ampt AMPt Projects: @Monoart presents @ayanah.

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1. Description & title:

This was taken at a local city park in Phoenix, Arizona. Pictured here is my husband, Geof, and our youngest child, Juniper. I wasn't too creative in the title. 'A little Geof @slowjam98 and a tiny Juniper.

2. Process:

This photo was taken and edited with the iPhone 4s. I always shoot with the native camera using the grid. I find cropping to square later provides me with more to work with in my photos. I started in Touch Retouch to erase a building and some trees that were creeping up behind the hill. I then brought the image to Snapseed where I first cropped. I select adjusted throughout the sky to brighten it and eliminate the few clouds that were there. I then increased the structure in details to +60. I usually increase the structure on most images. The dark black and white filter was the next and last step with contrast at +10 and brightness at -25.

3. Bio:

I find myself editing most of my favorite images in color and black and white. I actually force myself to post images in color. Ha! When I first discovered the concept of mobile photography a whole new little world opened up. I had studied photography at an art high school a long time ago, at the beginning of commercial digital cameras and when we still used the darkroom to develop our film and photos. So, after not really doing anything with photography after many years I found mobile photography to bring out the love of the art again.

My name is Ayanah and I reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a mother of four children and married to an amazing man, Geof. I'd like to say I practice entertainment law, what I had intended to do after school, but I'm happier to say that I am fortunate to stay home and raise my kids.

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ampt AMPt Projects - #SundayBluesEdit presented by @repinsk

Featured image submitted by Will Steiner @computerjones

I am inspired every day by the people I've met here on IG, particularly the people who submit to #sundaybluesedit & #mobileartistry, I browse these tags daily to get ideas.

My process for this collab started with a self portrait taken by @mikapedia. First thing I did was take it into camera dream to make it "dreamy." Then off to picture show for the mirror effect, and quickly over to image blender to blend with the original image multiple times to make the image on the left look like a ghost.

At some point here I cropped it into a square, I have a ton of apps with this capability, there's no telling which one I used. Next I took it to scratch cam and I just hit random till I found one I liked, and then back to image blender to remove some of the harshness. Finally I used Pixlromatic, this app takes some time because there are so many choices. After a while I settled on the Joyce filter and the blacknin frame.

And there you have it! Special thanks to Mika for sharing this beautiful portrait with me, it was a nice change of pace from editing my own mug all the time.

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