kayvalentin I say excuse me. She tells me: You don't fit. 3y
  •   sotyyy @kayvalentin wow haha 3y
  •   kayvalentin I said if your ass sat straight up I would! Then I laugh as in trying to breath!!! N lady in front offers me sit next to her n I say thanks - she needs a seat for her arm! Then I took pic of her and smiled away. :) 3y
  •   jlicous12 Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah 3y
  •   kayvalentin LOl @jlicous12 ! I knew you'd find this hilarious. Hhmm I wonder how would of ur dad handle this situation lol. 3y
  •   ziggyrain da bitch should start payin $4.50 if thats da case. 3y
  •   jax86er You straight up took a picture of her! Lol! 3y
  •   mrs_lassalle Lmbooooo!!!!!! 2y

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