ninjavanish Hella Pinterest inspired dessert thingamathangthang for @richoki & @ni_co_m baby shower 6d

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deannachristine Coconut milk tea w/pandan & "The ex girlfriend" #RagingBoba 1w

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Normal Bocah Gendut not KulinerMedan
bocahgendut Hari ini Ndut terinspirasi untuk nulis caption dalam bahasa Inggris, bole ya? Okay here we go.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts in States. This is called Longaniza Silog or in short LongSilog, a common breakfast from the Philippines. Longsilog is a very simple meal, a portion of garlic fried rice, two sunny-side up eggs, some Longaniza/Longganisa Sausages, and a small serving of vinegar to go along with the sausages.

Silog is basically a set of garlic fried rice with sunny-side up eggs, and it comes with several varieties, such as Tapsilog, Bangsilog, Adosilog, Chosilog, Longsilog and so many more.

Tapsilog is Silog with meat tapas, Bangsilog is Silog with Milkfish, Adosilog is Silog with Adobo, Chosilog is Silog with Chorizo, and Longsilog is Silog with Longganisa.

Longganisang Hamonado is originated from Spain, from the Spanish: longaniza jamonada, by contrast, is known for its distinctively sweet taste, and it is commonly made of pork. This sausage was first brought in by the Spaniard during the Philippines colonization many centuries ago.

If you are a mom struggling for an idea for breakfast every morning for your little ones, this simple delicious meal can surely be a good idea. I bet your kids will be asking for more of this Silog! #BocahGendut #EdisiBahasaInggris #TikamSaja #EdisiLuarNegeri #EnakSekali
  •   fenlytio Oh... Dmana itu? N u da msk khas filipine? @bocahgendut 2w
  •   bocahgendut @fenlytio maksudnya? Sy uda masak khas filipin? Itu saya makan di rumah makan bukan masak sendiri 1w
  •   fenlytio Ohh... Bkn masak di kopitiam loe y? Kalo bole tau di rmh mkn mana y yg ada msk mknan filipin itu? Tq @bocahgendut 1w
  •   bocahgendut @fenlytio Ndut mana punya kopitiam? Hehehe di Medan kayaknya ga ada rumah makan yg masak gituan deh, ini Ndut makanya bukan di Indo 1w
  •   fenlytio Bkn indo? Jd Di filipina? @bocahgendut 1w
  •   bocahgendut @fenlytio di Amrik, Ndut lagi di San Francisco 1w
  •   chatcafetarts I started following you because you like to post about Filipino food. It's so nice to see somebody from Medan who enjoy our food. I also love your passion about various kinds of cuisine and your sharp witty critiques, very smart! 6d

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