travisjensen Teaching myself to see differently, practicing the idea that a street photo doesn't always need a person in it, but rather contain evidence and or proof of human occupancy or existence. In addition to looking straight ahead, trying to anticipate an individual's next move, I'm also making an effort to look up, down, left, right and inside out. #upupdowndownleftrighleftrigjtbabastart #hipstamatic #sanfrancisco 3y
  •   antwanfisha I like the way you explain your new experimentation styles. 3y
  •   mllekatt Yes! Missioni esque 3y
  •   dopez spine tinglin! puttin me in q-bert-ville. rawsome! 3y
  •   travisjensen @tommyguerrero My pleasure! 3y
  •   travisjensen @miketeller Best game ever! 3y
  •   travisjensen @fabsgrassi Haha, I'll never ever stop shooting people! 3y
  •   travisjensen @pketron Thanks! What's the good word in NY? Need to get out there soon! Missing it... 3y
  •   simonrsparks I've always tended to look at the traces that human beings have left on buildings - graffiti, rubbish and so on - rather than the buildings themselves as appropriate to street photography, but I think you're ABSOLUTELY right about this. After all, when we look the great street photographers - Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson, Frank, Meyerowitz, Fullana - we don't just see the figures that they're capturing; we also see a time and, just as importantly, a place and that place is central to the narrative in which those figures are engaged and disclosed through buildings and streets. What you said, too, about "evidence ... or proof of human ... existence" made me think of the way Lynette Jackson's approaching architecture right now (@p67_bylynettejackson). Anyway ... that's a long winded way of saying: nice photo, mate. 3y

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