allirosen Taking a quick break at @BeCore from all things #VestalVillage. @stanlabs is teaching me some new fills 1y
  •   nealhendrix Pretend you have one arm. And then pretend you have one arm and one leg. And then text me back and lemme know how it goes :-) 1y
  •   reallypeacedoff I wanna learn! 1y
  •   stanlabs Cool shot!! Chop barbecue. Pat Boone Debbie Boone. 1y
  •   allirosen @nealhendrix haha!! I didn't even realize, but I set you up for that didn't I ... 1y
  •   warchild_86 @allirosen atta girl! 1y
  •   bskeezy000 @allirosen I woulda taken a pic of this kit. Something tells me you have crazy skills! 1y

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