jaclynswartz #TBT #Bachelor #SF This is precisely when we began to lose our minds. Never gets old. Love you girls @marycasey27 @rachtrue_ @elysemyers @emilycobrien 2y
  •   emilycobrien Pure elegance and beauty. Miss you girls so much 2y
  •   carlyrobots I did this to dress as a troll for a "T" party. Paper towel roll underneath. 2y
  •   elysemyers Dying 2y
  •   lindsayjune412 Hottest trolls everrr 2y
  •   blakeleyshea Yea...that's when u didn't like me since I'm cut out of the picture lolObvi loves you mucho 2y
  •   jaclynswartz @blakeleyshea haha this was right after we had our "breakthrough" can u IMAGINE if they showed out fight in SF?!?? Omg. 2y
  •   jaclynswartz Our** 2y
  •   jeaniesalmeron I've seen this done with empty liter bottles of soda too. I think you cut the bottom off then wrap your hair up and around the bottle. 2y

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