mikeparty Almost done. Just dropped the newly machined cylinder on her 4y
  •   liv2surf That's a mighty clean motor you got their. If you ever want it ported let me know 4y
  •   mikeparty Since when are you a machinist @liv2surf ? I just had it reworked by a shop back in PA. We'll see how she does next weekend :) 4y
  •   liv2surf I'm not but I have a good friend who is he ported my moped and now she goes 15 mph faster 4y
  •   rbruggem I hope you had sports on in the background 4y
  •   rsmart I can change my own brakes now, but I don't k know what this is for...I'm surprised you do. 4y
  •   melmor Renenenenenenenenenenene 4y

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