natgeo Photo by @georgesteinmetz on assignment for @natgeo After flying my motorized paraglider over the floodplains of the Zambezi River Delta to photograph herds of cape buffalo, the entire village turned out to watch me land. Hunting concessions around the Marromeu Buffalo Reserve have helped to protect wildlife from poaching, and the buffalo population has increased 5x since the end of the Mozambique Civil War. #geosteinmetz #thephotosociety 3y
  •   abrakadaniel_ So that kid with only three amateur pictures took this apparently?? 3y
  •   3lastseen I wish one day I go there and help people :) 3y
  •   bellbers Explain hunting concessions please ? 3y
  •   addiws1 Amazing 3y
  •   mimimarmeeg Dear Flying Motirized Paraglider; do you need a wife 3y
  •   _9char1dae1_ Be careful 3y
  •   natgeo Hunting concessions are large tracts of land leased by the Mozambique government to companies that cater to hunters, primarily wealthy foreign trophy shooters. The fees fund anti-poaching patrols, in an area where more wildlife is killed by poachers than taken under sustainable quotas allocated to hunters. 3y
  •   jennycarpio 3y

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