•   cccarrieee Ahaha! That's too funny!! What side of town? I've been here since 2008! This is a great area too!! Glad to have found your photos!! :) 3y
  •   cccarrieee Interesting! You'll notice my appreciation by the abundance of likes. :) As for Pittsboro, I grew up right outside town, past Horton Middle in Sanford Hwy 15-501, so not too far out, but I loved Crosswinds Marina @ Jordan lake, & Ferrington are the first things that come to mind, but they are hardley abandoned... Last I checked, haven't been since the courthouse burned down... Please tell me you have been to Allen & Son BBQ?!? 3y
  •   cccarrieee I cannot tell you how much I miss those NC pulled pork sandwiches!! You must, I repeat MUST try it! It's THE BEST OF THE BEST. Check fb for hours... 3y
  •   cccarrieee Oh, and hushpuppies.... Mmmmm 3y

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