johnonolan El Gouna Clubhouse 4y
  •   kymellis Showing off now! 4y
  •   callumchapman Good on you mate, that's the life! 4y
  •   anyforty I was in Dahab recently. Similar looking resort. Damn miss that place! 4y
  •   johnonolan @anyforty Egypt is sweet - got any distributors over here? :) 4y
  •   anyforty Mate Egypt was immense, best holiday I've had for years. People so nice in the resorts too. Ha ha. No distributors yet, or at least non I know of ;) 4y
  •   johnonolan @anyforty I may or may not be wearing almost perfect knockoff Quiksilver boardshorts right now ;) 4y
  •   anyforty Doesn't surprise me fella! Saw the shops for my self. Even our hotel was selling "replica" Lacoste polo shirts! 4y
  •   artepalmer Love gouna!! 4y

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