Brannan darrell ▲\▼/▲\▼/
darrellspivey Who just took #showah!? I do believe it was me! #win #onceaweek #whyamipostingthis? 4y
  •   autumusprime It's aiight. Everyone loves him. 4y
  •   kratchy Wow! You are really cute :) 4y
  •   justaskabby so , I see you've been told before, but your very handsome . c: 4y
  •   naiabjert Cuuuuuute 4y
  •   _guesswhoojust You're adorable(; 3y
  •   darrellspivey @xdrivemysoulx Hahaha This is one i put up before i had all these followers. Like i knew NO ONE would see it! Thats the only reason i put it up! xD im glad you liked it 3y
  •   darrellspivey @xdrivemysoulx haha i think you started followin me before i hit 100.. i remembe it being a big deal to me that somebody with 1000 followers followed me xD 3y
  •   darrellspivey @xdrivemysoulx Haha you post stuff around 7 when people are on too?! xD Hah Thank yooouu. I definitely dont have enough strange girls instahitting on me x) And i know. We need to talk more.. 3y

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