knoxx The #Knicks fan is officially in heaven with his own #TV in his booth. 3y
  •   knoxx @jet_set_go85 see that just takes the whole point out of buying sneaks. It becomes more hype than the actual love for the shoes. 3y
  •   handsome24_7 When u have so many, u don't have to wear the new ones right away 3y
  •   knoxx @jet_set_go85 idk I guess it depends on the person. 3y
  •   handsome24_7 It's too much to breakdown over instagram. But I'm also anxious to wear mine once the weather gets warmer 3y
  •   knoxx @jet_set_go85 I'm sure you got it down to a science lol but I just I feel like the longer you wait the less people care. While youre waiting months to wear your sneaks everyone else is on to the next one. 3y
  •   handsome24_7 I def do. Ppl are also amazed at how clean they are after months of 3y
  •   handsome24_7 Having them 3y
  •   knoxx @jet_set_go85 they should be clean regardless though if you have that many sneakers to begin with, right?! It's not like you'd be wearing them everyday considering you have so many other sneaks to wear. And if it was really that serious you'd buy two pairs lol. 3y

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