bacon_powder Cambodian snake liquor- do you see this?! Has a ginseng root growing behind the snake with a scorpion in its mouth. Nuts. 4y
  •   reckles Intense.  4y
  •   hannemurphy Woah 4y
  •   pba999 Will this make you hallucinate or flop on the floor and stuff? I wanna try! 4y
  •   bacon_powder @pba999 it's supposed to be a potent sexual juice. The cambodians drink it all the time. I was NOT drinking this stuff- it was so scary! My friend has it at his art loft. Ayyyyeeee they are cracking 4y
  •   bacon_powder it open this weekend at the grand opening. 4y
  •   pba999 I'm definitely trying this then. Got the verility of a snake eating a 4y
  •   pba999 Scorpion 4y

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