dinich01 Look who came to our Regional Convention this year.. Love them...! 2d
  •   amahaney @dinich01 no way! Hi!!!! 2d
  •   sobrandalicious Can't believe we missed her!!! We were there yesterday and after we left, we heard she was there. 2d
  •   dinich01 They'll be here until tmr. Give her a call in sure she would love to hear from you all.. 2d
  •   missindi2015 Stinks that I missed them this time @dinich01 they look great! 1d
  •   kittyheartsosito Awwww! What a nice surprise! 1d
  •   dinich01 Ikr.. This makes me want to go back to Ethiopia. I'm going to save so that one day I'll get to go. Unless Jehovah's Day comes before that in that case.. ETHIOPIA HERE I COME...!! LOLRH 1d
  •   dinich01 Missini2015 no worries were all going to go in about umm three years so start saving.. (2018) your in there.. and tell the rest of the family to be ready to go too. 1d

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