephtee yeah I haven't been there in ages, ended up buying 3 cakes!! 4y
  •   stephtee Ooooh yuuuuum!! which ones are your favourite 4y
  •   djtarek @stephtee custard tarts have always been one of my favorite desserts..n also anything with ricotta in it, and you 4y
  •   stephtee Yummmm... Anything with lemon (lemon meringue) n chocolate .... 4y
  •   djtarek @stephtee chocolate goes without saying...cannoli, vanilla slice...I better stop before I go buy more than I can eat ha 4y
  •   stephtee Haha... I got hungry writing bout it this morn!! Off to high tea now luckily to satisfy the sweet tooth?!!!! 4y

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