drlevwa #Coffee run to Alki #Beach in West #Seattle last #summer - a long way to go for a cup of coffee, but hey, it's coffee and no destination on my #motorcycle is too far. #city #riding #Honda #drag #pipes #jj #instagood #ig #igers #instagramhub #photooftheday #instagram #iphonesia #bestoftheday 3y
  •   bigballsborrelli @drlevwa cool helmet, which brand? 3y
  •   drlevwa @bigballsborrelli Thanks! It's a Fulmer V2 blue metal flake. I added the stripes. If you look down in my feed a little bit you'll see two of them on a dresser... It's the one on the left. 3y
  •   bigballsborrelli I just ordered a biltwell without tryin it on. Any feedback on the biltwells? Thanx man 3y
  •   drlevwa I don't know much about Biltwell personally, but they have a great reputation for quality. I found my Fulmer at a local bike shop and it fit great. I'd like to try on a Biltwell Hustler Flat Primer... I like the red one. Good luck and let me know what you think of it when you get it. 3y
  •   shad0wrid3r @bigballsborrelli what's your opinion on the biltwell's fit and feel? Love the chrome piping on those. I'm still looking for other options... Thanks 2y
  •   bigballsborrelli @shad0wrid3r i enjoy riding with it... It fits my head well. I havn t worn any other 3/4's to compare to. 2y

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