instagramhtx Good evening, everyone! Hope everyone's shot week has been good so far.

Below are the highlights from last week's #wisdomwednesdaysHTX photo edit challenge. They are listed in order from top row, left to right.

@i_heart_batpig: first used Lo-Mob app "photo card two" filter->then used the wood camera app's 'Kingston' filter-> then added the nashville filter on IG.

@louflores76: first used the PicsArt Fattal 1 filter-> then Auto-Enhanced it using his Andriod phone.

@isaacgris: first used Pixlr's 'Rain/Border' features-> then adjusted the saturation, contrast and exposure using Little Photo-> applied the 'Dean' filter using FXphoto-> finished it off with IG Tilt-shift function.

@nbfoto: adjusted saturation levels and color balance in PhotoForge2-> added sepia tone in the same app-> used SnapSeed for texture and border.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated. Make sure to stop by their feeds and say hello! InstagramHTX is about the community and we'd like IGers in Houston to get to know a little more about each other.

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instagramhtx Good afternoon, amigos!
Well, it's now the middle of the week and we hope everyone's having a great one so far. For this edition of Wisdom Wednesdays we'd like y'all to get involved. This week we're offering up an image to y'all edit and here's how to get involved:

1. Take a screenshot of the image above.

2. Edit the image anyway you want using your own style.

3. Post your image and include your edit process in the caption.

4. Tag you image with #instagramHTX and #WisdomWednesdaysHTX .

Make sure all submissions are posted before next Tuesday, May 29. Four entries will be selected and highlighted next Wednesday. Editing process will be included with the post.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and thanks!

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instagramhtx Good afternoon, everyone!

Well, it's the middle of the week and here's to another edition of Wisdom Wednesdays. The last couple of weeks we've shared ideas with you, but this week we'd like to have you share with the class.

As some of you may know, Wednesdays on Instagram are often celebrated with the #BWWednesday (black and white Wednesday) tag. It's a fun to feature your work minus color and find new people who share the same interests.

What we'd like to know this week: what favorite apps do you use to get the B&W images you want? Cameramatic? Lo-Mob? Noir? There's so many great ones out there and we'd love to hear back from y'all!
  •   shardrix Wonderful, really love this pic. 4y
  •   shardrix I like the apps you mention, but most of my b&w were shot with Hipstamatic. 4y
  •   mickmcc I really like this photo too. The clouds seem almost 3-D. I like Snapseed for b/w but also occasionally use Lo-mob. Have tried some of the b/w specific apps but have come back to Snapseed. 4y
  •   ryanhargrave I pretty much use VSCO cam exclusively for B&W these days 4y
  •   conaudifonos I use a variety of apps to get B&W images, my favorites are PhotoToaster, Snapseed and Instant110. 4y
  •   instagramhtx @shardrix Thank ya This was a tough edit, but I was happy with the outcome 4y
  •   repinsk I have a couple of BW hipstamatic combos I love but I also shoot BW with 6x7. The contrast is very pure. 4y

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instagramhtx Good afternoon, friends!
Well, it's now the middle of the week and we hope everyone's having a great one so far. For this edition of Wisdom Wednesdays, we thought it'd be neat to share a little information about printing your photos for. There are certainly a number of different ways you can get your Instagram images into your home and here are a few that may be able to help.

PostalPix - It's an iPhone app that allows you to choose from premium luster sheen prints, aluminum prints, and more. They offer a variety of sizes and square prints. We've heard they ship fast and develop professional quality resolution. According to their website an Android @PostalPix app is coming soon.
CanvasPop – These folks specialize in converting your Instagram photos into a solid at-home gallery. @CanvasPop giclee prints are handmade range in size from 8x12 to 24x72. Their website is proud that prints are "all risk-free, backed by the best guarantee in the canvas printing industry." Also, They are Android-friendly.

Postagram – is both an app and website that allows you to send images printed on a thick, glossy postcard and send them to you friends and family. @Postagram mails a postcard with popout Instagram photo (300dpi resolution) and 140 charater message for $.99 cents each ($1.99 out of the states). @Postagram is available for Android. – is a printing service that turns your Instagram images into magnets. Each magnet is 50mm x 50mm and they come in packs of 9 (costing $15 per pack). Since @Stickygram is a website, it's Android-friendly.

Honorable mention includes Hipstamtic. This iPhone photo app has the PrintLab option located within the app that allows you to print various sizes of images processed using 'real photo chemistry'. After doing some digging, we found they use Fuji Crystal Archive Type C photographic paper along with Fuji chemistry.

If some of you have already used a few of these services, we'd love to hear what you've though of them. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and thanks!
  •   kiss_of_a_wave Haven't used any, but I plan to  4y
  •   natblake Do u need to shoot with whatever your highest resolution option is to get good prints from these providers? Or can they deliver good quality with the lower res settings? 4y
  •   brettmorrison Not complaining - just asking for a different format - easier to read and share. Please consider. Thanks! 4y
  •   instagramhtx @brettmorrison I've been thinking of Tumblr. Maybe *maybe* Facebook I really appreciate the feedback. 4y
  •   instagramhtx @natblake I always recommend going through all your apps and setting them to the highest resolution. Though, some apps do have that option. We've tried out @postalpix for 4x4 aluminum plates and they came out gorgeous. For larger prints (using metallic paper) I've found to be helpful. We have a CanvasPop but it's a larger print using the front camera so it's somewhat pixilated. But if you're concerned with memory and want to save space by keeping your low res, smaller prints still come out nice. Hope that helps! 4y
  •   instagramhtx @imelda Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate that 4y
  •   instagramhtx @endosonix Glad we could help! Let us know if you have any printed up in the future and what you thought:) 4y
  •   brettmorrison Tumblr or poserous would work great. Use "if this then that" to post automatically. It will work great. @brettmorrison on twitter if you need help. 4y

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instagramhtx Good evening, Friends! Okay, I have to be honest. Between last weekend's West Texas vacation and today's 13 hour workday, I'm a little behind. That's being said, I'm leaving this week's 'Wisdom Wednesdays' up to y'all. Don't be afraid to share your wisdom with the class.

This week: My Favorite Apps. Everyone has at least two or three favorites they go to to deliver their favorite edits. Ever heard "What did you use to get that effect with your photo?" I have and I'm sure you have as well.

We'd like you to share two of your favorite photo apps and briefly explain why you dig them. It'll allow us to find new apps some of us may never heard of and we all love finding great tools to use on our images. So, I'll start... My two favorite apps right now are Hipstamatic and Juxtaposer. Last week I explained what Hipstamatic was. And one thing Hipsta does for me is capture great clouds. Yes, I know. It's weird. But what Juxtaposer let's me do is place those clouds in any photo I want. It's superimposes images within images and sparks my imagination. Take a look at the image above. Those are Hipstamatic clouds superimposed into a normal camera shot... HERE'S THE TWIST! We'd like you to continue the conversation by tagging a friend of yours in your comment and ask them what their two favorite apps are and why? Everyone have fun and we're looking forward to y'all's recommendation. So let's get started... @repinsk, tag you're it!
  •   repinsk my two favorite apps are 1. Decim8. I love it's variety and unpredictability and the fact I can work it into any edit 2.Retouch because now that I'm finally learning to use it, I can make all the unwanted things in my photos disappear... 4y
  •   repinsk Oh I forgot to tag someone!!! @punkrawkpurl you're good with apps and all their secrets 4y
  •   punkrawkpurl why thank you m'dear! @repinsk my fave apps are decim8 & Hipstamatic... but that is way to obvious. soooo... I would say 1. image blender: love it for layering my decim8s & I find the masking features really easy to use. also, being able to individually adjust the many blending modes is a bonus. 2. Snapseed for sooo many reasons, basic cropping, straightening, image tuning (contrast, brighten, saturation, etc.) and the vintage filters are da' bomb. 3. I know you asked for 2 & technically I've already listed 4... but I'm a rebel. so 3. pixlromatic infinite filters, textures, frames. I use this one non stop! xoxo t-bird 4y
  •   punkrawkpurl oh wait... I'm supposed to tag someone... I tag @david_baer 4y
  •   listenyoungman I can't stop using Camera+ (because I'm a rookie/lazy) I have at least 4 or 5 others but just cannot get better & quicker results with them. What apps do you use @sapurah_lashari 4y
  •   sapurah_lashari Tagged by @listenyoungman ... My current app of choice is hipstamatic - just because I'm lazy! You're not the only one Daniel. I also like the unpredictability of hipstamatic. You just don't know how your pictures will turn out. But if I need to do some heavy duty editing I go to Snapseed. Love this app - the various settings and ability to adjust give you some control over how your pics turn out. I use Camera+ to add the final touch to some pictures. I especially like the silver gelatin filter and depth of field. I now tag @mickmcc and @shardrix ... 4y
  •   mickmcc Tagged by @sapurah_lashari I also like Hipstamatic though the number and variety of lens/film combinations can be mind bogling. I often take many shots of the same scene with different combinations just to see which looks best. For other editing, I use Snapseed and really like the recent update. I've been able to delete some other apps I previously used for B&W edits. I tag @count_demcmullin Miles, tell us which are your favorite 2 apps and why you like them. 4y
  •   shardrix Thanks @sapurah_lashari I hardly ever do the same edit twice, because I like to experiment and mostly because I can't remember.... My favorite apps are ones that are quick, easy and full of surprises. So, hipstamatic and decim8 top my list, closely followed by pixlromatic radomizer and fotomuse for framing. Snapseed is my go to edit app. I try and list the apps I use in the second or third comment on each pic. 4y

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