•   bree343 @thelament are you going to see her!? If so, I'm really jealous! I kinda wish we could be friends in our real lives! Is that odd? Hope not haha 3y
  •   thelament @bree343 yes! I'm almost jealous of myself lol... I've missed three shows with her and I'm so happy that I'm finally gonna see her!! Haha of course not. I mean dogs, fassy, films and gaga, couldn't get much better!! The coolest people always live miles away 3y
  •   bree343 @thelament that is so awesome! Do you have close up seats? They must cost an arm and a leg! I know, we like so many of the same things, why must we live on other sides of the world! Bummer haha! Fassbender has so many woman and men after him he is just, no words for that man haha Did you ever buy Shame? I've watched it a few times since I bought it and it is stunning in high def 3y
  •   madeleinetschmidt jag ska se henne yeeey! :D 3y

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