Earlybird Michael Ryan Norton
theredhype Borough Hall 4y
  •   _faness_ My neighborhood!! 3y
  •   stardre7 Awesome I'm always in williamsburg and the city:) 3y
  •   mrtimmyc Nice - don't know if I thanked you for following 3y
  •   kumar_garden Ella Fitzgerald:
    You must take the "A" train
    To go to Sugar Hill, way up in Harlem
    If you miss the "A" train
    You'll find you missed the quickest way to Harlem... 3y
  •   garychaw I gotta say micheal, like you shots... 3y
  •   dozenfingers_photography That's my hood yo!! 3y
  •   joao_ribeiro74 ...cool pic... 3y

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